Doklady Earth Sciences, 2020, V 494, N 2.


Early Paleozoic Protoliths of Gneisses and Granitic
Gneisses in the Eastern South Urals:
Results of U–Th–Pb (SIMS) Geochronological Studies
A. V. Ryazantsev '
p. 757  

Silurian Granitoid Magmatism of the Rassokha
Terrane (North-East Russia)
S. N. Sychev, A. K. Khudoley, O. Yu. Lebedeva, 
A. V. Rogov, Corresponding Member of the RAS S. D. Sokolov, 
K. R. Chamberlain, V. S. Maklashin and P. A. Lvov 
p. 762  

The Upper Age Boundary of the Formation of the 
Olondo Fragment of the Tokko–Khani Greenstone Belt, 
Aldan Shield: U–Pb (ID-TIMS) Geochronological Data
V. P. Kovach, Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Kotov, 
E. B. Salnikova, N. V. Popov, S. D. Velikoslavinsky, 
J. V. Plotkina, K.-L. Wang and A. M. Fedoseenko 
p. 767  

Petrology Carboniferous Magmatism in the Polar Urals I. D. Sobolev, I. V. Vikentyev, A. V. Travin and Academician N. S. Bortnikov p. 773
Geography B–Tm Ash of a Catastrophic Eruption of Baitoushan Volcano in Terrestrial Deposits of Primorye as an Age Marker of the Medieval Warm Period in the Holocene N. G. Razjigaeva, L. A. Ganzey, T. A. Grebennikova, L. M. Mokhova, Kh. A. Arslanov, F. E. Maksimov, A. Yu. Petrov and Corresponding Member of the RAS V. G. Sakhno p. 779
Geophysics Azimuthal Elastic Anisotropy of the Upper Mantle under the Central Part of the Voronezh Uplift A. G. Goev and E. V. Kalinina p. 787 Peculiarities of Subduction in the Junction of the Kuril–Kamchatka and Aleutian Island Arcs Academician E. I. Gordeev, Corresponding Member of the RAS I. Yu. Koulakov and N. M. Shapiro p. 790
Physics of Atmosphere Vertical Temperature Stratification of the Atmosphere Depending on the Length of the Annual Insolation Cycle from Simulations with the Coupled General Circulation Model Academician I. I. Mokhov and A. V. Timazhev p. 795 Turbulent Fluxes of the Dust Aerosol on the Desertified Area G. I. Gorchakov, A. V. Karpov and R. A. Gushchin p. 799