Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2007, V 415, N 5, June-July.

Part 1. Geology 
 A New Type of Gold-Platinum-Copper Mineralization
 in Northern Transbaikalia 
 B. I. Gongalsky, Yu. G. Safonov, N. A. Krivolutskaya,
 V. Yu. Prokof'ev, and A. A. Yushin 
 p. 671  
 Problems of Artificial Intelligence 
 in Ecological Forecasting 
 I. I. Nesterov, Yu. A. Kozhevnikov, 
 and V. Yu. Ryadinskii 
 p. 675  
 Role of Microorganisms in the Supergene 
 Transformation of Polymetallic Ores 
 and the Formation of Biogeochemical 
 Anomalies of Noble Metals in Deposits 
 of Transbaikalia 
 A. V. Tatarinov, L. I. Yalovik, E. V. Danilova, 
 S. I. Prokopchuk,S. M. Zhmodik, and D. D. Barkhutova 
 p. 677  
 Oil in the Lake of World Heritage 
 O. M. Khlystov, A. G. Gorshkov, A. V. Egorov, 
 T. I. Zemskaya, N. G. Granin, 
 G. V. Kalmychkov, S. S. Vorob'eva, 
 O. N. Pavlova, M. A. Yakup,
 M. M. Makarov, V. I. Moskvin, 
 and M. A. Grachev 
 p. 682  
 Regularities in the Behavior of 
 Hydrocarbon Systems of Oil and Gas Pools 
 V. M. Buleiko, V. P. Voronov, S. N. Zakirov, 
 E. S. Zakirov, and I. M. Indrupskii 
 p. 686  

 Age of the High-Temperature Gneiss 
 Core of the Central Caucasus 
 M. L. Somin, E. N. Lepekhina, and 
 A. N. Konilov 
 p. 690  

 Structural Patterns of Pre-Uralides in 
 the Enganepe Uplift (Polar Urals) 
 As a Reflection of the Cambrian 
 Collision of Baltica and Arctida 
 N. B. Kuznetsov, K. V. Kulikova, 
 and O. V. Udoratina 
 p. 695  

 Correlation of Visean Floral Successions 
 from the Equatorial Belt 
 Yu. V. Moseichik 
 p. 701  

 The Lithogeochemical Barrier Zone 
 of the Angara River 
 G. A. Karnaukhova 
 p. 705  

