ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2005, V 100, N 5, August.

A Special Issue Devoted to the Giant,
Porphyry-Related Mineral Deposits of the
Andean and PNG-Irian Jaya Fold Belts
Guest Editors:  David R. Cooke, Peter Hollings, and John L. Walshe

Giant Porphyry Deposits: Characteristics, Distribution, and Tectonic Controls David R. Cooke, Peter Hollings, and John L. Walshe The Role of Pre-Existing Geological Architecture in the Formation of Giant Porphyry-Related Cu +/- Au Deposits: Examples from New Guinea and Chile P. A. Gow and J. L. Walshe Fluid Chemistry, Structural Setting, and Emplacement History of the Rosario Cu-Mo Porphyry and Cu-Ag-Au Epithermal Veins, Collahuasi District, Northern Chile Glenton J. Masterman, David R. Cooke, Ron F. Berry, John L. Walshe, Andrew W. Lee, and Alan H. Clark Bajo de la Alumbrera Copper-Gold Deposit: Stable Isotope Evidence for a Porphyry-Related Hydrothermal System Dominated by Magmatic Aqueous Fluids Anthony C. Harris, Suzanne D. Golding, and Noel C. White Regional Geochemistry of Tertiary Igneous Rocks in Central Chile: Implications for the Geodynamic Environment of Giant Porphyry Copper and Epithermal Gold Mineralization Peter Hollings, David Cooke, and Alan Clark Magmatic and Hydrothermal Chronology of the Giant R?o Blanco Porphyry Copper Deposit, Central Chile: Implications of an Integrated U-Pb and 40Ar-39Ar Database Katja Deckart, Alan H. Clark, Celso Aquilar A., Ricardo Vargas R., Alfredo Bertens N., James K. Mortensen, and Mark Fanning Mineralogical and Isotopic Zonation in the Sur-Sur Tourmaline Breccia, R?o Blanco-Los Bronces Cu-Mo Deposit, Chile: Implications for Ore Genesis Peter H. Frikken, David R. Cooke, John L. Walshe, Doug Archibald, Jorge Skarmeta, Luis Serrano, and Ricardo Vargas Magmatic Precursors of Hydrothermal Fluids at the Rio Blanco Cu-Mo Deposit, Chile: Links to Silicate Magmas and Metal Transport Paul Davidson, Vadim Kamenetsky, David R. Cooke, Peter Frikken, Peter Hollings, Chris Ryan, Esme Van Achterbergh, Terry Mernagh, Jorge Skarmeta, Luis Serrano, and Ricardo Vargas Geology, Mineralization, Alteration, and Structural Evolution of the El Teniente Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit James Cannell, David Cooke, John Walshe, and Holly Stein Ages of Intrusion, Alteration, and Mineralization at the Grasberg Cu-Au Deposit, Papua, Indonesia Peter J. Pollard, Roger G. Taylor, and Lisa Peters Genesis of Pyrite-Au-As-Zn-Bi-Te Zones Associated with Cu-Au Skarns: Evidence from the Big Gossan and Wanagon Gold Deposits, Ertsberg District, Papua, Indonesia Kylie Prendergast, Gavin W. Clarke, Norman J. Pearson, and Keith Harris