ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2005, V 100, N 4, June-July.

100th Anniversary Special Paper

Metal Concentrations in Crustal Fluids and Their Relationship to Ore Formation Bruce W. D. Yardley     pp. 613-632 Geochronology of the Sequence Hosting the Broken Hill Pb-Zn-Ag Orebody, Australia R. W. Page, B. P. J. Stevens, and G. M. Gibson     pp. 633-661 Correlation of Olary and Broken Hill Domanins, Curnamona Province, Australia: Possible Relationship to Mount Isa and Other North Australian Pb-Zn-Ag-Bearing Successions R. W. Page, C. H. H. Conor, B. P. J. Stevens, G. M. Gibson, W. V. Preiss, and P. N. Southgate      pp. 663-676 Gold Concentrations in Springs at Waiotapu, New Zealand: Implications for Precious Metal Deposition in Geothermal Systems J. G. Pope, K. L. Brown, and D. M. McConchie    pp. 677-687 Undulatory Silver-Rich Polymetallic Veins of the Castrovirreyna District, Central Peru: Fault Growth and Mineralization in a Perturbed Local Stress Field James M. Wise     pp. 689-705 Primary Platinum Mineralization in the Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar Ultramafic Complexes, Urals, Russia: A Genetic Model for PGE Concentration in Chromite-Rich Zones Thierry Auge, Antonin Genna, Olivier Legendre, Kirill S. Ivanov, and Yuri A. Volchenko     pp. 707-732 Na-Fe-Ca Alteration and LREE (Th-Nb) Mineralization in Marble and Granitoids of Sierra de Sumampa, Santiago del Estero, Argentina Marta Franchini, Raul Lira, Lawrence Meinert, Francisco Javier Rios, Fernanda Poklepovic, Agnes Impiccini, and Hugo A. Millone     pp. 733-764
Scientific Communications

Refinements for Footwall Red-Bed Diagenesis in the Sediment-Hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits Model Alex C. Brown     pp. 765-771 Sulfide Melt Inclusions as Evidence for the Existence of a Sulfide Partial Melt at Broken Hill, Australia Heather A. Sparks and John A. Mavrogenes     pp. 773-779 Partial Melting of the Assemblage Sphalerite + Galena + Pyrrhotite + Chalcopyrite + Sulfur: Implications for High-Grade Metamorphosed Massive Sulfide Deposits Gary Stevens, Sebastian Prinz, and Abraham Rozendaal    pp. 781-786