Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2008, V 422, N 7, September-October.

 Part 1. Geology 
 Native Gold of the Porphyry Copper Mineralization in the Borov
 Dol Deposit (Republic of Macedonia) 
 A. V. Volkov, V. Stefanova, T. Serafimovski, and A. A. Sidorov 
 p. 1013  
 Cretaceous-Paleogene Back-Arc Basins in the Iran-Afghanistan-Pamirs
 Segment  of the Eurasian Active Margin 
 V. G. Kaz'min and N. F. Tikhonova 
 p. 1018 
 Analytical Model of the Dynamics of Paleoshelf Morphostructures 
 As an Element of Sedimentological Analysis of 
 Petroleum-Promising Associations 
 D. B. Davydenko 
 p. 1021  
 Disseminated Ores of the Darasun Gold Deposit 
 (Eastern Transbaikalia) and Their Genesis 
 V. Yu. Prokof'ev,  N. S. Bortnikov, A. V. Volkov, 
 I. A. Baksheev, and L. D. Zorina 
 p. 1025  
 Azimuthal Reorganizations of Structural 
 Patterns in the Primor'e Region 
 as Reflection of Changes in Geodynamic 
 Settings of the East Asian Margin 
 V. P. Utkin 
 p. 1028  
 Late Cenozoic Volcanism of Khangai (Central Mongolia): 
 Evidence for Recent Orogeny in Central Asia 
 V. V. Yarmolyuk, E. A. Kudryashova, A. M. Kozlovsky, 
 and V. A. Lebedev 
 p. 1032  
 Formation of Oil and Other Hydrocarbons 
 during Interaction of Hydrothermal 
 Solutions with Bituminous and Carbonaceous Rocks 
 V. S. Balitsky, S. V. Pentelei, L. V. Balitskaya, 
 T. M. Bublikova, and G. V. Bondarenko 
 p. 1037  

 Zirconology of Granite Porphyries from the 
 Eastern Slope of the Middle Urals 
 A. A. Krasnobaev, B. I. Chuvashov, and 
 S. V. Busharina 
 p. 1040  

 Geochronology of Basalt Volcanism on the 
 Shufan Plateau (Primorye) 
 S. O. Maksimov and V. G. Sakhno 
 p. 1044  

 Timing of the Onset of Collision in the 
 Central and Northern Urals 
 G. A. Petrov, Yu. L. Ronkin, A. V. Maslov, I. A. Svyazhina, 
 A. V. Rybalka, and O. P. Lepikhina 
 p. 1050  

 Multirank Strain Analysis of Linear Folded Structures 
 F. L. Yakovlev 
 p. 1056  

 Ionic Mode of Gold in Sulfide Ores 
 S. F. Vinokurov and I. V. Vikentyev 
 p. 1062    

 The First Find of Native Rhenium in the 
 Transitional Clay Layer at the Cretaceous/Paleogene
 Boundary in the Gams Section (Eastern Alps, Austria) 
 A. F. Grachev, S. E. Borisovsky, and A. V. Grigor'eva 
 p. 1065    

