Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2009, V 429, N 9, November-December.

Part 1. Geology 
Ocean Environment and Developing of Oceanic Iron–Manganese Ores 
E. S. Bazilevskaya 
p. 1417  

Composition and U–Pb Isotopic Age Determinations (SHRIMP II)
of the Ophiolitic Assemblage from the Shaman Paleospreading Zone 
and the Conditions of Its Formation (North Transbaikalia) 
I. V. Gordienko, A. N. Bulgatov, N. I. Lastochkin, and V. S. Sitnikova 

New Isotopic Data on Late Cenozoic Age and Mantle Origin of Gem Zircon
and Corundum from Placers of Primorye, Russia 
V. P. Nechaev, E. V. Nechaeva, A. A. Chashchin, S. V. Vysotskiy, 
I. T. Graham, and F. L. Sutherland 
p. 1426  

The Large Buried Anticline in the Kizil Zone of the Southern Urals 
V. N. Puchkov and T. T. Kazantseva
 p. 1430  

On the Relationship between Ore-Controlling Faults, 
Late Cretaceous Sedimentary Basins,
and Hydrocarbon Shows 
A. A. Sidorov, A. V. Volkov, and V. E. Glotov 
p. 1435  

Early Archean Sialic Crust of the Siberian Craton: Its Composition 
and Origin of Magmatic Protoliths 
G. M. Vovna, M. A. Mishkin, V. G. Sakhno, and N. V. Zarubina 
p. 1439  

Polychronity and Polygeneity of Pegmamtites of Gneissic–Amphibolitic Complexes 
as a Result of Continuous–Discontinuous Development of Suture Zones: 
Example of the Ufalei Metamorphic Block in the Middle Urals 
V. A. Koroteev, V. N. Ogorodnikov, Yu. L. Ronkin, V. N. Sazonov, and Yu. A. Polenov 
p. 1443  

Age and Tectonic Setting of Charnokites of the Tatarnik Complex 
(Northwestern Part of the Baikal Region) 
A. M. Larin, E. B. Sal’nikova, A. B. Kotov, V. A. Glebovitsky, S. Z. Yakovleva, 
N. A. Sryvtsev, I. V. Anisimova, and M. D. Tolkachev
 p. 1447  

The Age of Unusual Xenogenic Zircons from Yakutian Kimberlites 
N. V. Vladykin and E. A. Lepekhina 
p. 1451  

Mesozoic Age of Granitoids from the Beket Complex (Gonzha Block
 within the Argun Terrane of the Central-Asian Fold Belt) 
A. B. Kotov, A. A. Sorokin, E. B. Sal’nikova, A. P. Sorokin, A. M. Larin, 
S. D. Velikoslavinskii, T. V. Belyakov, I. V. Anisimova, and S. Z. Yakovleva 
p. 1457  

