Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section Vol. 427A, No. 6, July–August,2009

Part 1. Geology 
New Data on the Structure of the Central 
Part of the White Sea Paleorift System 
A. S. Baluev, V. A. Zhuravlev, and 
E. S. Przhiyalgovskii 
p. 891   

The Recent Supercontinent in the Northern 
Hemisphere of the Earth (North Pangea): 
Magmatic and Geodynamic Evolution 
V. I. Kovalenko, V. V. Yarmolyuk, 
and O. A. Bogatikov 
p. 897   

Ophiolite Sections of the Dzhalair-Nayman Zone, 
South Kazakhstan: Their Structure and Age Substantiation 
A. V. Ryazantsev, K. E. Degtyarev, 
A. B. Kotov, E. B. Sal’nikova, 
I. V. Anisimova, and S. Z. Yakovleva 
p. 902
Synchronism between Development of Cenozoic 
Volcanic Arcs and Back-Arc Basins: 
Reasons and Consequences 
O. A. Bogatikov, E. V. Sharkov, A. V. Vesselovskii, 
and V. B. Mescheryakova† 
p. 907   

The Kazanskii Gold Occurrence: A New 
Highly Promising Property 
of Precious Metal Mineralization 
from the Paleozoic of the Amur Region 
A. V. Mel’nikov, I. V. Babichev, 
and V. G. Moiseenko 
p. 912   

Comparative Assessment of Radon Activity 
for Different Fault Types and Scale Ranks 
in the Baikal Rift and South of the Siberian Platform 
K. Zh. Seminsky and A. A. Bobrov 
p. 915   

Geological Position and Isotopic Age 
of Intrusive Charnockitic Rocks 
in the Jennings Promontory (Eastern Wall 
of the Amery Glacier, East Antarctica) 
I. A. Kamenev, V. A. Glebovitskii, 
A. B. Kotov, E. B. Sal’nikova, S. Z. Yakovleva, 
Yu. V. Plotkina, and A. M. Fedoseenko 
p. 920   

Regularities of Spatial Distribution of 
Mantle Hot Spots of the Modern Earth 
V. I. Kovalenko, V. V. Yarmolyuk, and 
O. A. Bogatikov 
p. 924   

New Data on the Age and Conditions of 
Formation of Detrital Serpentinites 
on the Eastern Slope of the Middle Urals 
G. A. Petrov, V. A. Nasedkina, E. O. Amon, 
A. V. Maslov, and Yu. L. Ronkin 
p. 929   

New Data on the Composition of Ophiolites 
from the Kumroch–Valagin Segment 
of the Achayvayam–Valagin Paleoarc (Eastern Kamchatka) 
N. V. Tsukanov, S. G. Skolotnev, and A. A. Peyve 
p. 934   

Phase Transformations in Condensate Pool Development 
M. T. Abasov, Z. Ya. Abbasov, V. M. Fataliev, 
N. N. Hamidov, and G. G. Mammadova 
p. 939   

U–Pb Geochronology of Migmatite Leucosomes 
Based on Zircon SIMS Measurements
and Correlation with TIMS-ID Data on Monazite 
Sh. K. Baltybaev, A. N. Larionov, O. A. Levchenkov, 
V. A. Glebovitskii, A. F. Makeev†, 
N. G. Rizvanova, and A. M. Fedoseenko 
p. 943   

