ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2005, V 100, N 1, January-February.

Looking Back a Century to Volume 1, Number 1
Brian J. Skinner

Geology and SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology of the Igarape Bahia Deposit,
Carajas Copper-Gold Belt, Brazil: An Archean (2.57 Ga) 
Example of Iron-Oxide Cu-Au-(U-REE) Mineralization
Fernando H. B. Tallarico, Bernardino R. Figueiredo, David I. Groves,
Natalie Kositcin, Neal J. McNaughton, Ian R. Fletcher, and Jose L. Rego
pp. 7-28

U-Pb Zircon and Re-Os Isotope Geochronology of Mineralized 
Ultramafic Intrusions and Associated Nickel Ores from the 
Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba, Canada
L. J. Hulbert, M. A. Hamilton, M. F. Horan, and R. F. J. Scoates
pp. 29-41

Geology, Petrology, and Controls on PGE Mineralization
of the Southern Roby and Twilight Zones, Lac des Iles Mine, Canada
J. G. Hinchey, K. H. Hattori, and M. J. Lavigne    
pp. 43-61

Ore-Forming Processes in Irish-Type Carbonate-hosted 
Zn-Pb Deposits: Evidence from Mineralogy, Chemistry and I
sotopic Composition of Sulfides at the Lisheen Mine
J. J. Wilkinson, S. L. Eyre, and A. J. Boyce    
pp. 63-86

Response of Supergene Processes to Episodic Cenozoic 
Uplift, Pediment Erosion, and Ignimbrite Eruption in 
the Porphyry Copper Province of Southern Peru
Chan X. Quang, Alan H. Clark, James K. W. Lee, 
and Nicholas Hawkes    
pp. 87-114

Mineralogical and Stable Isotope Studies of 
Kaolin Deposits: Shallow Epithermal Systems 
of Western Sardinia, Italy
R. Simeone, J. H. Dilles, G. Padalino, 
and M. Palomba    
pp. 115-130

Alunite in the Pascua-Lama High-Sulfidation Deposit: 
Constraints on Alteration and Ore Deposition 
Using Stable Isotope Geochemistry
C. L. Deyell, R. Leonardson, R. O. Rye, 
J. F. H. Thompson, T. Bissig, and D. R. Cooke     
pp. 131-148

Scientific Communications

An Intrusive Origin for the Komatiitic Dunite-Hosted Mount Keith Disseminated Nickel Sulphide Deposit, Western Australia N. M. Rosengren, S. W. Beresford, B. A. Grguric, and R. A. F. Cas     pp. 149-156 Hydrous Sulfide Melting: Experimental Evidence for the Solubility of H2O in Sulfide Melts Jeremy L. Wykes and John A. Mavrogenes     pp. 157-164 The Kakopetros and Ravdoucha Iron-Oxide Deposits, Western Crete, Greece: Fluid Transport and Mineralization within a Detachment Zone Markus Seidel, Andreas Pack, Zachary D. Sharp, and Eberhard Seidel     pp. 165-174