Doklady Earth Sciences, 2018, V 479, N 2.


The Younger Age Limit of Metasedimentary Protolith 
Formation of the Lower Part of the Udokan Group Rocks (Aldan Shield)
A. B. Kotov, E. B. Salnikova, V. P. Kovach, S. D. Velikoslavinskii, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS E. V. Sklyarov, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS D. P. Gladkochub, 
A. M. Larin, E. V. Tolmacheva, A. M. Fedoseenko 
and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 415  

Igneous Complexes of the Orochenka Caldera of the East Sikhote-Alin Belt:
U–Pb (SHRIMP) Age, Trace and Rare Earth Element Composition, 
and Au–Ag Mineralization
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. G. Sakhno and S. V. Kovalenko 
p. 420  

A Large Paleoseismodislocation in the Southeastern Part of the 
Cherskii Seismic Belt, Northern Priokhotye
V. N. Smirnov, M. N. Kondratyev and P. P. Kolegov 
p. 425  

New Data on the Age of Gold Mineralization in the 
Southeastern Part of Eastern Sayan
B. B. Damdinov, S. M. Zhmodik, A. V. Travin, D. S. Yudin 
and Corresponding Member of the RAS N. A. Goryachev 
p. 429  

Faults and Source Parameters of Earthquakes in the 
Baikal Rift Zone: Dip Angles of Fault Planes
V. M. Dem’yanovich and A. V. Klyuchevskii 
p. 433  

First Finds of Platinum and Palladium Minerals in Sulfide 
Ores of the Khudolaz Intrusive Complex (Southern Urals)
I. R. Rakhimov, A. V. Vishnevskiy, A. G. Vladimirov, 
D. E. Saveliev, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Puchkov 
and D. N. Salikhov 
p. 439  

The First Finding of Sapphirine in Granulites of the Angara–Kan Block: 
Evidence of Ultra-High–Temperature Metamorphism in the SW Siberian Craton
V. P. Sukhorukov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
D. P. Gladkochub and O. M. Turkina 
p. 443  

First Evidence of Middle Triassic Basic Magmatism in 
the Southwestern Part of the Dzhugdzhur–Stanovoi 
Superterrane (Ilikan Terrane)
I. V. Buchko, A. A. Sorokin, A. A. Rodionov and 
N. M. Kudryashov 
p. 448  

Results of Radiocarbon Dating of Holocene Deposits from the Sea of Azov
Academician G. G. Matishov, G. V. Kovaleva, Kh. A. Arslanov, 
K. V. Dyuzhova, V. V. Polshin and A. E. Zolotareva 
p. 452  


Hydrogen and Carbon Groups in the Structures of Rock-Forming 
Minerals of Rocks of the Lithospheric Mantle: FTIR and STA + QMS Data
M. S. Babushkina, V. L. Ugolkov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
Yu. B. Marin, L. P. Nikitina and A. G. Goncharov 
p. 456  

Transport and Crystallization of Noble Platinum in Supercritical C–O–H Fluid
Academician F. A. Letnikov, T. G. Shumilova, V. Ya. Medvedev and L. A. Ivanova 
p. 460  

Ankaramite: A New Type of High-Magnesium and High-Calcium 
Primitive Melt in the Magnitogorsk Island-Arc Zone (Southern Urals)
E. V. Pushkarev, A. V. Ryazancev, I. A. Gottman, Corresponding 
Member of the RAS K. E. Degtyarev and V. S. Kamenetsky 
p. 463  

Geochemical Peculiarities of Galena and Sphalerite from 
Polymetallic Deposits of the Dal’negorskii Ore Region (Primorsky Krai, Russia)
L. I. Rogulina, Academician V. G. Moiseenko and 
V. A. Ponomarchuk 
p. 468  

The Nature of Mantle Rocks in Ophiolites of the Polar Urals
V. R. Shmelev, S. Arai and A. Tamura 
p. 472  


