Doklady of RAS/Earth Science Section, 2008, V 420, N 4, May-June.

Part 1. Geology 
 U-Pb and Rb-Sr Dating of Granitoids from the Tatibin Group 
 in the Plutonic Belt of Central Sikhote Alin 
 A. A. Alenicheva, V. G. Sakhno, and T. E. Saltykova 
 p. 533    

 Late Cenozoic Subaerial Volcanism in Marginal Zones of Deepwater Basins
 in the Western Mediterranean 
 O. A. Bogatikov, A. V. Veselovsky, and V. B. Meshcheryakova 
p. 538  
 Age of Migmatites in the Stanovoi Complex, East Siberia: 
 Results of Zircon Dating by the SHRIMP II U?Pb Method 
 V. A. Glebovitsky, I. S. Sedova, N. G. Berezhnaya, 
 S. I. Presnyakov, and L. M. Samorukova 
 p. 542  
 The Late Paleozoic Structural Evolution of the 
 Magnitogorsk Megazone in the Southern Urals 
 S. E. Znamensky 
 p. 547  

  New Paleomagnetic Data on Carboniferous-Permian 
 Geological Complexes of Mongolia 
 E. E. Chernov and D. V. Kovalenko 
 p. 551  

 High-Temperature Electric Conductivity of Some Feldspars 
 V. V. Bakhterev 
 p. 554  

 Albite Metasomatites in the Ordovician 
 Sequence of the Northern Urals   
 N. Yu. Nikulova and O. V. Udoratina 
 p. 558  

 Superplume Episodes in the East Arctic-Asian 
 Region and Their Correlation 
 with Analogous Events in Other Regions of the Earth   
 V. E. Khain and N. I. Filatova 
p. 563  

 Bikarsting Rocks and Their Role in Geological Processes 
 I. F. Yusupova 
 p. 567  

 New Oxygen Isotope Data on Granitoids of Primorskaya 
 G. A. Valui, E. Yu. Moskalenko, and A. A. Strizhkova 
 p. 571    

 Jonassonite AuBi5S4: The First Find in Transbaikalia 
 N. N. Krivitskaya, I. A. Bryzgalov, and E. M. Spiridonov 
 p. 576    

 The Nature of Deep Seismic Foci 
 F. A. Letnikov and Yu. N. Avsyuk 
 p. 580  
 Late Riphean Alkali Granites of the Zabhan 
 Microcontinent: Evidence for the Timing 
 of Rodinia Breakup and Formation of 
 Microcontinents in the Central Asian Fold Belt 
 V. V. Yarmolyuk, V. I. Kovalenko, 
 I. V. Anisimova, E. B. Sal?nikova, V. P. Kovach, 
 I. K. Kozakov, A. M. Kozlovsky, E. A. Kudryashova, 
 A. B. Kotov, 
 Yu. V. Plotkina, L. B. Terent’eva, and S. Z. Yakovleva 
 p. 583    

 Early Migmatites in the Prograde Metamorphism Zone 
 of Gneisses in the Northern Domain 
 of the Ladoga Region: U?Pb Evidence Based on Monazite 
 Sh. K. Baltybaev, O. A. Levchenkov, V. A. Glebovitsky,
 E. V. Kuz’mina, 
 N. G. Rizvanova, A. F. Makeev, and L. K. Levsky 
 p. 589    

