ECONOMIC GEOLOGY. Volume 91 November 1996 Number 7

Assessing Metasomatic Mass and Volume Changes using the Bootstrap, with Application to Deep-crustal Hydrothermal Alteration of Marble
Jay. J. Ague and Joost L.M. van Haren

Phase Relations among Selenides, Sulfides, Tellurides and Oxides: I. Thermodynamic Data and Calculated Equilibria
Grigore Simon and Eric J. Essene

Age and Radiogenic Isotopic Characteristics of the Au-Ag-rich Eskay Creek VMS deposit, British Columbia: Constraints from U-Pb Geochronology and Nd and Pb
Fiona Childe

Archaean and Proterozoic Mineralization and Tectonics at Renco Mine (Northern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Belt, Zimbabwe)
T.G. Blenkinsop and R. Frei

Hydrothermal Characterization of the West Gore Sb-Au Deposit, Meguma Terrane, Southern Nova Scotia
Daniel J. Kontak, Paul K. Smith, and Richard J. Horne

U-Pb Geochronology of the Sublayer Environment, Sudbury Igneous Complex, Ontario
F. Corfu and Peter C. Lightfoot

Fluid Inclusion and Sulfur Isotope Studies of the Tintic Mining District, Utah: Implications for Targeting Fluid Sources
Stephen C. Hildreth, Jr. and Judith L. Hannah

Significance of Tourmaline-rich Rocks in the North Range Group of the Cuyuna Iron Range, East-Central Minnesota
Jane M. Cleland, G.B. Morey, and Peter L. McSwiggen

Lead and Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of the Ibias Gold Vein System (NW Spain): Genetic Implications
Daniel Arias Prieto, L.G. Corrétge, O. Suárez, L. Villa, A. Cuesta, and G. Gallastegui

The Manto-Type Gold Deposits of Andacollo (Chile) Revisited: A Model Based on Fluid Inclusion and Geological Evidence
Roberto Oyarzun, Lorena Ortega, Josefina Sierra, Rosario Lunar, and Jorge Oyarzun

Indirect Age Determination of Kuppferschiefer-type Mineralization in the Polish Basin by K/AR-Dating of Illite
Achim Bechtel, W.C. Elliott, and S. Oszczepalski

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