ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, Volume 92 January-February 1997 Number 1

Geology, mineralogy and fluid inclusion data of the Furtei high-sulfidation gold mineralization, Sardinia, Italy
Giovanni Ruggieri, Pierfranco Lattanzi, Silvana S. Luxoro, Roberto Dessi, Giuseppe Tanelli

The role of mercury-organic interactions in the hydrothermal transport of mercury
Jeremy B. Fein, Anthony E. Williams-Jones

Epithermal mineralization from fluid mixing in the OH vein, Creede, Colorado
Daniel O. Hayba

Chemical mobility of gold in the porphyry-epithermal environment
Christopher H. Gammons, Anthony E. Williams-Jones

Jurassic Mesothermal Gold Mineralization of the Samhwanghak Mine, Youngdong Area, Republic of Korea: Constraints of Hydrothermal Fluid Geochemistry
Chil-Sup So, Seong Taek Yun

Genesis of Oxidized- and Reduced-type Granites
Tetsuichi Takagi, Katsuhiro Tsukimura

Petrography and Geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic Hotazel Iron-Formation, Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa: Implications for Precambrian Manganese Metallogenesis
Harilaos Tsikos, John M. Moore

An Archaean, komatiite-hosted chromite deposit from southern Zimbabwe
Hugh Rollinson

The Largentiere sandstone-hosted Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, Ardeche, France: Fluid inclusion and geologic evidence for an epigenetic origin
Guoxiang Chi, Kees Schrijver, Pierre Rheaume

The H20-NaCI-MgCI2 ternary phase diagram with special application to fl >