Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2007, V 413, N 3, March-April.

 Part 1. Geology 
 Tellurium and Thallium in Ferromanganese Crusts 
 and Phosphates on Oceanic Seamounts 
 G. N. Baturin 
 Energy of Tectonic Process and Vortex Geological Structures 
 A. V. Vikulin and T. Yu. Tveritinova 

 Pseudomorphism of Weddellite in Uroliths 
 V. I. Katkova, V. I. Rakin, and B. A. Makeev 

 Geological History of the Late Precambrian 
 Patom Supergroup (Central Siberia)   
 N. M. Chumakov, B. G. Pokrovskii, and 
 V. A. Melezhik 

 New Data on the Precambrian Age of Marunkeu 
 Eclogites (Polar Urals) 
 V. L. Andreichev, Yu. L. Ronkin, P. A. Serov, 
 O. P. Lepikhina, and A. F. Litvinenko 

 Sedimentation System of the Angara River 
 after Regulation of Its Flow 
 G. A. Karnaukhova 

 Two Genetic Types of Sericitolites in the 
 Near-Polar Urals 
 I. V. Kozyreva, I. V. Shvetsova, and 
 Ya. E. Yudovich 
 Relationships of Late Paleozoic Volcanic 
 Rift Belts and Granitic Batholiths 
 on the Eastern Slope of the Urals to Plume Tectonics 
 G. I. Samarkin and E. Ya. Samarkina 

 Origin of the De Long Rise, East Arctic 
 N. I. Filatova 

 Age and Geochemistry of the Luchinsky 
 Mafic-Ultramafic Pluton,
 the Southeastern Framework of the 
 Siberian Craton 
 I. V. Buchko, E. B. Sal'nikova, A. M. Larin, 
 A. A. Sorokin, A. P. Sorokin, 
 A. B. Kotov, S. D. Velikoslavinsky, 
 S. Z. Yakovleva, and Yu. V. Plotkina 

 Thermal Metamorphism of Au-Ag Ores of the 
 Nyavlenga Deposit (Northeast Russia) 
 N. E. Savva, A. V. Volkov, and A. A. Sidorov 

 Mesozoic-Cenozoic Accretionary Complexes 
 of the Greater Caucasus   
 V. E. Khain 

 The Age and Tectonic Setting of Volcanic 
 and Cherty Sequences in the Ophiolite 
 Complex of the Atbashe Ridge (Southern Tien Shan) 
 D. V. Alekseev, V. A. Aristov, and K. E. Degtyarev 

 Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography 
 Complex Interpretation of Geophysical and Geochemical 
 Data for the Prognosis of Mineralization: 
 A Case Study of the Upper Amur Region 
 D. L. Vyunov, M. Yu. Nosyrev, and V. A. Stepanov 

 First Th-U-Pb Single Zircon Dating of Metasomatites
 from the Belomorian Mobile Belt 
 N. S. Serebryakov, B. Yu. Astaf'ev, O. A. Voinova, 
 and S. L. Presnyakov 

 Study of Variability of the Arctic 
 Sea Ice Thickness (1982?2003) 
 G. I. Belchansky, V. A. Eremeev, and 
 N. G. Platonov 

 Experience of Vibroseismic Sounding of 
 Complex Geological Structures 
(with the Shugo Mud Volcano as an Example)   
 B. M. Glinskii, A. L. Sobisevich, and 
 M. S. Khairetdinov 

 Daily Variation of CO2 Exchange and Photosynthesis 
 Intensity in Surface Water of Lake Baikal 
 V. V. Zavoruev, M. V. Panchenko, 
 V. M. Domysheva, M. V. Sakirko, 
 O. I. Belykh, and G. I. Popovskaya 

 Sr and Nd Isotopic Compositions and 
 Sources of Basalts of Southern Primorye   
 V. A. Baskina, Yu. V. Gol?tsman, and 
 E. D. Bairova 

 Hydrogeochemical Composition of 
 Springs at the Donnoe Fumarole Field, 
 Mutnovsky Volcano (Southern Kamchatka) 
 and Problems of Their Relation 
 with Supercritical Magmatic Fluids 
 S. B. Bortnikova, V. N. Sharapov, 
 and E. P. Bessonova 

 Age and Composition of Ophiloites from the Basement
 of the West Siberian Petroliferous Megabasin   
 K. S. Ivanov, Yu. N. Fedorov, E. O. Amon, 
 Yu. V. Erokhin, and G. N. Borozdina 

