Doklady Earth Sciences, 2009, V 428, N 7, September-October.

Part 1. Geology

Crystal Structure of Hilairite from Khibiny Alkaline Massif (Kola Peninsula)
A. A. Grigorieva, N. V. Zubkova, I. V. Pekov, and D. Yu. Pushcharovsky 
eng 1051 / rus 61

Miocene Volcanism of the Ninetyeast Ridge
G. L. Kashintsev and O. V. Levchenko 
eng 1054 / rus 65

Khvalynian Sediments of the Manych Depression
A. A. Svitoch, T. A. Yanina, A. A. Khomenko, and N. G. Novikova 
eng 1058 / rus 70

Two Accretion Types of Intraoceanic Island Arcs in the Koryak–Kamchatka Region
V. D. Chekhovich and A. N. Sukhov 
eng 1063 / rus 75

Velocity Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle in the Baikal Rift Zone
from the Long-Term Observations of Broad-Band Seismic Stations
L. V. Anan’in, V. V. Mordvinova, M. F. Gots’, M. Kanao,
V. D. Suvorov, G. I. Tat’kov, and Ts. A. Tubanov 
eng 1067 /rus 211

Spatial Distribution of Cenozoic Magmatism in the Central Asian
Within-Plate Province: Relation to Eurasia Kinematics
D. V. Kovalenko 
eng 1071 / rus 215

From Hyperborea to Arctida: The Problem of the Precambrian Central Arctic Craton
V. E. Khain and N. I. Filatova 
eng 1076 / rus 220

First Find of Paleosoils in the Devonian Red Deposits of the Middle Timan
I. Kh. Shumilov and A. N. Mingalev 
eng 1080 / rus 225

The First Find of Grothite in Gold Ore Deposits
A. S. Vakh, O. V. Avchenko, A. A. Karabtsov, and V. A. Stepanov 
eng 1083 / rus 353

On the Age of the Tishinka Deposit, Rudnyi Altai
S. V. Zinov’ev, A. V. Travin, and B. M. Chikov 
eng 1088 / rus 358

Transpressional Structures of the Eastern Segment of Aldan-Stanovoi Block
L. P. Imaeva, V. S. Imaev, K. G. Mackey, and B. M. Kozmin 
eng 1093 / rus 364

Chuchkhur Xenoliths and Tectonic Position of Middle Paleozoic
Volcano-Sedimentary Sequences in the Peredovoi Range, Northern Caucasus
M. L. Somin, Yu. Ya. Potapenko, and A. I. Smul’skaya 
eng 1097 / rus 368

Relationship between the Gold-bearing Areas and Gradient Zones
of the Gravity Field of Southeastern Regions of Russia
V. G. Khomich and N. G. Boriskina 
eng 1100 / rus 371

Manifestations of the Late Carboniferous and Early Permian Stages
of Formation of Nappe-Fold Structures in the Southern Framework
of the Siberian Platform (East Sayany, South Siberia)
M. M. Buslov, A. B. Ryabinin, F. I. Zhimulev, and A. V. Travin 
eng 1105 / rus 496

Magmatism of Early Stages in Collision between the Siberian
and Kazakhstan Continents
N. N. Kruk, S. P. Shokal’skii, S. V. Khromykh, and I. V. Nikolaeva 
eng 1109 / rus 500

Succession of Events at the Middle–Late Devonian Transition
V. S. Tsyganko 
eng 1114 / rus 505

Age of Dikes in Ancient Tonalites of the Vodlozero Terrane as the Key
to Archean Evolution of Basic Magmatism of the Fennoscandian Shield
V. P. Chekulaev, N. A. Arestova, S. B. Lobach-Zhuchenko, and S. A. Sergeev 
eng 1117 / rus 508

