Doklady Earth Sciences, 2020, V 491, N. 2.


Paleoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic Quartzites of t
he Kyrgyz North Tianshan: Age Determination according 
to the Results of Detrital Zircon Dating
D. V. Alexeiev, A. K. Khudoley and S. A. DuFrane 
p. 191  

The Development of Miocene Biohermal Bryozoan Limestones 
of Kazantip Cape (Crimea): A New Insight
A. I. Antoshkina, L. V. Leonova and Yu. S. Simakova 
p. 195  

First Find of Platinum in Cosmogenic Spherules of Ferromanganese
Crusts (Fedorov Guyot, Magellan Seamounts, Pacific Ocean)
D. P. Savelyev, Academician A. I. Khanchuk, O. L. Savelyeva, 
S. V. Moskaleva and P. E. Mikhailik 
p. 199  


New Insights into the Geomorphological Evolution 
of the West African Relief
V. I. Mamedov, V. A. Zaitsev, M. A. Makarova and 
V. S. Pashkov 
p. 204  


Crystal Structure of Yushkinite [(Mg0.60Al0.30V0.10)Σ1.0(OH)2][V0.875S2]: 
An Example of a Commensurate Combination of Brucite and Sulfide Layers
S. V. Soboleva, T. E. Evstigneeva, N. M. Boeva and Academician N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 210  

Mineral Composition of Manganese Crusts from Belyaevskii Volcano (Sea of Japan)
Yu. G. Volokhin, Academician A. I. Khanchuk, P. E. Mikhailik and 
E. V. Mikhailik 
p. 214  

Ore Mineralization in Pleistocene Sediments of Long Strait (East Siberian Sea)
Corresponding Member of the RAS N. A. Goryachev, O. T. Sotskaya,
 A. S. Astakhov, Shi Xuefa, T. I. Mikhalitsyna, K. I. Aksentov and 
N. V. Berdnikov 
p. 220  

Native Cobalt from the Regolith of Mare Crisium
A. V. Mokhov, T. A. Gornostaeva, P. M. Kartashov, 
A. P. Rybchuk and Academician O. A. Bogatikov 
p. 224  

Fragments of Paleoproterozoic Large Igneous Provinces in Northern 
Fennoscandia: Baddeleyite U–Pb Age Data for Mafic Dykes and Sills
E. B. Salnikova, Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Samsonov, 
A. V. Stepanova, R. V. Veselovskiy, S. V. Egorova, 
A. A. Arzamastsev and K. G. Erofeeva 
p. 227  


Geochemistry of Rare Earth Metals in the Ore Eudialyte 
Complex of the Lovozero Rare Earth Deposit
Academician L. N. Kogarko
p. 231  

Isotope Fractionation and the Pressure Effect on 18O/16O 
in Kyanite-Sillimanite-Andalusite Polymorphs (Al2SiO5): 
Ab-Initio Modelling
D. P. Krylov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
A. B. Kuznetsov and A. A. Gavrilova 
p. 235  

Age of Granulites of the Cheremshanskaya Unit 
(Sharyzhalgai Uplift, Siberian Craton, Russia): New Data
S. V. Vysotskiy, Academician A. I. Khanchuk, V. I. Levitskii, 
E. I. Demonterova, I. V. Levitskii, A. V. Ignatiev and 
T. A. Velivetskaya 
p. 238  

Geochemical Composition of Dolerites as an Indicator of the 
Distance of a Dike Swarm from the Mantle Plume Center 
(Case Study of Proterozoic Dike Swarms, Siberian Craton)
Corresponding Member of the RAS D. P. Gladkochub 
and T. V. Donskaya 
p. 243  

An Abnormal Isotopic Composition of Oxygen in Zircon 
from Corundum-Bearing Metasomatites of the Dyadina 
Gora Ore Occurrence, Belomorian Mobile Belt
S. G. Skublov, S. A. Bushmin, Corresponding Member of 
the RAS A. B. Kuznetsov, X.-H. Li, Q.-L. Li, E. V. Levashova 
and E. V. Savva 
p. 247  

Elevated Mercury in the Water of the Angara River Source: 
A Response to Geodynamic Impacts and Strong Earthquakes
V. I. Grebenshchikova, Academician M. I. Kuzmin,
 A. V. Klyuchevskii, V. M. Demyanovich and A. A. Kluchevskaya 
p. 253  

New Data on the Concentrations of Dissolved Trace Elements 
in Waters of Russian Arctic Rivers
A. V. Savenko, V. S. Savenko and O. S. Pokrovsky 
p. 257  

Biogeochemical Migration of Elements within the Lake 
Watershed of a Reference Site (Valdai Upland)
N. A. Gashkina and Corresponding Member of the RAS T. I. Moiseenko 
p. 264  


Mechanism of the Generation of Abnormally High Accelerations
>1g on Soft Soils during Earthquakes
O. V. Pavlenko 
p. 271  


The Contemporary Seismic Deficit in the Kuril–Kamchatka Subduction Zone
Corresponding Member of the RAS B. W. Levin, A. S. Prytkov, 
N. F. Vasilenko and D. I. Frolov 
p. 277  


Regularities of the Distribution of Lake Areas 
on Thermokarst Plains with Fluvial Erosion
A. S. Victorov, T. V. Orlov, O. N. Trapeznikova, 
V. N. Kapralova and M. V. Arkhipova 
p. 282  


Features of Propagation and Transformation of 
Low-Frequency Hydroacoustic Signals on a Shelf of Decreasing Depth
Academician G. I. Dolgikh, Piao Shengchun, S. S. Budrin, Song Yang, 
S. G. Dolgikh, V. V. Ovcharenko, V. A. Chupin, S. V. Yakovenko, 
Dong Yang, Wang Xiaohan and V. A. Shvets 
p. 285