Doklady Earth Sciences, 2021, V 496, N 2.


Deep Structure of the Lithosphere in the Central
Tien Shan along the Son-Kul Magnetotelluric Sounding Profile
A. K. Rybin, E. A. Bataleva, V. E. Matiukov, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu. A. Morozov 
and K. S. Nepeina p. 101  

Influence of the Component Composition of 
Adsorbed Oil on the Microstructural 
Wettability of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
N. N. Mikhailov, Academician O. M. Ermilov 
and L. S. Sechina 
p. 107  

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Geochemistry Ferromanganese Crusts of the Doldrums Fracture Zone, Central Atlantic: New Data on the Chemical Composition N. P. Konstantinova, Academician A. I. Khanchuk, P. E. Mikhailik, S. G. Skolotnev, E. V. Ivanova, A. S. Bich and G. A. Cherkashev p. 125 The First 147Sm–143Nd Data on Rocks from the 6925.2- to 8250-m Interval of the SG-7 Superdeep Borehole (West Siberian Oil-and-Gas Province) Yu. L. Ronkin, T. V. Karaseva and Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov p. 130 Structural and Morphological Features of the Participation of Microorganisms in the Formation of Nb–REE–Rich Ores of the Tomtor Field (Russia) Academician N. L. Dobretsov, S. M. Zhmodik, E. V. Lazareva, A. V. Bryanskaya, V. A. Ponomarchuk, B. Yu. Saryg-ool, I. S. Kirichenko, A. V. Tolstov and N. S. Karmanov p. 135
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Geoecology A Leaching Model for “Aged” Sodium–Aluminophosphate Vitreous Waste Forms of Radionuclides V. I. Malkovskii and Corresponding Member of the RAS S. V. Yudintsev p. 185