 Intensity and Extensiveness of Ore Mineralization in 
 Structures of Tectonostratigraphic Terranes 
 A. A. Sidorov and A. V. Volkov 
p. 592  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography First Data on the Distribution of Platinum Group Elements (Ir, Os, Ru, Pt, and Pd) and Re in Island-Arc Basalts of Kamchatka A. V. Ivanov, A. B. Perepelov, S. V. Palesskii, and I. V. Nikolaeva p. 597   Geochemical Basis of the Theory of Origin of Life A. A. Marakushev and S. A. Marakushev p. 602   Pyrometamorphic Rocks of the Spurrite-Merwinite Facies as Indicators of Hydrocarbon Discharge Zones (the Hatrurim Formation, Israel) E. V. Sokol, I. S. Novikov, S. N. Zateeva, V. V. Sharygin, and Ye. Vapnik p. 608   First Results of the Comparison of Catastrophic Simushir Earthquakes on November 15, 2006 (M = 8.3), and January 13, 2007 (M = 8.1), with the Deep Structure of the Earth’s Crust in the Central Kuril Islands T. K. Zlobin, B. W. Levin, and A. Yu. Polets p. 615   Observations of Low-Frequency Oscillations of the Ionospheric Electric Field over Fractures in the Earth’s Crust A. N. Lyakhov and Yu. I. Zetser p. 620   The Abrasion Rate of Coarse-Clastic Material in the Murmansk Littoral Zone M. V. Mityaev and M. V. Gerasimova p. 624   Platinum-Chlorine-Phosphorus-Hydrocarbon Complex in Volcanic Fluids: The First Find in the Terrestrial Environment V. V. Distler, Yu. P. Dikov, M. A. Yudovskaya, I. V. Chaplygin, and M. I. Buleev p. 628   Spatial Distribution and Geodynamic Types of Late Cretaceous-Early Paleocene Magmatic Complexes in Kamchatka: Isotopic, Geochemical, and Paleomagnetic Data D. V. Kovalenko and O. O. Stavrova p. 632   Origin of Garnet Megacrysts from Kimberlites S. I. Kostrovitsky, N. V. Alymova, D. A. Yakovlev, L. V. Solov’eva, and M. A. Gornova p. 636   Diamond Stability in NaCl and NaF Melts at High Pressure V. M. Sonin, E. I. Zhimulev, A. I. Chepurov, and I. I. Fedorov p. 641   Internal Structure of Active Fault Zones Based on Deep Seismic Sounding Data: Evidence from the Cyprian and Kuril?Kamchatka Arcs S. M. Zverev p. 644   Shear Wave Attenuation Field of Heterogeneities in the Earth’s Crust and Upper Mantle in the Lop Nor Test Site Area Yu. F. Kopnichev and I. N. Sokolova p. 649   Relation between Geomagnetic Field Intensity and Peculiarities of Its Variations with Inversion Frequency A. Yu. Kurazhkovskii, N. A. Kurazhkovskaya, and B. I. Klain p. 653   Lake Kotokel as a Stratotype for the Late Glacial and Holocene in Southeastern Siberia E. V. Bezrukova, S. K. Krivonogov, H. Takahara, P. P. Letunova, K. Shichi, A. A. Abzaeva, N. V. Kulagina , and Yu. S. Zabelina p. 658   Geochemistry of Resins in Dispersed Organic Matter and Oils of West Siberia L. S. Borisova and A. E. Kontorovich p. 664   Garnet-Pyroxene Barometry for the Assemblages with Na-Bearing Majoritic Garnet S. K. Simakov and A. V. Bobrov p. 667   Seismoacoustic Emission, Earthquakes, and Lunar-Solar Tides A. S. Belyakov, V. S. Lavrov, and A. V. Nikolaev p. 670   Internal Waves in the Ionosphere Related to the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field A. G. Khantadze, G. G Lominadze, and G. V. Jandieri p. 672   Global Pollution and Nitrogen Functions in the Hydrosphere T. I. Moiseenko and I. I. Rudneva p. 676   Submarine Slump Folds and Gravitational Normal Faults in Quaternary Sediments on the Northern Slope of the Derbent Basin (Caspian Sea) L. I. Lobkovskii, V. E. Verzhbitskii, L. R. Merklin, A. G. Roslyakov, A. S. Polyakov, O. V. Levchenko, S. A. Kovachev, A. S. Zverev, A. D. Mutovkin, V. A. Putans, N. V. Libina, V. Yu. Slobodyan, G. N. Mar, and S. V. Gontarev p. 681   The 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Metamorphic Rocks of the Ol’khon Region (Western Baikal Region) N. I. Volkova, A. V. Travin, D. S. Yudin, S. V. Khromykh, A. S. Mekhonoshin, and A. G. Vladimirov p. 686   Nanostructure of Noble Opal from the Raduzhnoe Deposit, Northern Primorye, Russia S. V. Vysotskiy, V. G. Kudryavyi, and A. A. Karabtsov p. 690   U-Pb Zircon Age of the Gold-Bearing Seredovina Massif, Middle Urals E. A. Zinkova, V. V. Kholodnov, and G. B. Fershtater p. 693   Metastability at Cryometry of Sulfate-Containing Synthetic Fluid Inclusions Z. A. Kotel’nikova and A. R. Kotel’nikov p. 697   Cascade Processes in Magnetostrophic Turbulence M. Yu. Reshetnyak p. 700   A Successful Prediction of the Nevel’sk August 2, 2007, Earthquake (MLH = 6.2) in Southern Sakhalin Island I. N. Tikhonov and Ch. U. Kim p. 704   New Data on Sedimentary Waves on the Western Continental Slope of the Caspian Sea O. V. Levchenko, A. G. Roslyakov, A. S. Polyakov, A. S. Zverev, and L. R. Merklin p. 709   Transition of a Nonlinear Internal Wave through an Overturning Point on a Shelf A. N. Serebryany and H. P. Pao p. 714   Errata Erratum: “Application of Multiple-Scale Wavelet Analysis to Analytical Approximations of Geopotential Fields” [Dokl. Earth Sci. 418, 118 (2008)] A. S. Dolgal and A. A. Simanov p. 719