Doklady Earth Sciences, 2019, V 487, N 2.


Change in the Geodynamic Settings in the Pacific?Eurasia
Transition Zone at the End of the Early Cretaceous
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. N. Didenko 
and Academician A. I. Khanchuk 
p. 873  

The Late Vendian Basement within the Limits of the 
Blyb Metamorphic Complex, Peredovoi Range 
of the Greater Caucasus
V. A. Kamzolkin, M. L. Somin, A. V. Latyshev, 
Yu. P. Vidyapin and S. D. Ivanov 
p. 877  

Two New Localities of Mesozoic Mammals in Russia 
(Krasnoyarsk Territory, Lower Cretaceous)
Academician A. V. Lopatin, A. O. Averianov 
and S. V. Ivantsov 
p. 881  

Middle Paleozoic Rhyolite of the Gorny and Rudny Altai: 
Geochronology and Composition
M. L. Kuibida, V. I. Timkin, V. A. Krivchikov, 
O. V. Murzin, V. I. Krupchatnikov, O. M. Popova, 
N. N. Kruk, S. N. Rudnev, Y. V. Kuibida, 
S. P. Shokal’sky, N. I. Gusev, T. Komiya, 
S. Aoki, M. Sun and A. V. Naryzhnova 
p. 885  

Relationship between Radon and the Tectonic 
Activity of Faults in Central Mongolia
K. Zh. Seminsky, A. A. Bobrov and S. Demberel 
p. 890  

A Jurassic Anoxic Event in the Pacific Based 
on Data from the West Kamchatka–Asian Region
N. I. Filatova 
p. 894  

Cover of the Last Glaciation Deposits in the Eastern 
Barents Sea: Specificity of Composition, 
Thickness Distribution, Immensity, 
and Peculiarity of Structural Forms
O. G. Epshtein, A. G. Dlugach and A. V. Starovoytov 
p. 898  

New Data on the Age of Metamorphic Rocks from the 
Granite-greenstone Ruker Terrane 
(Southern Prince Charlies Mountains, East Antarctica)
N. L. Alexeev, V. A. Maslov, Corresponding Member 
of the RAS V. D. Kaminsky, V. S. Semenov, 
E. S. Bogomolov, I. N. Kapitonov, N. A. Gonzhurov, 
A. Yu. Melnik and M. S. Yegorov 
p. 902  

Finding of Refractory Inclusions in the 
North Kolchim Meteorite (H3)
S. V. Berzin, K. S. Ivanov and E. V. Burlakov 
p. 908  

New U–Pb Ages of the Volcano–Plutonic Association 
of the Oloi Belt (Alazeya–Oloi Folded System, Western Chukotka)
T. V. Kara, M. V. Luchitskaya, S. M. Katkov 
and E. A. Belousova 
p. 911  