Theleiites from the Depleted Subcontinental Mantle in the Root Zone 
of the Monchegorskii Pluton, Baltic Shield 
Zh. A. Fedotov, P. A. Serov, and D. V. Elizarov 
p. 1462  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Redeposition of Gold in Uranium-Bearing Solutions: A Key to Formation of Gold–Uranium Mineralization B. N. Ryzhenko and N. I. Kovalenko p. 1467 The First Finding of Explosive Alkaline Picrites at Nadan’hada–Alin’ (China) S. A. Shcheka, Yu. G. Volokhin, and A. A. Karabtsov p. 1472 Main Peculiarities in Tensosensitivity of the Fluid-Saturated Medium I. G. Kissin p. 1478 On Generation Conditions of Strong Earthquakes in Southern Baikal V. I. Mel’nikova, N. A. Gilyova, O. K. Masal’skii, Ya. B. Radziminovich, and N. A. Radziminovich p. 1483 Anthropogenic Factor and Methane Emission on the East-Siberian Shelf N. E. Shakhova, V. A. Yusupov, A. N. Salyuk, D. A. Kosmach, and I. P. Semiletov p. 1488 Climate Change and Frozen Rocks: Direct Relationship and Feedbacks A. V. Dzyuba and I. S. Zektser p. 1492 Unique Zoned Olivines from an Ultrabasic—Basic Massif in the Norilsk Disitrict N. A. Krivolutskaya, A. V. Sobolev, D. V. Kuzmin, and N. M. Svirskaya p. 1496 Regularities of the Location of Platinum Mineralization in the Dambukinskii Ore Region (Upper Priamurie Region, Russia) A. V. Melnikov, V. G. Moiseenko, V. A. Stepanov, and V. D. Melnikov p. 1501 U–Pb Isotope and REE Composition of Zircon from the Pyroxene Crystalline Schists of the Irkut Terrane, Sharyzhalgai Uplift: Evidence for the Neoarchean Magmatic and Metamorphic Events O. M. Turkina, N. G. Berezhnaya, L. N. Urmantseva, I. P. Paderin, and S. G. Skublov p. 1505 Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Variability of Tropospheric NO2 over Moscow Megapolis Using OMI Spectrometer (Aura Satellite) Data S. A. Sitnov p. 1511 Current State of Subsea Permafrost on the East Siberian Shelf: Tests of Modeling Results Based on Field Observations N. E. Shakhova, D. Yu. Nicolsky, and I. P. Semiletov p. 1518 Temperature Conditions in Soils as an Ecological Factor of Ecosystem Evolution P. P. Krechetov and O. V. Chernitsova p. 1522 Age and Source Material of the Kingash Ultramafic–Mafic Massif, East Sayan I. F. Gertner, V. V. Vrublevskii, O. M. Glazunov, P. A. Tishin, T. S. Krasnova, and D. N. Voitenko p. 1526 Liquid Separation in the Presence of Vapor in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions Obtained from Na2CO3 Solutions Z. A. Kotel’nikova and A. R. Kotel’nikov p. 1533 Transformation of Hydrocarbons in the Marginal Filter of the Ob River I. A. Nemirovskaya p. 1536 Age, Mineral Geochemistry, and Conditions of the Formation of the Shueretskoe Garnet Deposit (Belomorian Belt) S. G. Skublov, L. K. Levskii, Yu. B. Marin, I. M. Gembitskaya, P. Ya. Azimov, and A. N. Larionov p. 1542 Ultra Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Disturbances Appearing before Strong Seismic Events L. E. Sobisevich, K. Kh. Kanonidi, and A. L. Sobisevich p. 1549 Vertical Stability and the Brunt–V?is?la Frequency of Deep Natural Waters by the Example of Lake Baikal, Lake Tanganyika, and the World Ocean P. P. Sherstyankin and L. N. Kuimova p. 1553 Some Basic Notions of Theoretical Hydrochemistry A. M. Nikanorov p. 1559 Barents Sea Hydrodynamics Change during the El Ni?o Event A. N. Sidorova and A. D. Shcherbinin p. 1562 Anomalous Variations in the Thermohaline Structure of the Arctic Ocean I. E. Frolov, I. M. Ashik, H. Kassens, I. V. Polyakov, A. Yu. Proshutinsky, V. T. Sokolov, and L. A. Timokhov p. 1567 Synthesis and Comparative Characteristics of Methane- and Ammonia-Bearing Natrolite and Scolecite T. A. Bul’bak, S. V. Shvedenkova, and A. Yu. Likhacheva p. 1570 Geochemical and Isotopic Signatures of Nonsubduction Mechanisms of Formation of the Neoarchean Continental Lithosphere of the Fennoscandian Shield A. B. Vrevskii p. 1575 Molecular–Mass Distribution of Saturated Hydrocarbons in Gas of the Lovozerskii Nepheline–Syenite Massif V. A. Nivin p. 1580 On Genesis of Organic Matter in Bottom Sediments of Hydrothermal Field Ashadze-1, 13 N MAR V. I. Petrova, A. V. Kursheva, I. V. Litvinenko, I. P. Morgunova, T. V. Stepanova, and G. A. Cherkashev p. 1583 The Influence of Sulfur on Chemisorption of Gold by Carbonaceous Matter at 200–400C and Ptotal = 1 kbar L. P. Plyusnina, T. V. Kuz’mina, and G. G. Likhoidov p. 1587 Effect of Particle Size Variation in a Sample on Trace Element Concentration V. L. Tauson, T. M. Pastushkova, D. N. Babkin, T. S. Krasnoshchekova, and E. E. Lustenberg p. 1590 Modulation of Water Properties by Variations of Cosmic Rays M. B. Vinnichenko, N. K. Belisheva, and V. K. Zhirov p. 1597 Physical Meaning of Deviation of Some Parameters from the Similarity Law in a Seismic Process G. G. Kocharyan p. 1602 Modeling of Nonlinear Surface Gravity Waves in Shallow Water with Regard to Dispersion I. B. Abbasov p. 1605 Results of Complex Annual Parasitological Monitoring in the Coastal Area of Kola Bay V. V. Kuklin, M. M. Kuklina, N. E. Kisova, and M. A. Maslich p. 1608
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