 Structural-Dynamic Factors of Magma and Ore Genesis 
 in the East Sikhote Alin Volcanoplutonic Belt 
 V. P. Utkin 
 p. 707  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Ecological-Geochemical Patterns of Northern European Russia E. N. Borisenko, V. I. Velichkin, T. A. Vorob'eva, A. V. Evseev, and A. Yu. Miroshnikov p. 711   Initial Subalkaline Magmatism of the Neoarchean Alkaline Province of the Kola Peninsula V. R. Vetrin, E. N. Lepekhina, A. N. Larionov, S. L. Presnyakov, and P. A. Serov p. 714   Gold and Platinum Group Metals in Skarns of the Ol'ginsk and Dal?negorsk Ore Districts of Primorye and Some Issues of Metallogeny of the Southern Sikhote Alin Region V. T. Kazachenko, E. V. Perevoznikova, N. V. Miroshnichenko, A. A. Karabtsov, and V. A. Solyanik p. 718   The Behavior of Gold during Listvenitization: Experimental and Theoretical Simulation G. G. Likhoidov, L. P. Plyusnina, and Zh. A. Shcheka p. 723   Self-Modulation of Seismic Waves in the Subsurface Soil O. V. Pavlenko p. 727   The Great Siberian Rivers As a Source of Methane on the Russian Arctic Shelf N. E. Shakhova, I. P. Semiletov, and N. N. Bel'cheva p. 734   Remote Determination of Zones of Direct and Reverse Magnetization of Rocks in Past Epochs V. S. Yakupov, M. V. Yakupov, and S. V. Yakupov p. 737   Influence of Atmospheric Precipitation on the CO2 Exchange with the Water Surface of Lake Baikal V. M. Domysheva, M. V. Panchenko, D. A. Pestunov, and M. V. Sakirko p. 740   Composition and Sources of Devonian Volcanism in the Vilyui Rift A. I. Kiselev, V. V. Yarmolyuk, A. V. Nikiforov, and K. N. Egorov p. 744   Specific Features of Massive Sulfide Ore Formation under Submarine Conditions at Various Depths A. I. Malyshev p. 751   Mechanochemical Processing of Low-Grade Diamond into Nanocomposite Materials F. Kh. Urakaev, V. S. Shevchenko, A. M. Logvinova, I. A. Madyukov, E. I. Petrushin, T. S. Yusupov, and N. V. Sobolev p. 755   Variations in the Ice Cover of the Arctic Basin in the 21st Century Based on Model Simulations: Estimates of the Perspectives of the Northern Sea Route I. I. Mokhov, V. Ch. Khon, and E. Roeckner p. 759   Methane Anomalies in the Near-Water Atmospheric Layer above the Shelf of East Siberian Arctic Shelf N. E. Shakhova, I. P. Semiletov, A. N. Salyuk, N. N. Bel'cheva, and D. A. Kosmach p. 764   Analysis of the Role of the Ocean and the Atmosphere in Their Thermal Interaction Based on Satellite and Research Vessel Data in the Newfoundland Zone, North Atlantic A. G. Grankov, A. A. Mil?shin, and S. K. Gulev p. 769   Experience of Modeling the Garnet + Orthopyroxene + Spinel + Plagioclase Reaction by the Method of Thermodynamic Potential Minimization O. V. Avchenko, S. V. Vysotskiy, and K. V. Chudnenko p. 773   Peridotite Nodules from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe: "Nonmantle" Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Garnets M. A. Gornova, A. G. Polozov, A. V. Ignat'ev, and T. A. Velivetskaya p. 777   Paramagnetic N1 Center in Plastically Deformed and Differently Colored Crystals of Natural Diamond R. M. Mineeva, A. V. Speransky, S. V. Titkov, Yu. P. Solodova, and G. G. Samosorov p. 782   Pyroxenites and Chromite Mineralization of the Sangalyk Sector, Southern Urals D. N. Salikhov, G. I. Belikova, V. N. Puchkov, and T. N. Moroz p. 786   Interaction of Diopside and Jadeite with Potassium Chloride at 5 GPa O. G. Safonov, L. L. Perchuk, and Yu. A. Litvin p. 789   New Data on Regularities of Fault Activation in the Baikal Rift System and the Adjacent Territory S. I. Sherman p. 794   Estimate of Maximal Vertical Velocities of Convection in Natural Waters with Lake Baikal as an Example P. P. Sherstyankin, L. N. Kuimova, and V. G. Ivanov p. 799   Geochemistry and Nature of the Protolith of Lower Proterozoic Fe?Al Metapelites in the Transangara Region, Yenisei Ridge A. E. Vershinin, I. I. Likhanov, and V. V. Reverdatto p. 804   Formation Stages of the Large-Scale Noble Metal Mineralization in the Sukhoi Log Deposit, East Siberia: Results of Isotope-Geochronological Study N. P. Laverov, I. V. Chernyshev, A. V. Chugaev, E. D. Bairova, Yu. V. Gol'tsman, V. V. Distler, and M. A. Yudovskaya p. 810   Crystal Structure of Alloriite R. K. Rastsvetaeva, A. G. Ivanova, N. V. Chukanov, and I. A. Verin p. 815   Nanoparticles in Experiments on Destruction of Rocks by Explosion V. V. Adushkin, L. M. Pernik, and S. I. Popel p. 820   The Hubert Miller Seamount, Marie Byrd Seamounts Province, West Antarctic, Southern Ocean G. B. Udintsev, N. A. Kurentsova, D. E. Teterin, and I. A. Roshchina p. 823