Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2009, V 425, N 3, March-April.

Part 1. Geology 
New Finds of Middle–Upper Devonian Radiolarians in the Rudnyi Altai Region 
M. S. Afanas’eva, E. O. Amon, and Ya. M. Gutak 
p. 351  

Roots of the Au–Ag Epithermal Mineralization as Exemplified 
by the Pauk Ore Field of the Detrin Ore District, Russian Northeast 
V. A. Sidorov, A. V. Volkov, V. Yu. Prokof’ev, N. E. Savva, and A. A. Sidorov 
p. 357  

New Type of Copper–Nickel Deposits in the Southeastern Aldan–Stanovoi Shield 
V. A. Gur’yanov, V. S. Prikhod’ko, A. N. Perestoronin, L. L. Petukhova, 
Yu. P. Pototskii, and L. P. Sobolev 
p. 363  

Peculiarity and Consequence of Geological Subsurface Water Circulation 
V. P. Zverev 
p. 367  

The Mesoproterozoic Udzha Paleorift (Northern Siberian Craton): 
New Data on Age of Basites, Straigraphy, and Microphytology 
D. P. Gladkochub, A. M. Stanevich, A. V. Travin, A. M. Mazukabzov, 
K. M. Konstantinov, D. S. Yudin, and T. A. Kornilova 
p. 371  

Minerageny of the Yakut Buried Basement Uplift in the Siberian Platform 
E. D. Izbekov, B. P. Podyachev, and A. A. Surnin 
p. 378  

Late Precambrian Metamorphic Events in Eastern Antarctica 
(Northern Prince Charles Mountains, Radok Lake Area, 70°52' S, 67°57' E) 
E. N. Kamenev, V. A. Glebovitskii, V. P. Kovach, V. S. Semenov, 
N. L. Alekseev, E. B. Sal’nikova, and V. M. Mikhailov 
p. 380  

New Data on the Age and Genesis of Igneous Rocks 
in the Kolyuchinskaya Guba (Eastern Chukotka) 
S. D. Sokolov, G. V. Ledneva, and V. L. Pease 
p. 384  

Structural–Dynamic Relationships between the East Sikhote Alin 
Volcano-Plutonic Belt and Its Folded Basement 
V. P. Utkin p. 389  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography P–t History of the HT/HP Granulite Metamorphism Associated with Thrusting in a Junction Zone between the Porya Guba and Umba Blocks, Lapland Granulite Belt (Northeastern Baltic Shield) P. Ya. Azimov and S. A. Bushmin p. 393 Phase Composition and Structural State of Natural Iron Oxide Pigments V. P. Lyutoev, A. V. Kochergin, A. Yu. Lysyuk, V. I. Silaev, E. A. Golubev, and V. P. Suetin p. 398 New Data on the REY Hydrothermal Ores with Extraordinarily High Concentrations of Rare Earth Elements V. V. Seredin, A. A. Kremenetskii, G. N. Trach, and I. N. Tomson p. 403 High-Pressure Granulites of the Kandalaksha Massif: Geochemistry of Minerals and Metamorphic Conditions S. G. Skublov and E. N. Terekhov p. 409 Solid Solution Fisnhesserite–Naumannite (Ag,Au)2Se in Ores of the Volcanogenic Gold Deposit Ozernovskoye, Kamchatka E. M. Spiridonov, S. V. Filimonov, and I. A. Bryzgalov p. 415 Nature of Decadal Variations in the Climatic Data of the Second Half of the 20th Century T. V. Barlyaeva, I. A. Mironova, and D. I. Ponyavin p. 419 Sm–Nd and Rb–Sr Ages and Possible Genesis of Pseudotachylites of the Anabar Shield M. Z. Glukhovsky, M. I. Kuzmin, G. N. Bazhenova, T. B. Bayanova, D. V. Elizarov, and P. A. Serov p. 424 Globular Structure of Higher Anthraxolites According to the Data of Scanning Probe Microscopy Ye. A. Golubev p. 429 Water Solubility in Forsterite at 8–14 GPa K. D. Litasov, A. F. Shatsky, T. Katsura, and E. Ohtani p. 432 New Data on the Growth Environment of Diamonds of the Variety V from Placers of the Northeastern Siberian Platform A. L. Ragozin, V. S. Shatskii, and D. A. Zedgenizov p. 436 Diamond Stability in Silicate-Halogenide Melts at High Pressure V. M. Sonin E. I. Zhimulev, A. I. Chepurov, and N. P. Pokhilenko p. 441 Deep Subsidence of the Early Catagenesis Zones of Organic Matter in the Sedimentary Rocks of Northeastern Sakhalin Shelf at High Thermal Regime of the Basin Yu. I. Galushkin, K. A. Sitar, and A. V. Kunitsyna p. 444 Ring Seismicity in Different Depth Ranges before Large and Great Earthquakes in Subduction Zones Yu. F. Kopnichev and I. N. Sokolova p. 448 Diffuse Ion Instability Upstream Terrestrial Bow Shock O. A. Pokhotelov and O. G. Onishchenko p. 451 Primor’ye as a New Promising Region of Russia with Gold–Palladium–Platinum Ore Mineralization of a Nontraditional Type V. T. Kazachenko, N. V. Miroshnichenko, E. V. Perevoznikova, and A. A. Karabtsov p. 454 Nature of Zircon in Lherzolites (Uzyansky Kraka Massif, Southern Urals) A. A. Krasnobayev, A. I. Rusin, and I. A. Rusin p. 459 Extremely Radiogenic Hafnium in the Zircons from Precambrian Calciphyres K. I. Lokhov, I. N. Kapitonov, E. M. Prasolov, and S. A. Sergeev p. 463 Synthesis and Properties of Nanodisperse Structures of Titanium Minerals by the Example of Anatase A. V. Ponaryadov and O. B. Kotova p. 467 The Principle of Continuity of Phase Formation at Mineral Surfaces V. L. Tauson p. 471 The Influence of Tropical Cyclones upon the Earth’s Crust L. Kh. Ingel’, M. I. Yaroshevich, and L. I. Petrova p. 476 Carbon Budget of Boreal Forests in Middle Siberia E. F. Vedrova and E. A. Vaganov p. 480 Typochemical Features of the Rare-Earth Component of Monazites from the Ilmen’ Reserve G. R. Kolonin, S. N. Nikandrov, and G. P. Shironosova p. 485 Experimental Study of Stability and Crystallization Peculiarities of Tourmaline in Hydrothermal Conditions T. V. Setkova, Yu. B. Shapovalov, A. A. Marakushev, and V. S. Balitskii p. 490 U–Pb Age and Petrogeochemistry of the Granitoids (Semibratskii Complex, Northeastern Part of the Bashkirian Meganticlinorium) as Indicators of Their Early Orogenic Nature G. Yu. Shardakova and M. T. Krupenin p. 494 Zn-Kupletskite and Hendricksite in the Agpaitic Phonolites of the Oktyabrskii Massif, Azov Region, Ukraine V. V. Sharygin, S. G. Krivdik, L. N. Pospelova, and A. V. Dubina p. 499 Reaction of Short-Wave Radiolines on Solar Eclipses V. V. Adushkin and K. I. Gorely p. 505 Nonlinear Ekman Friction and Asymmetry of Cyclonic and Anticyclonic Coherent Structures in Geophysical Flows V. M. Ponomarev†, A. A. Khapaev, and I. G. Yakushkin p. 510