ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, Volume 92 June-July 1997 Number 4

More than 10 km vertical ascent of ore-bearing fluid in Oligocene mesothermal gold-quartz veins at Brusson, NW Italy, revealed by Sr isotopic tracing
Thomas Pettke and Larryn W. Diamond

A synmetamorphic, lateral fluid flow model for gold mineralization in the Archaean southern Kalgoorlie and Norseman Terranes, Western Australia
W.K. Witt, J.T. Knight, E.M. Mikucki

Henty: A shallow-water, gold-rich VMS deposit in western Tasmania
Scott W. Halley and R.H. Roberts

Alteration-mineralization at "Bernardan" U-deposit (Western Marche, France)
Patricia Patrier, Daniel Beaufort, Hubert Bril, Michel Bonhomme, Anne Marie Fouillac, Roland Aumaitre

Phase relations among selenides, sulfides, tellurides and oxides: II. Applications to selenide-bearing ore deposits
Grigore Simon, Stephen E. Kesler, Eric J. Essene

Scientific Communications

Saline fluid inclusions in sphalerite from the Broadlands-Ohaaki geothermal system: A coincidental trapping of fluids boiled towards dryness
Stuart F. Simmons and Patrick Browne

Gold and platinum-group element mineralization in the Kruuse Fjord Gabbro complex, East Greenland
John G. Arnason, D.K. Bird, S. Bernstein, P.B. Kelemen