Geochemistry Comparative Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Large Polyphase Plutons in the Cores and on the Periphery of the Mongol–Okhotsk Fold Belt Magmatic Areas of Different Ages V. S. Antipin, Academician M. I. Kuzmin, D. Odgerel, L. V. Kousch and N. V. Sheptyakova p. 917 A New Geochemical Criterion for Rare-Metal Mineralization of High-Alkaliń Magmas (Lovozero Deposit, Kola Peninsula) Academician L. N. Kogarko p. 922 A Find of Coesite in Diamond-Bearing Kyanite Eclogite from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Siberian Craton D. S. Mikhailenko, A. V. Korsakov, O. V. Rezvukhina, A. V. Golovin and Academician N. V. Sobolev p. 925 Synthetic Gold Chalcogenides in the Au–Te–Se–S System and Their Natural Analogs G. A. Palyanova, N. D. Tolstykh, V. Yu. Zinina, K. A. Kokh, Yu. V. Seryotkin and Academician N. S. Bortnikov p. 929
Geography Terrain Morphometry and Mudflow Features in the Northern Slope of the Great Caucasus V. A. Karavaev and S. S. Seminozhenko p. 935 Peculiarities of the Settling Temperature in the Upper Water Layer of the Black Sea during Invasions of Cold Air A. A. Sizov and T. M. Bayankina p. 939
Oceanology The First Colorimetric Characteristic of Bottom Sediments from the Chukchi Sea A. N. Kolesnik, O. N. Kolesnik, A. S. Astakhov and E. G. Vologina p. 943
Geochemistry Role of Desorption Processes in Transformation of Dissolved Barium Runoff in the Mixing Zone of River Waters and Seawaters: Experimental Modeling Data A. V. Savenko p. 950 Garnet U–Pb Age of Skarns from Dashkesan Deposit (Lesser Caucasus) M. V. Stifeeva, E. B. Salnikova, Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Samsonov, A. B. Kotov and Yu. D. Gritsenko p. 953 Synthesis of New Polytypic Modifications of Fe7C3 at 5.5 GPa A. I. Chepurov, S. A. Gromilov, V. M. Sonin, E. I. Zhimulev, A. S. Sukhikh, A. A. Chepurov and Academician N. V. Sobolev p. 957
Geophysics The Problem of the Existence of a Strike-Slip Fault in the Arctic Ocean between Lomonosov Submarine Ridge and the Adjacent Shelf Corresponding Member of the RAS V. D. Kaminsky, G. P. Avetisov and V. A. Poselov p. 960
Geography An Integrated Mathematical Model of the Large Marine Ecosystem of the Barents Sea and the White Sea as a Tool for Assessing Natural Risks and Efficient Use of Biological Resources S. V. Berdnikov, V. V. Kulygin, V. V. Sorokina, L. V. Dashkevich and I. V. Sheverdyaev p. 963
Oceanology Horizontal Flows of Sedimentary Matter in the Coastal Zones of the Barents and White Seas M. V. Mityaev, M. V. Gerasimova and L. G. Pavlova p. 969
Geochemistry REE Geochemistry and Mineralogy in Ores of the Talgan Cu–Zn Massive Sulfide Deposit, Southern Urals N. R. Ayupova, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. V. Maslennikov and K. A. Filippova p. 973 First Data on Molybdenite and Its Primary Sources in Pay-Khoy (Nenets Autonomous District): Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Raman Spectroscopy R. I. Shaybekov, S. I. Isaenko and E. M. Tropnikov p. 976
Geophysics The NOx-Limiting Regime of Photochemical Ozone Generation in a Weakly Polluted Convective Boundary Layer: Observations at the ZOTTO Tall Tower Observatory in Central Siberia, 2007–2015 K. B. Moiseenko, E. V. Berezina, A. V. Vasileva, Yu. A. Shtabkin, A. I. Skorokhod, Corresponding Member of the RAS N. F. Elanskii and I. B. Belikov p. 981
Geography High-Resolution Oxygen Isotope and Deuterium Diagrams for Ice Wedges of the Batagai Yedoma, Northern Central Yakutia Yu. K. Vasil’chuk, J. Yu. Vasil’chuk, N. A. Budantseva, A. C. Vasil’chuk and A. Yu. Trishin p. 986 Change in the Hydrological Regime of Siberian Rivers as an Indicator of Changes in Cryological Conditions Academician V. P. Melnikov, P. V. Pikinerov, V. B. Gennadinik, A. G. Babushkin and D. V. Moskovchenko p. 990 Climatology and Interannual Movements of Upper-Level Frontal Zones in the Middle Troposphere of the Northern Hemisphere O. A. Razorenova and P. A. Shabanov p. 995
Oceanology Features of Sound Propagation in the Presence of Bubble Clouds in the Perturbed Surface Layer of the Ocean Academician V. A. Akulichev, V. A. Bulanov and L. K. Bugaeva p. 1002 Primary Production and Associated Environmental Conditions in the East Siberian Sea in Autumn A. B. Demidov and V. I. Gagarin p. 1006