Volume 92 August 1997 Number 5

Geology, zonation, and fluid evolution of the Big Gossan Cu-Au skarn deposit, Ertsberg district, Irian Jaya
Lawrence D. Meinert, Kristopher K. Hefton, Ian Tasiran

Precious metal mineralogy in porphyry-, skarn-, and replacement-type ore deposits of the Ertsberg (Gunung Bijih) district, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Jeffrey N. Rubin & J. Richard Kyle

Rare earth elements, protoliths and alteration at the Hemlo Gold deposit, Ontario, Canada, and comparison with argillic and sericitic alteration in the Highland Valley Porphyry district, British Columbia, Canada
Michael E. Fleet, Michael H. Seller, Yuanming Pan

An exsolution origin for low-temperature sulfides at the Hemlo Gold deposit, Ontario, Canada
Wayne G. Powell and David R.M. Pattison

Secondary precious-metal enrichment by steam-heated fluids in the Crofoot/Lewis hot spring gold-silver mine and relation to paleoclimate
Shane W. Ebert and Robert O. Rye

40Ar/39Ar dating and mineral paragenesis for Carlin-type gold deposits along the Getchell Trend, Nevada: Evidence for cretaceous and tertiary gold mineralization
John A. Groff, Matthew T. Heizler, William C. McIntosh, David I. Norman

Scientific Communications

Sediment-hosted and volcanic-hosted Sb vein mineralization in the Potosi region (Central Bolivia)
H.G. Dill, Z. Pertold, C. Riera Kilibarda