Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2006, V 411, N 9, November-December.

Part 1. Geology 

Signs of Symmetric Diamond Concentration in the Eastern Siberian Platform (Relative to the Vilyui Syneclise Axis) E. D. Izbekov, B. P. Pod`yachev, and V. P. Afanas`ev p. 1339   U-Pb (SHRIMP II) Age of Zircons from Ash Beds of the Chernokamen Formation, Vendian Sylvitsa Group (Central Urals) Yu. L. Ronkin, D. V. Grazhdankin, A. V. Maslov, G. A. Mizens, D. I. Matukov, M. T. Krupenin, G. A. Petrov, O. P. Lepikhina, and A. Yu. Kornilova p. 1341   The Sea of Okhotsk Geotraverse: Tectonomagmatic Evolution of Cenozoic Extension Structures and Implication for Their Deep Structure N. I. Filatova and A. G. Rodnikov p. 1346   Origin of Pleistocene-Holocene Ashes of the Russian Northeast Based on Trace and Rare Earth Element Data V. G. Sakhno, L. I. Bazanova, O. Yu. Glushkova, I. V. Melekestsev, V. V. Ponomarev, A. A. Surnin, and J. Olaf p. 1351   New Age Data on Precambrian Volcanic Rocks of the Khakdon Group, Eastern Kolyma Region A. K. Khudoley, V. I. Tkachenko, D. I. Matukov, N. G. Berezhnaya, and S. A. Sergeev p. 1357   Minerals of Rare Earth Elements in the Phosphate Fraction of Ferromanganese Crusts on Seamounts G. N. Baturin, V. T. Dubinchuk, L. A. Azarnova, and M. E. Mel`nikov p. 1362   New Data on Seismostratigraphy and Sedimentation on the Western Slope of the Middle Caspian O. V. Levchenko, V. G. Gainanov, L. R. Merklin, A. S. Polyakov, and A. G. Roslyakov p. 1366   Tectonic Setting and Geodynamic Nature of the Saint Anna Trough (Northern Barents-Kara Continental Margin) E. V. Shipilov and G. A. Matishov p. 1370   The Cambrian Baltica-Arctida Collision, Pre-Uralide-Timanide Orogen, and Its Erosion Products in the Arctic N. B. Kuznetsov p. 1375   Contamination of Silurian Volcanic Rocks in the Tagil Synform by Precambrian Zircon V. N. Puchkov, O. M. Rosen, D. Z. Zhuravlev, and E. V. Bibikova p. 1381  
Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography
Disseminated Sulfide Mineralization in Oceanic Restitic Ultramafics from Rift Valley of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 5°-7°10' N E. A. Vlasov, N. S. Bortnikov, G. N. Savel`eva, and Lee Xiaoli p. 1385   U-Pb Dating of Zircon from the Lower Crustal Xenoliths, Udachnaya Pipe, Yakutia M. Yu. Koreshkova, L. P. Nikitina, N. V. Vladykin, and D. I. Matukov p. 1389   Pliocene Granitoid Massif in the Kazbek Volcanic Center: First Geochronological and Isotope-Geochemical Data V. A. Lebedev, S. N. Bubnov, I. V. Chernyshev, Yu. V. Gol`sman, A. V. Chugaev, and G. T. Vashakidze p. 1393   Cryogeochemical Processes in the Oxidation Zone of Sulfide Deposits: Experimental Data A. B. Ptitsyn, T. I. Markovich, V. A. Pavlyukova, and E. S. Epova p. 1398   Age of Zircons from Chromites in the Residual Ophiolitic Rocks as a Reflection of Upper Mantle Magmatic Events G. N. Savelieva, P. V. Suslov, A. N. Larionov, and N. G. Berezhnaya p. 1401   Analytical Description of Seawater Crystallization in Ice Fissures and Their Influence on Heat Exchange between the Ocean and the Atmosphere D. V. Alexandrov and A. P. Malygin p. 1407   Formation and Dynamics of Energoactive Zones in Geological