Doklady Earth Sciences, 2022, V 503, N 2.


Age and Paleogeodynamic Nature of the Kalinovka
Ophiolite Complex, Sikhote-Alin Orogenic Belt
A. N. Golich, S. V. Vysotsky and Academician
A. I. Khanchuk 
p. 135  

The U–Th–Pb Age of Detrital Zircons from Oolitic 
Limestones of the UK Formation: Traces of the 
Grenville Provenance Areas in the Late Riphean 
of the Southern Urals
T. S. Zaitseva, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
A. B. Kuznetsov, N. D. Sergeeva, E. V. Adamskaya 
and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 143  


Ferromanganese Deposits in the Clarion and Siqueiros
Fracture Zones, Northeast Pacific
P. E. Mikhailik, Academician A. I. Khanchuk, 
Yu. G. Volokhin and E. V. Mikhailik 
p. 150  

Dissolution of Peridotite in a Volatile-Rich 
Carbonate Melt as a Mechanism of the Formation 
of Kimberlite-like Melts (Experimental Constraints)
A. G. Sokol, A. N. Kruk and E. S. Persikov 
p. 157  


The Crystal Structure of Vyalsovite FeCаAlS(OH)5: 
First Example of the Commensurate Combination of 
Iron Sulfide and Hydroxide Layers
S. V. Soboleva, N. M. Boeva, T. E. Evstigneeva 
and Academician N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 164  

Titanite in Coesite-Kyanite-Bearing Eclogite 
from Kimberlite Pipe Udachnaya
D. S. Mikhailenko, S. Aulbach, A. V. Korsakov, 
Academician of CAS Yi-G. Xu and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS F. V. Kaminsky
 p. 168  

Estimation of the Mechanisms of Incorporation 
of a Titanium Impurity in the Composition of 
MgSiO3 Bridgmanite
Corresponding Member of the RAS N. N. Eremin 
and A. V. Bobrov 
p. 175  


Mathematical Modeling of the Mechanism of 
Continental Subduction
Academician V. V. Reverdatto, O. P. Polyansky, 
A. N. Semenov and A. V. Babichev 
p. 179  


A New Finding of a Pterosaur in the Southern Urals
A. O. Averianov, N. G. Zverkov and A. V. Nikiforov 
p. 185  

The Fossil Taphonomic Patterns and Age of the Newly 
Discovered Large Dinosaur Fossil Groups in the 
Yunyang Area, Northeast Sichuan Basin, China
Li De-Liang, Yu Hai-Dong, Meng Li, Xiong Can, 
Xiao Ming, Lin Yu, Yang Tao and Xin Zhi-Xiang 
p. 189  


Fluid-Conducting Structures of the Dzhau-Tepe Mud
Volcano Based on the Results of Geological
and Geophysical Studies
Z. I. Dudarov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
A. L. Sobisevich and D. E. Beloborodov 
p. 195  

Tidal Effects in the Fine Temperature Variations 
Measured in a Deep Underground Tunnel of 
the Northern Caucasus Geophysical Observatory
D. V. Likhodeev, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
A. L. Sobisevich and V. V. Gravirov 
p. 200  

The Regional Tidal Response of the Geophysical Medium
A. V. Myasnikov, Corresponding Member of the 
RAS L. E. Sobisevich and D. V. Likhodeev 
p. 205  


Regarding the Bottom Nepheloid Layer in the Kane Gap
V. V. Sivkov and E. S. Bubnova 
p. 211  

Long-Term Autonomous Observations of Sea Water 
Salinity in the Surface Layer of the Black Sea
Corresponding Member of the RAS G. K. Korotaev, 
A. P. Tolstosheev, E. G. Lunev, S. V. Motyzhev, 
V. Z. Dykman and S. F. Pryakhina 
p. 215  


Influence of Gas Aerosol Emissions of the Rostov
Nuclear Power Plant on the Radiation 
Background of Southern Waters
Academician G. G. Matishov, V. V. Polshin, 
G. V. Ilyin and I. S. Usyagina 
p. 220  

Radiocolloid Retention in the Nizhnekanskii Rock Massif
V. I. Malkovsky, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
S. V. Yudintsev and A. V. Zharikov 
p. 226