ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2005, V 100, N 6, September-October.

The Geomicrobiology of Ore Deposits
G. Southam and James A. Saunders

Vigorous Exsolution of Volatiles in the Magma
Chamber Beneath a Hydrothermal System on the 
Modern Sea Floor of the Eastern Manus Back-Arc
Basin, Western Pacific: Evidence from Melt Inclusions
Kaihui Yang and Steven D. Scott

Evolution of a Submarine Magmatic-Hydrothermal System:
Brothers Volcano, Southern Kermadec Arc, New Zealand
C. E. J. deRonde, M. D. Hannington, P. Stoffers, 
I. C. Wright, R. G. Ditchburn, A. G. Reyes, 
E. T. Baker, C. J. Massoth, J. E. Lupton, S. L. Walker, 
R. R. Greene, C. W. R. Soong, J. Ishibashi, 
G. T. Lebon, C. J. Bray, and J. A. Resing

Gold Enrichment and the Bi-Au Association in 
Pyrrhotite-Rich Massive Sulfide Deposits, 
Escanaba Trough, Southern Gorda Ridge
Tuomo O. T?rm?nen and Randolph A. Koski

Mercury- and Silver-Rich Ferromanganese-Oxides, 
Southern California Borderland: Deposit Model 
and Environmental Implications
James R. Hein, Andrea Koschinsky, and Brandie R. McIntyre

Chalcophile Element Geochemistry and Metallogenesis
of Komatiitic Rocks in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
R. A. Sproule, C. M. Lesher, M. G. Houle, R. R. Keays,
J. A. Ayer, and P. C. Thurston

The Merensky Reef, Bushveld Complex: Mixing of Minerals
 not Mixing of Magmas
Charlie L. Seabrook, R. Grant Cawthorn, and F. Johan Kruger 

Emplacement of the Whistle Dike, the Whistle Embayment
and Hosted Sulfides, Sudbury Impact Structure, Based
on Anisotropies of Magnetic Susceptibility and Magnetic Remanence
Laura A. Giroux and Keith Benn

Rhenium-Osmium Geochronology of Arsenopyrite in Meguma
Group Gold Deposits, Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada:
Evidence for Multiple Gold Mineralizing Events
Ryan M. Morelli, Robert A. Creaser, David Selby, 
Daniel J. Kontak, and Richard J. Horne

A Paragenetic and Isotopic Study of the Proterozoic
Westmoreland Uranium Deposits, Southern McArthur Basin,
Northern Territory, Australia
Paul A. Polito, T. Kurt Kyser, Gerard Rheinberger, 
and Peter N. Southgate