Medium A. N. Dmitrievsky and I. A. Volodin p. 1412   Parameterization of Helical Turbulence in Numerical Models of Intense Atmospheric Vortices G. V. Levina p. 1417   Last Glaciation in the Northern Part of the Eastern Chukchi Peninsula and Paleoceanography of the North Pacific S. A. Laukhin, Jain Zhimin, V. S. Pushkar, and M. V. Cherepanova p. 1422   Specific Features of the Ice Sheet Dynamics in Eastern Antarctica A. N. Markov and V. M. Kotlyakov p. 1427   Phytofulgurites: A New Type of Geological Formations A. Yu. Lysyuk, G. A. Yurgenson, and N. P. Yushkin p. 1431   Participation of Microorganisms in the Formation of Travertines and Sapropelite Kerogen in Sediments of Thermal Carbonic Waters in the Baikal Rift Zone A. V. Tatarinov, L. I. Yalovik, E. V. Danilova, and Z. B. Namsaraev p. 1435   A Geothermal Model of the Lithosphere in the Baikal Rift Zone with Consideration of Advective Heat and Mass Transport by Endogenous Fluids V. A. Golubev and V. S. Zubkov p. 1439   Evolution of Thermal Plumes in the Earth’s Mantle A. T. Ismail-Zadeh, A. I. Korotkii, D. P. Krupsky, I. A. Tsepelev, and G. Schubert p. 1442   Particulate Material Composition in the Lena River-Laptev Sea System: Scales of Heterogeneities O. V. Dudarev, I. P. Semiletov, and A. N. Charkin p. 1445   Channel Water Balance of the Lena River Cascade System N. E. Kosheleva, E. B. Karabanov, N. S. Kasimov, A. G. Kositskii, V. A. Bychinskii, D. Williams, and S. Armstrong p. 1452   Paleoclimates and Chronology of the Middle Wurm Megainterstadial on the West Siberian Plain S. A. Laukhin, Kh. A. Arslanov, G. N. Shilova, F. Yu. Velichkevich, F. E. Maksimov, V. Yu. Kuznetsov, S. B. Chernov, and T. V. Tertychnaya p. 1457   Genetic Types of Methane from Lake Baikal G. V. Kalmychkov, A. V. Egorov, M. I. Kuz’min, and O. M. Khlystov p. 1462   Proton-Stimulated Redistribution of Fe Atoms in Quartz: Experimental Modeling of the Space Radiation Effect S. N. Shilobreeva, L. L. Kashkarov, M. Yu. Barabanenkov, A. N. Pustovit, V. I. Zinenko, and Yu. A. Agafonov p. 1466   Remote Determination of the Direction to the Geomagnetic Pole in Past Epochs V. S. Yakupov, M. V. Yakupov, and S. V. Yakupov p. 1470   Possibility of Mapping Physiographic Zones by Thermal Survey from Space V. I. Gornyy and S. G. Kritsuk p. 1473   Petrology of Postorogenic Granitoids of the Northern Baltic Shield V. R. Vetrin, N. G. Berezhnaya, and N. V. Rodionov p. 1476   Contact Metamorphism and Metasomatism near the Talnakh Intrusion: Fluid Convection and Heat Transfer Modeling on the Basis of the Finite-Difference Method O. P. Polyansky and V. V. Reverdatto p. 1480   Regional Model Assessments of Fire Risks under Global Climate Changes I. I. Mokhov, A. V. Chernokulsky, and I. M. Shkolnik p. 1485   A Method for Describing Technogenic Succession of Diatom Paleocomplex B. M. Dolgonosov and T. I. Moiseenko p. 1489   A New Concept of the Nature of the Atlantic-Arctic Glacial and Periglacial Zones N. M. Adrov and G. G. Matishov p. 1493   Evolution of the Rift Zone Morphostructure in the North Atlantic Magmatic Province A. V. Il`in p. 1497   Author Index to Volumes 406-411A, 2006 p. 1501 Contents of Volumes 406?411A, 2006 p. 1510