ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, Volume 92 May 1997 Number 3

An Amagmatic Origin of Carlin-type Gold Deposits
Ilchik, Robert P., Barton, Mark D.

Geochemical Relationships in the Sudbury Igneous Complex: Origin of the Main Mass and Offset Dikes
Lightfoot, Peter C., Keays, Reid R., Morrison, Gordon, G., Bite, Andy, Farrell, Keith P.

Control of Mineral Parageneses in the System, Fe-Sb-S-O
Williams-Jones, Anthony E., Normand, Charles

Hydrothermal Evolution of Auriferous Shear Zones, Wawa, Ontario
Samson, Iain M., Bas, Bulent, Holm, Paul E.

Proterozoic Pb Isotope Evolution in the Belt-Purcell Basin: Constraints from Syngenetic and Epigenetic Sulfide Deposits
Beaudoin, Georges

Element Distribution Patterns in the Ordovician Galena Group, Southeastern Minnesota: Indicators of Fluid Flow and Provenance of Terrigenous Material
Lively, R.S., Morey, G.B., Mossler, John H.

Scientific Communications

Brine Inclusion from the Co-As(Au) Bou Azzer District (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
En-Naciri, Aomar, Barbanson, Luc, Touray, Jean-Claude

Uses and Limitations of Cathodoluminescence in the Study of Apatite Paragenesis
Murray, Jessica R., Oreskes, Naomi