Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, V 423, N 8, October-November.

Part 1. Geology 
 Rajkonkoski Gold-Telluride Ore Occurrence: A New High Prospective Type 
 of Complex Noble Metal Mineralization in the Karelian Proterozoic 
 V. I. Ivashchenko, K. Sundblad, A. N. Toritsin, A. I. Golubev, 
 and O. B. Lavrov 
 p. 1187  

 On the Age of the Stepnyak Massif and Its Related Orebody
 (Northern Kazakhstan) 
 F. A. Letnikov, A. B. Kotov, E. B. Salnikova, M. M. Shershakova, 
 A. V. Shershakov, 
 S. Z. Yakovleva, I. V. Anisimova, and A. M. Fedoseenko 
 p. 1194  

 Orientation Anomalies of the Ravine-Stream Network 
 as an Indicator of Buried Synsedimentary Uplifts 
 D. B. Davydenko
 p. 1197  

 Peculiarities of Composition and Possible Source of PGE Minerals 
 from the Placer Gold Deposit of the Taymen- River
 (Western Priokhotsk Region, Russia) 
 V. V. Ivanov, A. M. Lennikov, and G. S. Mirzekhanov 
 p. 1201  

 Neoarchean Gabbroids of the Fennoscandian Shield Belomorsk Province: 
 Geology, Composition, and Geochronology 
 A. I. Slabunov, A. V. Stepanova, E. V. Bibikova, I. I. Babarina, 
 and D. I. Matukov 
 p. 1207  

 The Bashkirian Mega-Anticlinorium as a Petroleum Basin Destruction Zone 
 V. A. Filippov 
 p. 1212  

 Anomalous Light Oxygen Isotope Composition in Minerals 
 of Corundum-Bearing Rocks in Northern Karelia 
 S. V. Vysotskii, A. V. Ignat?ev, V. V. Yakovenko, 
 and A. A. Karabtsov 
 p. 1216  

 Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide and Sedimentary-Exhalation Lead-Zinc
 Ore Formation during the Earth's History 
 A. L. Dergachev and N. I. Eremin 
 p. 1220  

 The Age of the Khangai Batholith and the Problem of 
 Batholith Formation in Central Asia 
 V. V. Yarmolyuk, V. I. Kovalenko, I. K. Kozakov,  E. B. Sal'nikova, 
 E. V. Bibikova, V. P. Kovach, A. M. Kozlovsky, A. B. Kotov, 
 V. I. Lebedev, G. Eenjin, and M. M. Fugzan 
 p. 1223  

 Basalt-Trachyrhyolite-Comendite Association of the 
 Kropotkin Range (Eastern Sayany) and Problem of Devonian 
 Rifting in the Southern Fringing of the Siberian Platform 
 A. A. Vorontsov, V. V. Yarmolyuk, and G. P. Sandimirova 
 p. 1229  

