ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2005, V 100, N 2, March-April.

Secular Changes in Global Tectonic Processes
and Their Influence on the Temporal Distribution
of Gold-Bearing Mineral Deposits
David I. Groves, Kent C. Condie, Richard J. Goldfarb,
Jonathan M. A. Hronsky, and Richard M. Vielreicher    
pp. 203-224

U-Pb Zircon Ages and Pb Isotope Geochemistry of 
Gold Deposits in the Carolina Slate Belt of South Carolina
R. S. Ayuso, J. L. Wooden, N. K. Foley, R. R. Seal,
II, and A. K. Sinha    
pp. 225-252

Age of the Pueblo Viejo Gold-Silver Deposit and 
Its Significance to Models for High-Sulfidation 
Epithermal Mineralization
Stephen E. Kesler, Ian H. Campbell, 
Christopher N. Smith, Chris M. Hall, and Charlotte M. Allen    
pp. 253-272

Short Wavelength Infrared Spectral Characteristics 
of the HW Horizon: Implications for Exploration in 
the Myra Falls Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Camp, 
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Sarah Jones, Walter Herrmann, and J. Bruce Gemmell    
pp. 273-294

Paleomagnetism of Late Paleozoic Strata and 
Mineralization in the Tri-State Lead-Zinc Ore District
D. T. A. Symons, S. J. Pannalal, R. M. Coveney, Jr., 
and D. F. Sangster    
pp. 295-309

Self-Destructive Sulfide Segregation Systems and 
the Formation of High-Grade Magmatic Ore Deposits
Andrew Kerr and Alison M. Leitch    
pp. 311-332

The Distribution of Base Metals and Platinum-Group 
Elements in Magnetitite and Its Host Rocks in the 
Rio Jacare Intrusion, Northeastern Brazil
J. H. S. S?, S-J. Barnes, H. M. Prichard, 
and P. C. Fisher    
pp. 333-348

Late Archean Lake Harris Komatiite, Central 
Gawler Craton, South Australia: Geologic 
Setting and Geochemistry
Dean M. Hoatson, Shen-Su Sun, Morris B. Duggan, 
Marc B. Davies, Sue J. Daly, and Alan C. Purvis    
pp. 349-374

Scientific Communications

Repetition of the Mount Morgan Stratigraphy and Mineralization in the Dee Range, Northeastern Australia: Implications for Exploration Alex Taube, Ruth Mawson, and John A. Talent     pp. 375-384 Possible Intrusion-Related Gold Systems in the Western Lachlan Orogen, Southeastern Australia F. P. Bierlein and S. McKnight     pp. 385-398