Doklady Earth Sciences, Vol. 478, No. 2, 2018


Lower Carboniferous Siderites: A Product of Bottom
Seeps and Bacterial Metanogenesis (Subpolar Urals)
A. I. Antoshkina and N. N. Ryabinkina 
p. 139  

Ranking the Productivity Potential of Ore-Placer
Nodes of the Amur Gold-bearing Province
A. V. Melnikov, Academician V. G. Moiseenko 
and V. A. Stepanov 
p. 143  

The U–Pb System in Schorlomite from Calcite–Amphobole–Pyroxene 
Pegmatite of the Afrikanda Complex (Kola Peninsula)
E. B. Salnikova, M. V. Stifeeva, A. R. Chakhmouradian, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Glebovitsky and 
E. P. Reguir 
p. 148  

Pool Structures: A New Type of Interaction Zones of 
Lithospheric Plate Flows
Foreign Member of the RAS R. G. Garetskyi and M. G. Leonov 
p. 152  

Late Carboniferous Monzonite–Granosyenite Magmatism 
in the Northern Balkhash Region (Central Kazakhstan)
P. V. Ermolov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
K. E. Degtyarev, E. B. Salnikova, A. A. Tretyakov, 
A. B. Kotov, I. V. Anisimova and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 156  

N and C Isotopic Compositions of the Lower Triassic 
of Southern Primorye and Reconstruction of Habitat 
Conditions of Marine Organisms after Mass Extinction 
at the End of the Permian
Y. D. Zakharov, M. Horacek, Y. Shigeta, 
A. M. Popov and T. Maekawa 
p. 161  

Features of the Ore Forming Process on the Dvoinoye 
Epithermal Au–Ag Deposit (Western Chukotka)
E. E. Kolova, A. V. Volkov, N. E. Savva, V. Yu. Prokof’ev 
and Corresponding Member of the RAS A. A. Sidorov 
p. 166  

Rift–Related Sediments of the Passive Continental 
Margin of the Paleo-Asian Ocean (Baikal Segment)
A. M. Mazukabzov, A. M. Stanevich, Corresponding 
Member of the RAS D. P. Gladkochub, T. V. Donskaya, 
V. B. Khubanov, Z. L. Motova and T. A. Kornilova 
p. 171  

New Data on the Composition of Cretaceous Volcanic 
Rocks of the Alazeya Plateau, Northeastern Yakutia
N. V. Tsukanov and S. G. Skolotnev 
p. 175  

The First Precise Data on the Age of Charoite 
Mineralization (Eastern Siberia, Russia)
A. V. Ivanov, V. A. Gorovoy, D. P. Gladkochub, 
A. S. Shevelev and N. V. Vladykin 
p. 179  

The Oldest Granites of Russia: Paleoarchean (3343 Ma) 
Subalkali Granites of the Okhotsk Massif
V. K. Kuzmin, E. S. Bogomolov, Corresponding Member 
of the RAS V. A. Glebovitskii and N. V. Rodionov 
p. 183  

Origin of the Early Sial Crust and U–Pb 
Isotope–Geochemical Heterogeneity of the Earth’s Mantle
M. A. Mishkin, A. D. Nozhkin, G. M. Vovna, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. G. Sakhno 
and A. A. Veldemar 
p. 190  

Extent of the Middle Cretaceous Orogen in 
Eastern Asia and the Geodynamic Causes of Its Transformation
N. I. Filatova 
p. 194  

The Hirnantian ?13C Positive Excursion in 
the Nabiullino Section (South Urals)
R. R. Yakupov, T. M. Mavrinskaya and 
I. V. Smoleva 
p. 199  

Geochemistry Cosmogenic Substances in the Zhamanshin Crater T. A. Gornostaeva, A. V. Mokhov, P. M. Kartashov and Academician O. A. Bogatikov p. 204 U–Pb Age and Geochemical Characteristics of Ultramafic–Mafic Rocks of the Dzhida Zone Ophiolite Association (Southwestern Transbaikalia) A. L. Elbaev, Corresponding Member of the RAS I. V. Gordienko, T. B. Bayanova, D. V. Gorokhovskiy, D. A. Orsoev, R. A. Badmatsyrenova and O. V. Zarubina p. 208 Sources of Matter and Ore-Producing Fluid of the Tamunyer Gold–Sulfide Deposit (Northern Urals): Isotope Results D. A. Zamyatina and V. V. Murzin p. 211 Nanodiamond Formation at the Lithogenesis and Low-Stages of Regional Metamorphism S. K. Simakov, N. N. Melnik and V. I. Vyalov p. 214
Geophysics The Density Jump at the Inner Core Boundary in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres D. N. Krasnoshchekov and V. M. Ovtchinnikov p. 219 The Two-Layer Geodynamo Model M. Yu. Reshetnyak p. 224
Geography The Influence of Climate Change on the Intensity of Ice Gouging of the Bottom by Hummocky Formations S. A. Ogorodov, V. V. Arkhipov, A. V. Baranskaya, O. V. Kokin and A. O. Romanov p. 228
Geochemistry Contraction of Spawning Areas in the Baksan River and Pollution of Superficial Water of Adjacent Territories S. F. Vinokurov, A. G. Gurbanov, Academician O. A. Bogatikov, B. S. Karamurzov, V. M. Gazeev, A. V. Shevchenko, V. A. Sychkova, S. M. Dolov and Z. I. Dudarov p. 232 Experimental Study of REEs, Ba, and Sr Interphase Partitioning in Fluid–Magmatic Silicate Systems at T = 1250°C and P = 2 kbar N. I. Suk, A. R. Kotelnikov and Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu. B. Shapovalov p. 237
Geography New Data on Vegetation and Climate Reconstruction in the Baikal-Patom Highland (Eastern Siberia) in the Last Glacial Maximum and Early Holocene A. Henry, E. V. Bezrukova, A. V. Teten’kin and Academician M. I. Kuz’min p. 241 The Long-Term Pattern of Temperature and Precipitation in the Southern Urals D. Yu. Vasil’ev, V. M. Pavleychik, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Semenov, J. T. Sivohip and Academician A. A. Chibilev p. 245
Geochemistry A Unique Find of Rhenium-bearing Wolframite in Ongonites of the Russian Far East V. I. Alekseev and Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu. B. Marin p. 250 The First Results of Study of Hydrocarbon Biomarkers and Hydrocarbons of a Diamond-like Structure in the Riphean, Vendian, and Lower Cambrian Rocks of the Katanga Saddle G. N. Gordadze, V. Yu. Kerimov, A. V. Gaiduk, M. V. Giruts, M. A. Lobusev, S. G. Serov, N. B. Kuznetsov and T. V. Romanyuk p. 253
Geophysics The First Heat Flow Measurements on the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago D. S. Nikitin and M. D. Khutorskoi p. 258
Geography Evaluation of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation Impact on Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation in the Atlantic Region in Summer Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Semenov and E. A. Cherenkova p. 263
Oceanology Aerosols in the Near-Water Surface Layer of the Caspian Sea Academician A. P. Lisitzin, V. N. Lukashin, A. N. Novigatsky, A. A. Klyuvitkin, O. M. Dara and N. V. Politova p. 268