Autonomous Fluid Systems of the Continental Crust 
F. A. Letnikov 
p. 947   

Gold–Silver Deposits and Ore Assemblages of 
the Okhotsk–Chukchi Volcanic Belt 
A. A. Sidorov, V. F. Belyi, A. V. Volkov, 
N. E. Savva, and E. E. Kolova 
p. 950   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography
Experimental Study of Eclogite Melting with Participation of the H2O–CO2–KCl Fluid at 5 GPa V. G. Butvina, O. G. Safonov, and Yu. A. Litvin p. 956 Isotope Composition and Magma Sources of the Kresty Volcanopluton in Polar Siberia I. F. Gertner, V. V. Vrublevskii, A. M. Sazonov, T. S. Krasnova, Yu. V. Kolmakov, E. A. Zvyagina, P. A. Tishin, and D. N. Voitenko p. 961 High-Temperature Carbidization of Carboniferous Rocks B. A. Goldin, V. E. Grass, A. V. Nadutkin, and L. Yu. Nazarova p. 968 Three-Dimensional Assembly Technologies for the Interpretation of Gravimetric Data P. I. Balk and A. S. Dolgal p. 971 Sensitivity of Stratospheric Ozone to Long-Term Changes in Nitrogen Oxide and Hydrogen Chloride A. N. Gruzdev p. 975 International FENICS Experiment on the Tensor Frequency Electromagnetic Sounding of the Lithosphere in the Eastern Baltic (Fennoscandian) Shield A. A. Zhamaletdinov, A. N. Shevtsov, T. G. Korotkova, Yu. A. Kopytenko, V. S. Ismagilov, B. V. Efimov, M. B. Barannik, V. V. Kolobov, P. I. Prokopchuk, M. Yu. Smirnov, S. A. Vagin, M. I. Pertel, E. D. Tereshchenko, A. N. Vasil’ev, M. B. Gokhberg, and T. Korja p. 979 The Catastrophic Flood of the Neva River in 1924 V. I. Bogdanov and T. I. Malova p. 985 On Climate Changes in Polar Zones of the Earth in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries G. N. Panin p. 988 The Theory of Magnetic Hole Formation in the Vicinity of the Earth’s Magnetoshere Ya. N. Istomin, O. A. Pokhotelov, and M. A. Balikhin p. 993 Link of Intensity of Heat-Island Effect of a City with its Size and Population I. I. Mokhov p. 997 Method for Determination of Impending Earthquake Focal Parameters Based on Daylight Surface Displacement Data L. A. Nazarova and L. A. Nazarov p. 1001 Natural Decrease of the Intensity Level of Artificial Radioactive Isotopes in the Barents Sea G. G. Matishov, D. G. Matishov, D. Solatie, N. E. Kasatkina, and A. Leppanen p. 1006 Two-Phase Mechanism of the Formation of Platinum-Metal Basites of the Fedorova Tundra Intrusion on the Kola Peninsula: New Data on Geology and Isotope Geochronology N. Yu. Groshev, E. A. Nitkina, and F. P. Mitrofanov p. 1012 On the Probable Lifting of Deep Hydrocarbons into the Crustal Waveguide V. S. Zubkov p. 1017 Long-Lived Center of Youngest Volcanism in the Borzhomi Region of Georgia: Isotopic–Geochronological Evidence V. A. Lebedev, V. G. Sakhno, and A. I. Yakushev p. 1020 First Results of Investigation into the Relation between Magnetic Properties of Bottom Sediments in the Northern Caspian and Variations in the Caspian Sea Level in the Late Neo-Pleistocene V. A. Bol’shakov, Yu. K. Vinogradov, O. M. Dara, and T. A. Yanina p. 1025 Distribution of Ixodes ricinus L., 1758 and Ixodes persulcatus Shulze, 1930 (Parasitoformes, Ixodidae) in Russia and Adjacent Countries in View of Observable Climate Changes V. V. Yasyukevich, E. V. Kazakova, I. O. Popov, and S. M. Semenov p. 1030 Studies on Gas Biogeochemistry in the Near-Bottom Environment of Aquatic Areas V. I. Avilov and S. D. Avilova p. 1035 Optical Chemosensory Films on the Basis of a Photon-Crystal Opal Matrix D. V. Kalinin, V. V. Serdobintseva, A. P. Eliseev, and N. V. Sobolev p. 1040 Possibility of the Reconstruction of the Real Dynamics of the Earth’s Crust (The Example of the Southern Regions of Sakhalin and Kuril Islands) T. K. Zlobin, L. N. Poplavskaya, and A. Yu. Polets p. 1043 Link of Ocean Deep Water Thermohaline Anomalies with Atmospheric State Anomalies in the Northern Atlantic A. A. Sarafanov p. 1047