 Silurian Age of Major Folding in Riphean Deposits of the Baikal-Patom Zone 
 Yu. A. Zorin', A. M. Mazukabzov, D. P. Gladkochub, T. V. Donskaya, 
 S. L. Presnyakov, and S. A. Sergeev 
 p. 1235  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Porphyry Cu-Mo Mineralization and Mantle Plumes A. P. Berzina and A. S. Borisenko p. 1240   Geochemistry of Accessory Chrome-Spinellides from Rocks of the Ergakskii Chrome-Bearing Hyperbasite Massif (Western Sayan) and Conditions of Its Formation F. P. Lesnov, M. Yu. Podlipskii, G. V. Polyakov, and S. V. Palesskii p. 1245   Noble Metals in Landscapes of the Amur-Zeya Plain in Priamurye S. M. Radomskii, V. I. Radomskaya, N. V. Moiseenko, and V. G. Moiseenko p. 1250   Hexagonal CaAl2Si2O8 as a Prototype of the Structure of Alkaline-Earth Aluminosilicate Melts and Glasses A. G. Simakin and V. A. Zharikov p. 1253   Characteristics of the Seismicity and Absorption Field of S-Waves in the Source Region of the Sumatra Earthquake of December 26, 2004 Yu. F. Kopnichev and I. N. Sokolova p. 1257   Height of the Catastrophic Flood of the Neva River on September 10(21), 1777 T. I. Malova p. 1262   First Data on the Expansion of Larix gmelinii (Rupr.) Rupr. into Arctic Regions of Beringia during the Early Holocene N. A. Shilo, A. V. Lozhkin, P. M. Anderson, L. N. Vazhenina, O. Yu. Glushkova, and T. V. Matrosova p. 1265   Lithochemical Evidence of Recent Geological Activity in the Chukchi Sea A. S. Astakhov, Wang Rujan, Gao Aijou, and M. V. Ivanov p. 1268   Pedrolampi: A Precambrian Gold Sulfide Deposit, Karelia L. V. Kuleshevich p. 1273   Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks in the Tagil Zone of the Urals as an Indicator of Geodynamic Environments of Their Formation V. N. Smirnov, I. F. Fadeicheva, and K. S. Ivanov p. 1278   Ecological Hysteresis A. M. Nikanorov and B. L. Sukhorukov p. 1282   Transport of Antarctic Waters in the Deep Channels of the Atlantic Ocean E. G. Morozov, A. N. Demidov, and R. Yu. Tarakanov p. 1286   Hydrological Changes in the White Sea during the Historical Period Inferred from Analysis of Dinocysts E. A. Novichkova and E. I. Polyakova p. 1290   New Data on Origin and Age (U?Pb, SHRIMP-II) of Zircons from Khondalites of the Lapland Granulite Belt (Baltic Shield) T. A. Myskova, V. A. Glebovitskii, R. I. Mil'kevich, N. G. Berezhnaya, S. G. Skublov, S. L. Presnyakov, I. K. Shuleshko, and P. A. L'vov p. 1294   New Data on REE Distribution in Rocks of Late Paleozoic Gold-Bearing and Gold-Free Diorite-Granodiorite-Adamellite Series in the Eastern Slope of the South Urals G. I. Samarkin and E. Ya. Samarkina p. 1299   New Method of Gold Concentration and Extraction from Graphitic Ores of the Turgenevskoye Deposit, Primorye A. I. Khanchuk, M. A. Medkov, L. P. Plyusnina, and V. P. Molchanov p. 1304   Sources of Boron from the Dal?negorsk Borosilicate Deposit V. A. Baskina p. 1308   Age and Tectonic Position of the Khorogochi Gabbro-Anorthosite Massif (Dzhugdzhur-Stanovoi Superterrane) I. V. Buchko, E. B. Sal?nikova, A. B. Kotov, A. P. Sorokin, A. M. Larin, S. D. Velikoslavinskii, S. Z. Yakovleva, and Yu. V. Plotkina p. 1312   New Data on the U-Pb (SHRIMP-II) Zircon Age Dating of the Kos'vinskii Kamen' Alkaline Tylaites: Isotope Age of the Urals Platinum-Bearing Belt Hot Melange A. A. Efimov, Yu. L. Ronkin, and D. I. Matukov p. 1316   Platinum-Bearing Capacity of Gold-Ore Deposits from the Plutonogenic?Metamorphogenic Class (Upper Priamurye, Russia) A. V. Mel'nikov, S. M. Radomskii, V. D. Mel'nikov, and V. G. Moiseenko p. 1321   Chronology of Erosion in the Center of the Eastern European Plain over the Last 5000 Years A. V. Panin p. 1324   The Relief Plasticity of the Arctic Ocean Floor: A Pilot Cartographical Study I. N. Stepanov, I. P. Baranov, and V. I. Stepanova p. 1329   Sedimentation Rates in the Sea of Azov Inferred from nbsp137Cs and 241Am Specific Activity Yu. A. Fedorov, A. N. Kuznetsov, and M. E. Trofimov p. 1333