Vertical Helicity Flux as an Index of General Atmospheric Circulation
M. V. Kurgansky, L. O. Maksimenkov, A. A. Khapaev 
and O. G. Chkhetiani 
p. 477  

Assessment of the Ability of Contemporary Climate 
Models to Assess Adequately the Risk of Possible Regional Anomalies and Trends
Academician I. I. Mokhov 
p. 482  


Slab Melt as a Potential Source of Profiling Elements of 
Gold and Heavy Metal Deposits
S. V. Efremov, A. M. Spiridonov and Corresponding Member 
of the RAS N. A. Goryachev 
p. 486  

An Empirical Model of the Gibbs Free Energy for Solutions 
of NaCl and CaCl2 of Arbitrary Concentration at Temperatures 
from 423.15 K to 623.15 K under Vapor Saturation Pressure
M. V. Ivanov, S. A. Bushmin and Corresponding Member 
of the RAS L. Y. Aranovich 
p. 491  

The Surface Layer of a Crystal and Its Specific 
Role in the Process of Melt Formation
R. N. Sobolev 
p. 495  


Specific Features in the Deep Structure of the Naryn 
Basin–Baibichetoo Ridge–Atbashi Basin System: Evidence 
from the Complex of Geological and Geophysical Data
A. K. Rybin, E. A. Bataleva, Corresponding Member of 
the RAS Yu. A. Morozov, M. G. Leonov, V. Yu. Batalev, 
V. E. Matyukov, O. B. Zabinyakova and V. O. Nelin 
p. 499  

Changes in Surface Temperature in the Arctic: Accuracy 
of Model Reproduction and Probabilistic Prediction for the Near Future
P. V. Sporyshev, V. M. Kattsov and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS S. K. Gulev 
p. 503  


Daily Course of CO2 Fluxes in the Atmosphere–Water 
System and Variable Fluorescence of Phytoplankton during 
the Open-Water Period for Lake Baikal according to 
Long-Term Measurements
V. V. Zavoruev, V. M. Domysheva, D. A. Pestunov, 
M. V. Sakirko and M. V. Panchenko 
p. 507  


The Main Factors of Uranium Accumulation in the 
Ishim Plain Saline Lakes (Western Siberia)
A. G. Vladimirov, S. K. Krivonogov, A. V. Karpov, 
I. V. Nikolaeva, L. I. Razvorotneva, 
M. N. Kolpakova and E. N. Moroz 
p. 511  

Parental Sources of High–Alumina Alkaline Melts: 
Nd, Sr, Pb, and O Isotopic Evidence from the Devonian 
Kiya–Shaltyr Gabbro–Urtite Intrusion, South Siberia
V. V. Vrublevskii, I. F. Gertner and A. V. Chugaev 
p. 518  

The Influence of Sodium and Potassium Chlorides on 
Phase Ratios in the Eclogite–CaCO3–H2O + CO2 
System at 4 GPa and 1200–1300°C
N. S. Gorbachev, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
Yu. B. Shapovalov and A. V. Kostyuk 
p. 524  

Uranium-Bearing Srilankite from High-Pressure 
Garnetites of the Southern Urals: First Data
I. A. Gottman, E. V. Pushkarev and V. V. Khiller 
p. 529  

Isotopic and Geochemical Characteristics of
Western Arctic Ice-Rafted Sediments
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, 
V. P. Shevchenko, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
A.B. Kuznetsov, R. Stein and S. Gerland 
p. 534  


Increase in the Stratospheric NO2 Content 
Derived from Results of Ground-Based Observations 
after the October 2003 Solar Proton Event
V. Yu. Ageyeva, A. N. Gruzdev and A. S. Elokhov 
p. 539  


Numerical Analysis of Surge Phenomena, Currents, 
and Pollution Transport in the Sea of Azov
Academician of the RAS V. A. Ivanov and T. Ya. Shul’ga 
p. 543