Doklady Earth Sciences, 2019, V 486, N 2.


Age and Sources of Metasedimentary Rocks of the Tokur 
Terrane of the Mongol–Okhotsk Fold Belt: Results 
of U–Pb and Lu–Hf Isotope Studies
V. A. Zaika, A. A. Sorokin and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS A. P. Sorokin 
p. 593  

The First Data on Late Pleistocene Ostracods
from the Kurai Depression (Gornyi Altai)
L. B. Khazin, A. R. Agatova, R. K. Nepop and 
Corresponding Member of the RAS B. N. Shurygin 
p. 598  

New Data on Ferromanganese Crusts of 
Mendeleev Rise, Arctic Ocean
E. S. Bazilevskaya and 
S. G. Skolotnev 
p. 601  

The First U–Pb (SHRIMP II) Evidence of 
the Franklin Tectonic Event at the 
Western Margin of the Siberian Craton
I. I. Likhanov and 
Academician V. V. Reverdatto 
p. 605  

The Lower Precambrian in the Structure 
of Paleozoids of the Subpolar Urals
Yu. I. Pystina, A. M. Pystin 
and V. B. Hubanov 
p. 609  

Setting of the Formation of Paleozoic 
Picrite Basalt Complexes in the 
West Siberian Plate Basement
V. A. Simonov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
V. A. Kontorovich, S. I. Stupakov, 
Yu. F. Filippov, S. V. Saraev and 
A. V. Kotlyarov 
p. 613  

New Data on Large Brown Bear (Ursus arctos L., 1758, 
Ursidae, Carnivora, Mammalia) from the 
Pleistocene in Yakutia
G. G. Boeskorov, G. F. Baryshnikov, A. N. Tikhonov, 
A. V. Protopopov, A. I. Klimovsky, 
S. E. Grigoriev, M. Yu. Cheprasov, 
G. P. Novgorodov, M. V. Shchelchkova and 
J. van der Plicht 
p. 617  

The Diffusive Boundary of Isotopic Reservoirs 
of the Indian and Pacific MORB types beneath Kamchatka
M. Yu. Davydova and Yu. A. Martynov 
p. 623  

Structural and Mineralogical Features of 
Diamonds from the Lomonosov Deposit 
(Arkhangelsk Province): New Data and Interpretation
G. Yu. Kriulina, E. A. Vasiliev and 
V. K. Garanin 
p. 627  