 Archean Age of Miaskite Lamproites from 
 the Panozero Complex, Karelia 
 S. A. Sergeev, S. B. Lobach-Zhuchenko, 
 A. N. Larionov, N. G. Berezhnaya, and 
 N. S. Guseva 
 Geochemical Distinctions of Granitoids 
 in the Taganai-Iremel Anticlinorium
(Central Ural Megazone) 
 G. Yu. Shardakova, E. S. Shagalov, 
 and M. S. Sereda 

 Seasonal Dynamics of Total Intensities 
 of Tropical Cyclones 
 M. I. Yaroshevich 
 Duration of Formation of Magmatic 
 System of Polyphase Paleozoic 
 Alkaline Complexes of the Central Kola: 
 U-Pb, Rb-Sr, Ar-Ar Data 
 A. A. Arzamastsev, L. V. Arzamastseva, 
 A. V. Travin, B. V. Belyatsky, A. M. Shamatrina, 
 A. V. Antonov, A. N. Larionov, 
 N. V. Rodionov, and S. A. Sergeev 

 Evolution of Mineral-Forming Fluids at 
 the 9?10 N and 21N East Pacific Rise 
 Hydrothermal Systems: Fluid Inclusion 
 Data on Minerals 
 N. S. Bortnikov, A. M. Sagalevish, 
 V. A. Simonov, S. V. Ikorskii, E. O. Terenya,
 I. L. Kamenskii, A. A. Avedisyan, 
 O. O. Stavrova, and V. V. Dranichnikova 

 First Data in Favor of the Crystallization 
 Model of Lithium Isotope Fractionation 
 in the Pegmatitic Process 
 V. V. Gordienko, Vl. Vl. Gordienko, 
 A. S. Sergeev, L. K. Levskii, 
 K. I. Lokhov, I. N. Kapitonov, and S. A. Sergeev 

 The Choice of Initial Approximation 
 (Reference Velocity Distribution) 
 in Iteration Kinematic Seismotomography 
 S. M. Zerkal and A. V. Novokreshchin 
 Accumulation Peculiarities of Artificial 
 Radionuclides in the Elements of Coastal Ecosystems 
 on the Kola Peninsula 
 D. G. Matishov, I. S. Usyagina, N. E. Kasatkina, 
 and E. V. Pavel'skaya 
 Eddy Correlation Measurements of Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes 
 in the Laptev Sea in the Summer Period 
 I. A. Repina, I. P. Semiletov, and A. S. Smirnov 

 The Polychronous Nature of Zircons in Gabbroids 
 of the Ural Platinum Belt and the Issue of 
 the Precambrian in the Tagil Synclinorium 
 A. A. Krasnobaev, F. Bea, G. B. Fershtater, 
 and P. Montero 
 A First Finding of Anomalously Cs-Rich 
 Aluminosilicate Melts in Ongonite: 
 Evidence from Melt Inclusion Study 
 I. S. Peretyazhko, E. A. Tsareva, 
 and V. Ye. Zagorsky 
 The Transangara Alkaline Pluton, Yenisei 
 Range: Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd Isotope Ages 
 and Sources of Feldspathoid Magmas in Late Precambrian 
 A. M. Sazonov, V. V. Vrublevsky, 
 I. F. Gertner, A. V. Fedorova, 
 V. V. Gavrilenko, E. A. Zvyagina, and S. I. Leont'ev 

 Gas Fire from Mud Volcanoes as a Trigger 
 for the Appearance of High-Temperature 
 Pyrometamorphic Rocks of the Hatrurim 
 Formation (Dead Sea Area) 
 E. V. Sokol, I. S. Novikov, Ye. Vapnik, 
 and V. V. Sharygin 
 Isotopic Provinces and Evolution Stages of 
 the Precambrian Crust at the Southwestern 
 Margin of the Siberian Craton and Its Folded Framing 
 O. M. Turkina, A. D. Nozhkin, T. B. Bayanova, 
 and N. V. Dmitrieva 
 Estimates of the Possibility of Rapid Methane Warming 55 Ma Ago 
 G. S. Golitsyn and A. S. Ginzburg 

 Effective Coefficients of Quasi-Stationary Maxwell Equations 
 with Multiscale Random Inhomogeneous Electroconductivity 
 E. P. Kurochkina, O. N. Soboleva, and M. I. Epov 

 Principal Differences in the Structural Position of 
 Earthquake Epicenters on Land in the Southern 
 Magadan Region and on the Shelf of the Sea of 
 Okhotsk near Magadan 
 N. A. Shilo, Yu. Ya. Vashchilov, and L. Yu. Kalinina