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Age, Sources, and Geological Position of Anorthosites of Precambrian Terranes of Central Asia: Example from the Khunzhilingol Massif, Mongolia I. V. Anisimova, I. K. Kozakov, V. V. Yarmolyuk, A. M. Kozlovsky, V. P. Kovach, E. A. Kudryashova, V. M. Savatenkov, L. B. Terent’eva, A. M. Fedoseenko, S. Z. Yakovleva, and G. Enjine eng 1120 / rus 80 Peculiarities of the Osmium Isotopic Composition of Basaltic Glass from the Western Termination of the Southwest Indian Ridge R. Sh. Krymsky, N. M. Sushchevskaya, B. V. Belyatsky, and N. A. Migdisova eng 1126 / rus 87 Origin of Layered Phosphorites and Geochemical–Mineralogical Peculiarities of Their Accumulation T. V. Litvinova and A. A. Abbyasov eng 1131 / rus 93 First Find of Cerianite in Zircons from Metasomatites of the Terskii Greenstone Belt, Baltic Shield S. G. Skublov, B. Yu. Astaf’ev, Yu. B. Marin, I. M. Gembitskaya, and O. A. Levchenkov eng 1134 / rus 96 Crystallization of Diamond in Metal–Sulfide Melts A. I. Chepurov, E. I. Zhimulev, V. M. Sonin, A. A. Chepurov, N. P. Pokhilenko eng 1139 / rus 101 On the Relation between Endogenic Activity of the Earth and Solar and Geomagnetic Activity S. V. Belov, I. P. Shestopalov, and E. P. Kharin eng 1142 / rus 104 Extent of the Aral Sea Drop in the Middle Age S. K. Krivonogov eng 1146 / rus 109 Paleozoic U–Pb Age of Rutile Inclusions in Diamonds of the V–VII Variety from Placers of the Northeast Siberian Platform V. P. Afanasev, A. M. Agashev, Y. Orihashi, N. P. Pokhilenko, and N. V. Sobolev eng 1151 / rus 228 Geochemical Comparison of Kimberlites from the Siberian and East European Platforms: Problems of Genesis and Spatial Zoning V. A. Kononova, A. V. Kargin, A. A. Nosova, I. A. Kondrashov, and O. A. Bogatikov eng 1156 / rus 233 The First Data on the Rb–Sr Age and Isotope Composition of Gold–Silver Ores from the Dal’nee Deposit in the Evensk Ore District, Northeast Russia R. G. Kravtsova, S. I. Dril, Ya. A. Almaz, S. A. Tatarnikov, and T. A. Vladimirova eng 1162 / rus 240 Baddeleyite U–Pb SHRIMP II Age Determination as a Tool for Carbonatite Massifs Dating N. V. Rodionov, B. V. Belyatskii, A. V. Antonov, S. L. Presnyakov, and S. A. Sergeev eng 1166 / rus 244 New Genetic Type of Graphite in Connection With Travertines T. G. Shumilova and Yu. V. Danilova eng 1171 / rus 249 The East European Craton in the Mesoproterozoic: New Key Paleomagnetic Poles N. V. Lubnina eng 1174 / rus 252 On Gravitational Instability of Quaternary Sediments on the Western Slope of the Derbent Basin (Caspian Sea) V. E. Verzhbitskii, O. V. Levchenko, and L. I. Lobkovskii eng 1179 / rus 258 Paragenesis of Native Elements, Intermetallides, and Naphthides in the Deep-Seated Horizons of Sedimentary Cover of the Dnieper Graben R. P. Gottikh, A. E. Lukin, and B. I. Pisotskii eng 1183 / rus 376 Formation and Transformation of the Chemical Composition of Waters of Mineral Lakes (the Example of Transbaikalia) L. V. Zamana eng 1188 / rus 382 Paleoproterozoic Collisional and Intraplate Granitoids of the Southwest Margin of the Siberian Craton: Petrogeochemical Features and U–Pb Geochronological and Sm–Nd Isotopic Data A. D. Nozhkin, O. M. Turkina, and T. B. Bayanova eng 1192 / rus 386 Crustal and Uppermost Mantle Structure in the Pacific, North American, and Eurasian Plate Junction E. I. Gordeev, S. Ya. Droznina, and N. M. Shapiro eng 1198 / rus 392 Estimation of Stress Values in the Method of Cataclastic Analysis of Shear Fractures Yu. L. Rebetskii eng 1202 / rus 397 Rare Earth Elements in the Ferromanganese Formations of Lake Baikal G. N. Baturin and L. Z. Granina eng 1208 / rus 511 Quantitative Relationship of the Crystallochemical and Thermal Properties of Kaolinite N. S. Bortnikov, A. P. Zhukhlistov, G. O. Piloyan, V. M. Novikov, A. D. Savko, and A. G. Berketa eng 1212 / rus 515 Crystal Chemistry of Delhayelite and Hydrodelhayelite I. V. Pekov, N. V. Zubkova, N. V. Chukanov, V. V. Sharygin, and D. Yu. Pushcharovsky eng 1216 / rus 519 The Microseismic Sounding Method: Application for the Study of the Buried Diatreme Structure A. V. Gorbatikov, N. V. Larin, E. I. Moiseev, and A. V. Belyashov eng 1222 / rus 526 A Series of Strong and Catastrophic Simushir Earthquakes, 2006–2009: General Features and Seismotectonics of the Source Zones T. K. Zlobin, L. N. Poplavskaya, and A. Yu. Polets eng 1227 / rus 531 The Mikhnevo Small Aperture Antenna: New Capabilities of Seismicity Investigation in the East European Platform I. A. Sanina, O. A. Chernykh, O. Yu. Riznichenko, and S. G. Volosov eng 1232 / rus 536 A New Kinematic Model of Strike-Slip Faults A. I. Timurziev eng 1237 / rus 542