Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2008, V 419, N 3, March-April.

Part 1. Geology 
 Kyanite-Talc Schists from the Beloretsk Eclogite-Bearing
 Metamorphic Complex, the Southern Urals 
 A. A. Alekseev and E. A. Timofeeva 
 p. 363    

 Association of Phosphates with Tuffites in a 
 Core of Sediments from the Sea of Japan 
 G. N. Baturin and A. N. Derkachev 
 p. 368  
 Polygenesis of Oil and Gas 
 A. N. Dmitrievskii 
 p. 373  

 Biological Structures in Archean and 
 Lower Proterozoic Rocks of the Kursk 
 Magnetic Anomaly and Kola Peninsula 
 V. I. Sirotin and A. V. Zhabin 
 p. 378  

 Quantitative Criteria for Identifying Phases and Zones 
 of Subaqueous Lithogenesis of Clayey Sediments 
 E. I. Tkachuk 
 p. 381  

 Plume-Lithosphere Interaction in the Presence 
 of an Ancient Sublithospheric Mantle Keel: 
 An Example from the Kola Alkaline Province 
 A. A. Arzamastsev and V. N. Glaznev 
 p. 384  

 Sm-Nd Crustal Provinces in Antarctica   
 E. V. Mikhalsky 
 p. 388  

 U-Pb Age of Plagiogranites from the Ophiolite Association 
 in the Voykar-Synya Massif, Polar Urals 
 E. V. Khain, E. B. Sal'nikova, A. B. Kotov,  K.-P. Burgath, A. A. Fedotova, 
 V. P. Kovach, S. Z. Yakovleva, D. N. Remizov, and F. Schaefer 
 p. 392  

 Role of the Coriolis Forces in the Formation of Asymmetric Structures 
 in the Eastern and Western Pacific and Its Continental Framing 
 N. A. Shilo and Yu. Ya. Vashchilov 
 p. 397  

 Specific Features of the Latitudinal Manifestation 
 of Different-Age Folding Phases in the Earth's Tectonic History 
 Yu. N. Avsyuk, Yu. S. Genshaft, A. Ya. Saltykovsky, 
 Yu. F. Sokolova, and Z. P. Svetlosanova 
 p. 400  

 New Data on the Composition and Origin of Bottom Sediments 
 in the Southern Mendeleev Ridge, Arctic Ocean   
 V. Ya. Kaban?kov, I. A. Andreeva, V. V. Krupskaya, 
 D. V. Kaminskii, and E. I. Razuvaeva 
 p. 403  

 Basalt-Kahusite Lava Splitting in the Paleoproterozoic 
 Pechenga Depression in Kola Peninsula   
 A. A. Marakushev and P. K. Skuf'in 
 p. 406  

 New Finds of Early Vendian Microfossils in the Ura Formation: 
 Revision of the Patom Complex Age, Middle Siberia   
 N. G. Vorob'eva, V. N. Sergeev, and N. M. Chumakov 
 p. 411  

 New Data on the Age and Protolith of Granulites 
 of the Olkhon Collisional System (Baikal Region) 
 D. P. Gladkochub, T. V. Donskaya, V. S. Fedorovsky, 
 A. M. Mazukabzov, M. T. D. Wingate, U. Poller, 
 and W. Todt 
 p. 417  

 Ediacaria in the Siberian Hypostratotype of the Riphean  
 K. E. Nagovitsin, D. V. Grazhdankin, and B. B. Kochnev 
 p. 423  

 Coupling of Late Cenozoic Faulting of the Siberian 
 Platform Margin and Baikal Rifting 
 V. A. Sankov, A. V. Parfeevets, A. I. Miroshnichenko, 
 L. M. Byzov, and M. A. Lebedeva 
 p. 428  

