Doklady Earth Sciences, 2018, V 483, N 2.


A Polychronous Locality of Megafauna 
on the Northwestern Coast of Lake Baikal
N. P. Kalmykov and R. Ts. Budaev 
p. 1487  

A New Paleomagnetic Pole for the Silurian
Geological Sequences of Tuva
D. V. Kovalenko and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS K. V. Lobanov 
p. 1491  

High-Pressure Tectonites of Yenisei 
Ridge as a Result of Ductile Shear 
Fault Deformations in the Suture Zone
I. I. Likhanov, P. S. Kozlov, K. S. Ivanov 
and S. V. Zinoviev 
p. 1495  

Eocene Granitoids of the Okhotsk Granodiorite 
Complex (South Sakhalin)
I. A. Alexandrov, J.-P. Liao, B.-M. Jahn, 
V. V. Golozoubov, V. V. Ivin and Yu. A. Stepnova 
p. 1499  

Carboniferous 40Ar/39Ar Age of Rare-Metal 
Enriched Rhyolites and Ignimbrites in 
the Sakmara Allochthon (Southern Urals)
A. V. Ryazantsev, Corresponding Member 
of the RAS K. E. Degtyarev, 
A. V. Pilitsyna and I. A. Novikov 
p. 1504  

Geochemistry First Data on the Isotopic Age of Zircons from Rocks of the Roseta Ultramafic Massif, Southern Margin of the Sao Francisco Craton (Brazil) F. P. Lesnov, M. A. P. Pinheiro and S. A. Sergeev p. 1510 Carbon Isotope Characteristics as Evidence of an External Source of High-Temperature Granitoids in Granulite Complexes O. G. Safonov, V. N. Reutsky, V. D. Shcherbakov, M. A. Golunova, D. A. Varlamov, V. O. Yapaskurt and D. D. van Reenen p. 1515
Oceanology An Anomalous Record-High Internal Wave Train on the Black Sea Shelf, Generated by an Atmospheric Front Academician V. G. Bondur, A. N. Serebryany and V. V. Zamshin p. 1519 Structure and Variability of the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre, 2007–2017 S. V. Gladyshev, V. S. Gladyshev, Corresponding Member of the RAS S. K. Gulev and A. V. Sokov p. 1524 Water Scarcity and the Role of Groundwater in Salinization of the Don Avandelta Academician G. G. Matishov and K. S. Grigorenko p. 1528 The North Pole Region: First Data on the Snow–Sea Ice–Ice Water Sedimentation System A. N. Novigatsky and Academician A. P. Lisitzin p. 1534
Geochemistry The Influence of Temperature and Humidity on Greenhouse Gas Emission in Experiments on Imitation of the Full Vegetation Cycle of Tundra Ecosystems Yu. V. Barkhatov, S. A. Ushakova, V. N. Shikhov, S. Yu. Evgrafova, A. A. Tikhomirov and A cademician A. G. Degermendzhi p. 1539 Geochemical Specifics of Highly Differentiated Topaz-Bearing Granite of the Salmi Batholith A. A. Konyshev, V. Yu. Chevychelov and Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu. B. Shapovalov p. 1542
Geography Unique Surges of Medvezhy Glacier Academician V. M. Kotlyakov, L. P. Chernova, T. E. Khromova, A. Ya. Muraviev, A. B. Kachalin and A. S. Tiuflin p. 1547
Oceanology Intermediate Waters in the Irminger Sea during Deep Convection: Variability and the Role of Circulation Mechanisms S. V. Gladyshev, V. S. Gladyshev, L. A. Pautova, Corresponding Member of the RAS S. K. Gulev and A. V. Sokov p. 1553 Seasonal Variability of Vertical Fluxes of Dispersed Sedimentary Matter in the Black Sea A. A. Klyuvitkin, M. D. Kravchishina, O. M. Dara, I. I. Rusanov and Academician A. P. Lisitzin p. 1558
Geochemistry Abnormally High ?34S Values of Edifices at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: The Closed System Effect at the Sulfide Generation Zone E. O. Dubinina, O. O. Stavrova and Academician N. S. Bortnikov p. 1564 A New Approach to 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Combustion Events: A Case Study from the Late Pleistocene Coal Fires in Goose Lake Depression (Transbaikalia) S. A. Novikova, N. G. Murzintsev, A. V. Travin, E. V. Sokol and Academician A. K. Tulokhonov p. 1567 Distribution of Rare Metals and REEs in Brown Coal Deposits of the Upper and Middle Amur Region Corresponding Member of the RAS A. P. Sorokin and A. A. Konyushok p. 1571
Geophysics Local Occurrence of the Relationship between Variations in the Earth’s Rotation Rate and the Dynamics of Seismicity: Case Study of Sakhalin Corresponding Member of the RAS B. W. Levin, E. V. Sasorova, A. S. Zakupin and P. A. Kamenev p. 1575
Oceanology A Molecular-Electronic Hydrophone for Low-Frequency Research of Ambient Noise in the World Ocean D. L. Zaitsev, S. Y. Avdyukhina, V. M. Agafonov, Academician A. S. Bugaev and E. V. Egorov p. 1579 Changes in the Radiation State of Bottom Sediments in Yenisei Gulf A. Yu. Miroshnikov, Corresponding Member of the RAS M. V. Flint, E. O. Dubinina, En. E. Asadulin, S. A. Shchuka and A. A. Usacheva p. 1582