GEOLOGY New Data on the Genetic Linkage of the Beryl and Chrysoberyl Chromophores of the Ural’s Emerald Mines with Chromium-Bearing Spinels of the Bazhenov Ophiolite Complex M. P. Popov, E. S. Sorokina, N. N. Kononkova, A. G. Nikolaev and S. Karampelas p. 630
Geochemistry Structural and Chemical Features of Organic Matter in Carbonized Wood of the Devonian and Jurassic Periods L. S. Kocheva, A. P. Karmanov, V. P. Lutoev, I. Kh. Shumilov, Yu. V. Glukhov and S. A. Pokryshkin p. 634 Ultramafic–Alkaline–Carbonatite Complexes as a Result of Two-Stage Melting of a Mantle Plume: Evidence from the Mid-Paleoproterozoic Tiksheozero Intrusion, Northern Karelia, Russia E. V. Sharkov, A. V. Chistyakov, M. M. Bogina, Academician O. A. Bogatikov, V. V. Shchiptsov, B. V. Belyatsky and P. V. Frolov p. 638 Features of the Impurity Composition of Diamonds from Placers of the Northeastern Siberian Craton Corresponding Member of the RAS V. S. Shatsky, V. A. Nadolinny, O. P. Yuryeva, M. I. Rakhmanova and A. Yu. Komarovskikh p. 644 Experimental Simulation of Processes of Ore Leaching from Lyubov Deposit (Transbaikalian Region) E. S. Epova, G. A. Yurgenson and O. V. Eremin p. 647
Geophysics Excitation of Under-Ice Seiches of a Sea Port of the Sea of Okhotsk Academician G. I. Dolgikh, D. P. Kovalev and P. D. Kovalev p. 651 On the Problem of Body Waves Attenuation in the Elbrus Volcanic Area Corresponding Member of the RAS A. L. Sobisevich, A. S. Zvereva and D. V. Likhodeev p. 654
Geography Extreme Transport Velocities of Antarctic Bottom Water in the Deep-Water Vema Channel E. G. Morozov, D. I. Frey, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. G. Neiman, N. I. Makarenko and R. Yu. Tarakanov p. 659 Accurate Calculation of Geodetic Heights of a Celestial Body’s Surface Points Relative to the Triaxial Ellipsoid M. E. Fleis, M. V. Nyrtsov, M. M. Borisov and A. I. Sokolov p. 663
Oceanology The Spatiotemporal Variability of pH in Waters of the Black Sea Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Polonsky and E. A. Grebneva p. 669
Geochemistry Geochemistry of Garnet Megacrysts from the Mir Kimberlite Pipe (Yakutia) and the Nature of Protokimberlite Melts A. M. Agashev p. 675 Hafnium Isotope Composition of Zircon from the Kondyor Clinopyroxenite-Dunite Massif (Khabarovsk Territory, Russia) I. Yu. Badanina, E. A. Belousova and K. N. Malitch p. 679 A New Model of the Behavior of Sulfur Isotopes in Modern Submarine Hydrothermal Systems E. O. Dubinina and Academician N. S. Bortnikov p. 683 U–Pb (SHRIMP) Zircon Age of Granitoid Pebbles from the Kukkarauk Conglomerates of the Vendian Asha Group (Alatau Anticlinorium, Southern Urals) A. A. Krasnobaev, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Puchkov, N. D. Sergeeva and S. V. Busharina p. 687 The Sedimentary–Migration–Igneous Hypothesis of Oil Formation V. A. Skvortsov p. 692
Geophysics Paleomagnetism of Middle Paleozoic Basites on the Southeastern Flank of the Vilyui Paleorift K. M. Konstantinov, M. D. Tomshin, I. K. Konstantinov and A. A. Yakovlev p. 695
Geography Metal Composition of Surface Waters of the Southern Baikal Region and the Connection with Landscape and Geological Conditions M. Yu. Semenov, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Snytko, Yu. M. Semenov, A. V. Silaev and L. N. Semenova p. 699
Geochemistry Heat Generation Due to Friction in Shear Zones of the Crust as a Factor of Metamorphism and Anatexis: Results of Computer Modeling A. V. Babichev, Academician V. V. Reverdatto, O. P. Polyansky, I. I. Likhanov and A. N. Semenov p. 706 Experimental Study of the Formation of Chromium-Bearing Priderite and Yimengite as Products of Modal Mantle Metasomatism V. G. Butvina, S. S. Vorobey, O. G. Safonov, D. A. Varlamov, G. V. Bondarenko and Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu. B. Shapovalov p. 711 The First Find of Silver Nuggets in Gold Placers of the Subpolar Urals T. P. Mayorova, S. K. Kuznetsov and V. N. Filippov p. 716 Mesoarchean Silicic Volcanics in the Kursk Block of the Voronezh Crystalline Massif: Composition, Age, and Correlations with the Ukrainian Shield K. A. Savko, Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Samsonov and A. N. Larionov p. 719
Geophysics A Long-Term Forecast Model of Spring Runoff: The Case of the Belaya River D. Yu. Vasil’ev, V. V. Vodopyanov, G. S. Zayzeva, Sh. I. Zakirzyanov, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Semenov, Zh. T. Sivokhip and Academician A. A. Chibilev p. 724
Geography First Data on the Age and Formation Conditions of Secondary Carbonate Accumulations in Upper Pleistocene and Holocene Soils of Upper Angara Region V. A. Golubtsov, A. A. Cherkashina and Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Snytko p. 728 Corallite Crusts as the Specific Form of Karst Morpholithogenesis in Cold Climate E. V. Trofimova p. 733
Oceanology The Influence of Atmospheric Fronts on Free and Forced Oscillations of the Water Level in the Sea of Azov V. A. Ivanov and T. Ya. Shul’ga p. 737