 Regularities of Manifestation of Active Faults and Seismicity 
 in the Southern Part of the Siberian Craton 
 K. Zh. Seminsky, A. S. Gladkov, Ya. B. Radziminovich, 
 A. V. Cheremnykh, and A. A. Bobrov 
 p. 1068    
Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Isotopic (Nd, Sr, and ?18O) Signatures of the Late Miocene High Sr?Ba Granitoids in the Mineral'nye Vody Area, Northern Caucasus: Evidence of the Protolith Nature A. S. Avdeenko, E. O. Dubinina, A. A. Nosova, Yu. V. Goltzman, and T. I. Oleinikova p. 1073   Gasobiogeochemical Studies in Some Areas of the Baltic Sea V. I. Avilov, S. D. Avilova, and V. T. Paka p. 1078   Paramagnetic Fe3+ Centers on the Surface of Kaolinite Particles N. S. Bortnikov, R. M. Mineeva, and S. V. Soboleva p. 1081   Geochemical Properties of Oils in Different Regions and Potential Source Metals Contained in Oil R. P. Gottikh, B. I. Pisotsky, and D. Z. Zhuravlev p. 1084   Experimental Study of Chlorine and Fluorine Partitioning between Fluid and Subalkaline Basaltic Melt V. Yu. Chevychelov, R. E. Bocharnikov, and F. Holtz p. 1089   Dislocations Caused by Ancient Strong Earthquakes in the Elbrus Region E. A. Rogozhin, A. N. Ovsyuchenko, and A. V. Marakhanov p. 1093   Two-Dimensional Kinematic Model of Piedmont Steps Formation V. Vad. Bronguleev p. 1097   Secular Climate Fluctuations in the Sea of Azov Region (Based on Thermohaline Data over 120 Years) G. G. Matishov, D. G. Matishov, S. V. Berdnikov, V. V. Sorokina, S. Levitus, and I. V. Smolyar p. 1101   Comparison of Calculated and Measured CO2 Fluxes between the Ocean and Atmosphere in the Southwestern Part of the East Siberia Sea I. I. Pipko, I. A. Repina, A. N. Salyuk, I. P. Semiletov, and S. P. Pugach p. 1105   Nickelhexahydrite from the Weathered Meteorite Dronino: Variations of Chemical Composition, Crystal Structure, and Genesis N. V. Zubkova, I. V. Pekov, N. V. Chukanov, D. Yu. Pushcharovsky, and S. S. Kazantsev p. 1109   Gas Diffusion in the Evolution of Magmatic Systems A. I. Malyshev p. 1113   Structured Chemosensor Films Based on Silica Nanoparticles Modified by Organic Colorants V. V. Serdobintseva, D. V. Kalinin, A. P. Eliseev, and N. V. Sobolev p. 1116   Noble Metals in Graphitized Rocks of the Khanka Terrain (Primorye): Evidence from Analytical Results Based on Decomposition by the Fluoroxidizing Method A. I. Khanchuk, G. G. Likhoidov, V. N. Mitkin, S. B. Zayakina, A. A. Galitsky, and V. G. Tsimbalist p. 1119   Role of Variations in Galactic Cosmic Rays in Tropical Cyclogenesis: Evidence of Hurricane Katrina V. G. Bondur, S. A. Pulinets, and G. A. Kim p. 1124   Earth's Noise in the Range of Infragravity Sea Waves G. I. Dolgikh and V. V. Ovcharenko p. 1129   Evidence of Lowstand of Lake Baikal during the Last Glaciation O. M. Khlystov, I. V. Khanaev, and M. A. Grachev p. 1133   Mineralogical-Geochemical Criteria of Diamond Potential of Kimberlites in the Yubileinaya Multiphase Pipe (Yakutia) K. N. Egorov, D. A. Koshkarev, and M. A. Karpenko p. 1137   Chemical Composition of Bone Remains of Hadrosaurs in the Amur Region S. M. Radomskii, V. I. Radomskaya, N. V. Moiseenko, I. Yu. Bolotskii, and V. G. Moiseenko p. 1142   Dislocation Model of the August 2, 2007, Mw 6.2 Nevelsk Earthquake N. F. Vasilenko, B. W. Levin, A. S. Prytkov, Ch. U. Kim, and H. Takahashi p. 1145   New Data on the Deep Structure of the Khibiny and Lovozero Massifs, Kola Peninsula V. N. Glaznev, A. M. Zhirova, and A. B. Raevskii p. 1150   A New Version of the Heat Flow Map of the Urals with Paleoclimatic Corrections I. V. Golovanova, V. N. Puchkov, R. Yu. Sal'manova, and D. Yu. Demezhko p. 1153   Dynamics of Stresses in the Lithosphere of the Baikal Rift: Episodes of Synchronization A. V. Klyuchevskii p. 1157   Noble, Rare-Earth, and Nonferrous Metals in Ferromanganese Crusts from Submarine Volcanoes of the Sea of Japan N. V. Astakhova p. 1161   Experimental Study of Diamond Crystallization in Carbonate-Peridotite Melts at 8.5 GPa Yu. A. Litvin and A. V. Bobrov p. 1167   Noble Metals in Coals of the Amur-Zeya and Bureya Depressions of the Middle Amur Region V. G. Moiseenko, S. M. Radomskii, V. I. Radomskaya, and N. V. Moiseenko p. 1172   Unique Association of Native Gold Amalgam, Cinnabar, Native Metals, and Carbides from the Fadeevka Ore Placer Knot, Primorye V. P. Molchanov, A. I. Khanchuk, E. I. Medvedev, and L. P. Plyusnina p. 1175   Fluorite, Hatchettolite, Calcium Sulfate, and Bastnasite-(Ce) in the Lunar Regolith from Mare Crisium A. V. Mokhov, P. M. Kartashov, O. A. Bogatikov, N. A. Ashikhmina, L. O. Magazina, and E. V. Koporulina p. 1178   Deep Structure of the Mt. Karabetov Mud Volcano A. L. Sobissevitch, A. V. Gorbatikov, and A. N. Ovsuchenko p. 1181