Doklady Earth Sciences, 2017, V 477, N 2.


Age and Geological Position of the Okunyovo Rare-Metal
Ore Magmatic Complex (Western Sayan Mountains)
D. A. Lykhin, Academician V. V. Yarmolyuk, 
A. A. Vorontsov and A. V. Travin 
p. 1379  

Specific Features of Basalts from the Western Part of 
Andrew Bain Fault, Southwest Indian Ridge
A. A. Peyve and S. G. Skolotnev 
p. 1384  

U–Pb SHRIMP II Age and Origin of Zircon from 
Lhertzolite of the Bug Paleoarchean Complex, Ukrainian Shield
S. B. Lobach-Zhuchenko, Sh. K. Baltybaev, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Glebovitsky, 
S. A. Sergeev, K. O. Lokhov, Yu. S. Egorova, 
V. V. Balagansky, S. G. Skublov, O. L. Galankina 
and L. M. Stepanyuk 
p. 1391  

Pt Content of Cu–Ni Deposits and Ore Occurrences 
in the Stanovoi Ni-Bearing Province (Far East, Russia)
A. V. Melnikov, V. E. Strikha and 
Academician V. G. Moiseenko 
p. 1396  

Geochemistry Adakite-Gabbro-Anorthosite Magmatism at the Final (576–546 Ma) Development Stage of the Neoproterozoic Active Margin in the South-West of the Siberian Craton A. E. Vernikovskaya, Academician V. A. Vernikovsky, N. Yu. Matushkin, P. I. Kadilnikov, I. V. Romanova and A. N. Larionov p. 1402 Sr Isotope Composition in Belemnites from the Jurassic–Cretaceous Boundary Section (Maurynya River , Western Siberia) Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Kuznetsov, O. P. Izokh, O. S. Dzyuba and Corresponding Member of the RAS B. N. Shurygin p. 1408 Metal Cation Exchange Reactions of Ore Minerals in Fe–Mn Crusts of the Marcus Wake Rise (Pacific Ocean) in Aqueous–Salt Solutions G. V. Novikov, O. Yu. Bogdanova, M. E. Melnikov, A. N. Drozdova, N. V. Lobus and N. A. Shulga p. 1414 Evolution of the Microelement Composition of the Elet-Ozero Magmatic System Academician I. D. Ryabchikov and Academician L. N. Kogarko p. 1419 Effect of the Presence of As, Bi, and Te on the Behavior of Pt Metals during Fractionation Crystallization of Sulfide Magma E. F. Sinyakova, V. I. Kosyakov and A. S. Borisenko p. 1422
Geography Structural Mechanisms of Ice Deformation V. I. Solomatin p. 1426 New Evidence of the Nonglaciated Development of the Northern Part of the Western Siberian Lowland in the Quaternary Period V. S. Sheinkman, Academician V. P. Melnikov, S. N. Sedov and V. P. Parnachev p. 1430
Oceanology The Vortex Mechanism of Suppression of Tsunami Waves by Underwater Obstacles B. V. Boshenyatov p. 1434
Geochemistry Growth and Morphology of High-Germanium Single Crystals V. S. Balitsky, D. V. Balitsky, Academician D. Yu. Pushcharovsky, T. V. Setkova, L. V. Balitskaya and A. N. Nekrasov p. 1437 The Kargapole Meteorite: New Data on Mineralogy Yu. V. Erokhin, Academician V. A. Koroteev, V. V. Khiller, E. V. Burlakov, K. S. Ivanov and D. A. Kleimenov p. 1441 The First Identification of Hydrogeochemical Indicators of Mud Volcanic Activity O. A. Nikitenko, V. V. Ershov and Corresponding Member of the RAS B. W. Levin p. 1445 Refined ?13Ñ Trend of the Dal’nyaya Taiga Series of the Ura Uplift (Vendian, Southern Part of Middle Siberia) S. V. Rud’ko, P. Yu. Petrov, Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Kuznetsov, A. V. Shatsillo and O. L. Petrov p. 1449 The Paleoproterozoic Kandalaksha Anorthosite Massif: New U–Pb (ID–TIMS) Data and Geochemical Features of Zircon E. N. Steshenko, Corresponding Member of the RAS A. I. Nikolaev, T. B. Bayanova, S. V. Drogobuzhskaya, V. V. Chashchin, P. A. Serov, L. M. Lyalina and A. I. Novikov p. 1454 Morphology of the Nyurba Kimberlite Pipe and Its Relationship with the Dolerite Dike M. D. Tomshin, Academician N. P. Pokhilenko and E. V. Tarskikh p. 1458
Geophysics The Probability Distribution of Extreme Precipitation V. Yu. Korolev and A. K. Gorshenin p. 1461 Human Footprints on Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Cryogenic Ecosystems D. V. Karelin, S. V. Goryachkin, D. G. Zamolodchikov, A. V. Dolgikh, E. P. Zazovskaya, V. A. Shishkov and G. N. Kraev p. 1467
Geochemistry Natural Periodic Processes and Climate Variability in the Northern Hemisphere V. V. Babich, A. V. Darin, L. G. Smolyaninova and I. A. Kalugin p. 1470 Analysis and Characterization of Ash-Free Coals from the Pechora Coal Basin Obtained by Organic Solvent Extraction N. S. Burdelnaya, I. N. Burtsev, D. A. Bushnev, D. V. Kuzmin and M. V. Mokeev p. 1473 Geochemical Features of the Kuroko-Type Mineralization of Hotaidokh Deposit (Northeastern Russia) A. V. Volkov, N. E. Savva, K. Yu. Murashov and Corresponding Member of the RAS A. A. Sidorov p. 1478 Synthesis of Hydrocarbons by CO2 Fluid Conversion with Hydrogen: Experimental Modeling at 7.8 GPa and 1350°C A. G. Sokol, A. A. Tomilenko, T. A. Bul’bak and Academician N. V. Sobolev p. 1483
Geophysics Successive Recognition of Significant and Strong Earthquake-Prone Areas: The Baikal–Transbaikal Region Academician A. D. Gvishiani, B. A. Dzeboev, I. O. Belov, N. A. Sergeeva and E. V. Vavilin p. 1488 Seismoacoustic Effects of the Hovsgol Earthquake (Mw = 4.9) of December 5, 2014 A. A. Dobrynina, V. A. Sankov, V. V. Chechelnitsky, L. R. Tcydypova and V. I. German p. 1494 Seismotectonic Deformations Related to the 2010 Maule Earthquake at Different Stages of the Seismic Cycle from Satellite Geodetic Observations Corresponding Member of the RAS L. I. Lobkovsky, I. S. Vladimirova, Yu. V. Gabsatarov, B. V. Baranov, I. A. Garagash and G. M. Steblov p. 1498 Analysis of Changes in Tornadogenesis Conditions over Northern Eurasia Based on a Simple Index of Atmospheric Convective Instability A. V. Chernokulsky, M. V. Kurgansky and Academician I. I. Mokhov p. 1504
Geography Allochthonous and Autochthonous Organic Matter in Natural Waters: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Patterns of Transformation and Quantitative and Qualitative Compositions P. A. Lozovik, M. V. Zobkova, A. V. Ryzhakov, M. B. Zobkov, T. A. Efremova, A. V. Sabylina and T. V. Efremova p. 1510