 Lithological-Mineralogical Zonality of Sulfide Cyclothems
 in the Yaman-Kasy and Saf'yanov Massive Sulfide Deposits (Urals)   
 N. P. Safina and V. V. Maslennikov 
 p. 432  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography First Find of PGE Minerals in Sulfide Ores Related to Ultrabasic Rocks of the IIsk-Kuksher Trough, Southern Siberia A. S. Mekhonoshin, T. B. Kolotilina, and L. A. Pavlova p. 435   Carbonate Mineralogy of Lake Hovsgol Sediments: Water Balance and Paleoclimatic Conditions E. P. Solotchina, M. I. Kuzmin, V. N. Stolpovskaya, A. A. Prokopenko, and P. A. Solotchin p. 438   Possibility to Determine Parameters of Seismic Waves from the Results of Electric Field Measurements on the Ocean Floor B. A. Burov p. 444   Seismic Dislocations Related to the Olyutor Earthquake in Koryakia on April 20 (21), 2006 E. A. Rogozhin, A. N. Ovsyuchenko, A. V. Marakhanov, and S. S. Novikov p. 448   A Numerical Model of the Formation of Isotopic Composition in Cloud Particles M. I. Tlisov, S. B. Khuchunaeva, and A. V. Shapovalov p. 450   Anomalous 18O/16O Ratios in the Corundum-Bearing Rocks of Khitostrov, Northern Karelia D. P. Krylov p. 453   Efficiency of Diamond Formation in K2CO3 Melts with Albite, Forsterite, and Silica: Experiments at 8.5 GPa V. Yu. Litvin and Yu. A. Litvin p. 457   Experimental Study of Loparite Formation in Complex Fluid-Magmatic Systems N. I. Suk and A. R. Kotel'nikov p. 463   Tornado Rise: 3D Numerical Model in the Mesoscale Turbulence Theory of Nikolaevskiy A. Yu. Gubar, A. I. Avetisyan, and V. V. Babkova p. 467   Upward Motion of Earthquake Hypocenters in the Wadati-Benioff Seismic Zones O. A. Molchanov and O. S. Aken?tieva p. 473   Dependence of the Water Content in Channels of the Cordierite Structure on the Composition of Its Fe-Mg Solid Solutions T. A. Bul'bak and S. V. Shvedenkova p. 477   Geochemical Aspects of the Formation of Carbonaceous Material in the Dneprov Graben and Southern Siberian Platform R. P. Gottikh, A. E. Lukin, and B. I. Pisotsky p. 481   Study of Diamond and Graphite Crystallization from Eclogite?Carbonatite Melts at 8.5 GPa: The Role of Silicates in Diamond Genesis Yu. A. Litvin, V. Yu. Litvin, and A. A. Kadik p. 486   Crystallization of Platinum in Self-Crystallizing Hydrothermal Systems L. P. Plyusnina, G. G. Likhoidov, and V. S. Korzhinskaya p. 492   Types of Petrochemical Trends of Subsolvus Fractions of Basic Melts during Their Sulfurization and Reduction V. N. Sharapov, M. P. Mazurov, and V. A. Akimtsev p. 496   Connection between Eurasian and North Atlantic Climate Anomalies and Natural Variations in the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation Based on Long-Term Model Calculations I. I. Mokhov, V. A. Semenov, V. Ch. Khon, M. Latif, and E. Roeckner p. 502   Self-Induced Internal Waves Excited by Buoyant Plumes in a Stratified Tank Yu. I. Troitskaya, D. A. Sergeev, E. V. Ezhova, I. A. Soustova, and V. I. Kazakov p. 506   Transformation of Amphibolites and Fractal Dimension of Migmatites of the Belomorian Complex As Evidence for Synchronism and Periodicity of Shear Deformation and Migmatization V. M. Kozlovsky and V. L. Rusinov p. 511   The First Find of Pd-Telluride (Merenskyite) in Placer Gold of the Subpolar Urals and Its Forecasting Significance T. P. Maiorova and V. N. Filippov p. 516   Influence of the Push Force from Mid-Oceanic Ridges on the Seismicity of Adjacent Platform Regions: New Evidence A. F. Grachev, Sh. A. Mukhamediev, and S. L. Yunga p. 519   Variations in the Field of Elastic Stresses and Main Seismic Dislocations in the Source Zone of the Shikotan Earthquake on October 4 (5), 1994 T. K. Zlobin, L. N. Poplavskaya, B. V. Levin, D. A. Safonov, A. Yu. Polets, and M. I. Rudik p. 523   Limits of the Existence of the Kuroshio and Gulf Stream Currents Owing to Climate Trends T. R. Kilmatov p. 527   Errata Erratum: "Late Cenozoic Volcanism at the Northeastern Flank of the South Khangai Volcanic Region (Central Mongolia): Geochronology and Formation Conditions? [Dokl. Earth Sci. 417A 1320 (2007)] V. V. Yarmolyuk, E. A. Kudryashova, A. M. Kozlovskii, V. A. Lebedev, and V. M. Savatenkov p. 531