Doklady Earth Sciences, 2021, V 498, N 2.

Stages of Tectono-Magmatic Activity in the Border Zone 
of the Siberian Platform and the Tannuola–Khamsara 
Segment of the CAFB (According to the Results of U–Pb Isotope Studies)
S. I. Shkolnik, E. F. Letnikova, L. Z. Reznitskii, 
A. V. Ivanov and A. I. Proshenkin p. 451  

A New Dinosaur Fossil from the Southern Urals
A. O. Averianov, N. G. Zverkov and A. V. Nikiforov 
p. 456  

Paleomagnetism of the Ordovician and Early 
Carboniferous Geological Complexes of Tuva
D. V. Kovalenko, M. V. Buzina and Corresponding Member 
of the RAS K. V. Lobanov 
p. 459  

Identification Features of the Transition and Intermediate 
Layers in the Polygonal Peatlands in Northwestern Siberia
E. S. Koroleva, E. A. Slagoda, Academician V. P. Melnikov, 
E. A. Babkina, A. V. Khomutov, O. L. Opokina, 
M. M. Danko and Ya. V. Tikhonravova 
p. 465  

Geology of Ore Deposits First Data on the U–Pb Isotopic Age for Zircon (LA-ICP-MS Method) from Leucocratic Granites of the Tyrnyauz Mo–W Deposit (North Caucasus, Russia) S. G. Soloviev, S. G. Kryazhev, D. V. Semenova, Y. A. Kalinin and Academician N. S. Bortnikov p. 471
Geochemistry Experimental Studies of Phenakite Solubility in Alkaline Granitoid Melts B. B. Damdinov, N. I. Suk, A. R. Kotelnikov, L. B. Damdinova and V. B. Khubanov p. 477
Mineralogy The Nature of Platinoid Minerals from Gold Placers of Southern Sikhote-Alin (Primorye) V. V. Ivanov, Academician A. I. Khanchuk and L. G. Kolesova p. 482
Geophysics Wave Disturbances in the Near-Surface Atmosphere during Magnetic Storms A. A. Spivak, Yu. S. Rybnov, S. A. Riabova and V. A. Kharlamov p. 487 A Newly Determined Paleomagnetic Pole for the Late Ordovician in Siberia and Kinematics of the Siberian Platform on the Time Interval of ~505–455 Ma Ago V. E. Pavlov, A. M. Pasenko, A. V. Dronov and I. V. Fedyukin p. 491
Oceanology Features of the Formation of the Pulse Characteristics of Waveguides by the Long-Range Propagation of Acoustic Signals in Underwater Sound Channels Academician V. A. Akulichev, A. V. Burenin, E. A. Voytenko, M. S. Lebedev, Yu. N. Morgunov and A. A. Tagiltsev p. 498 Increase in Storm Activity in the Kara Sea from 1979 to 2019: Numerical Simulation Data S. A. Myslenkov, V. S. Platonov, K. P. Silvestrova and Corresponding Member of the RAS S. A. Dobrolyubov p. 502
Geography Avalanche Hazard Assessment in Low Mountains, Based on the Example of the January 2021 Norilsk Avalanche Disaster V. A. Lobkina, Yu. V. Gensiorovskiy and A. A. Muzychenko p. 509
Geoecology Transport of Artificial Radionuclides over Long Distances Downstream along the Yenisei River during the 1966 Extreme Flood Event A. Ya. Bolsunovsky, D. V. Dementyev and V. I. Vakhrushev p. 514 Radioecological Status of the Soil Cover of New Moscow A. S. Guseva, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Petrov and S. A. Ustinov p. 519 The Thermal Field around a Borehole Repository of Radioactive Waste Corresponding Member of the RAS S. V. Yudintsev, V. I. Malkovsky and M. Yu. Kalenova p. 525