Doklady Earth Sciences, 2017, V 472, N 2.


The First Finding of Reliable Jurassic 
Radiolarians in the Crimea
V. S. Vishnevskaya, A. S. Alekseev and E. A. Zhegallo 
p. 127  

Rescaling of Fluid-Conducting Fault Structures
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Petrov, 
M. Lespinasse, V. V. Poluektov, S. A. Ustinov 
and V. A. Minaev 
p. 130  

Geochemical and Lu/Hf Isotopic (LA–ICP–MS) Systematics
of Detrital Zircons from the Upper Ordovician
Sandstones of the Bashkir Uplift (Southern Urals)
T. V. Romanyuk, N. B. Kuznetsov, E. A. Belousova, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS K. E. Degtyarev, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, 
V. M. Gorozhanin, E. N. Gorozhanina and E. S. Pyzhova 
p. 134  

Spatial–Temporal Trends of Late Mesozoic Plume 
Magmatism in the Arctic during Formation of 
the Amerasian Basin
E. V. Shipilov, Corresponding Member 
of the RAS L. I. Lobkovskiy and R. Yu. Yurik 
p. 138  

Finds of Ediacaran-Type Fossils in Vendian 
Deposits of the Yudoma Group, Eastern Siberia
A. Yu. Ivantsov 
p. 143  

The Oligocene Gap in the Formation of Co-rich 
Ferromanganese Crusts and Sedimentation in the 
Pacific Ocean and the Effects of Bottom Currents
M. V. Kononov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
L. I. Lobkovskii and G. V. Novikov 
p. 147  

Age of Overthrust-Type Granites in the 
Accretionary?Collisional System of the 
Early Caledonides (Western Baikal Region)
E. I. Mikheev, A. G. Vladimirov, V. S. Fedorovsky, 
T. B. Bayanova, A. M. Mazukabzov, A. V. Travin, 
N. I. Volkova, S. V. Khromykh, V. V. Khlestov 
and P. A. Tishin 
p. 152  

Tectonomagmatic Cycles and Geodynamic Conditions 
of Formation of the Ore-Bearing Systems 
in the Southern Argun’ Region
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Petrov, 
O. V. Andreeva, V. V. Poluektov and D. V. Kovalenko 
p. 159  

The Early Cambrian Age of Intraplate Mafic–Ultramafic 
Plutons of the Ulutau Sialic Massif (Central Kazakhstan)
A. A. Tretyakov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
K. E. Degtyarev, A. B. Kotov, E. B. Salnikova, 
I. V. Anisimova and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 163  

The Role of Tectonic Flow of Crustal Material 
in the Formation of the Sea of Japan and 
the Sea of Okhotsk
V. P. Utkin 
p. 167  

A Unique Ore-Placer Cluster with High-Hg 
Gold Mineralization in the Amur Region (Russia)
V. A. Stepanov, Academician V. G. Moyseenko 
and A. V. Melnikov 
p. 173  


Geochemical Features of Paleozoic Au–Ag 
Epithermal Deposits (Northeastern Russia)
A. V. Volkov, Corresponding Member of the 
RAS A. A. Sidorov, N. E. Savva, 
E. E. Kolova and K. Yu. Murashov 
p. 178  

Plume Magmatism in the Northeastern Part 
of the Altai–Sayan Region: Stages, 
Source Compositions, and Geodynamics 
(Exemplified by the Minusinsk Depression)
A. A. Vorontsov, O. Yu. Perfilova, 
M. M. Buslov, A. V. Travin, M. L. Makhlaev, 
S. I. Dril and Ya. I. Katraevskaya 
p. 184  


The Link between Smoke Blanketing of European
Russia in Summer 2016, Siberian Wildfires 
and Anomalies of Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation
S. A. Sitnov, Academician I. I. Mokhov 
and G. I. Gorchakov 
p. 190  

Peculiarities of Subsoil Gas Dynamics before 
the Ě 7.2 Zhupanovo Earthquake of January 
30, 2016, Kamchatka
P. P. Firstov, E. O. Makarov and I. P. Glukhova 
p. 196  


New Data on Variations of Stable Isotopes in 
the Pingo Ice Core in the Southern Part 
of the Tazovsky Peninsula
Yu. K. Vasil’chuk, N. A. Budantseva, A. C. Vasil’chuk, 
V. V. Rogov, Ye. Ye. Podborny and Ju. N. Chizhova 
p. 200  


Complexing–Precipitating Geochemical Barriers
A. V. Savenko 
p. 205  


Study of Acoustic Noise on Valaam Island
A.S. Belyakov, V. S. Lavrov and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS A.V. Nikolaev 
p. 208  

The Character of Scaling Earthquake Source 
Spectra for Kamchatka in the 3.5–6.5 Magnitude Range
A. A. Gusev and E. M. Guseva 
p. 211  

Acoustic and Electromagnetic Emissions 
Preceding the Earthquake in Kamchatka
G. I. Druzhin, Yu. V. Marapulets, 
N. V. Cherneva, A. Yu. Isaev and A. A. Solodchuk 
p. 215  


The Effect of Radioactive Waste Storage in 
Andreev Bay on Contamination of the Barents Sea Ecosystem
Academician G. G. Matishov, G. V. Ilyin, I. S. Usyagina, 
D. V. Moiseev, Salve Dahle, N. E. Kasatkina 
and D. A. Valuyskaya 
p. 220  


Trace Elements in Phosphorites from Kotelny 
Island (New Siberian Islands)
G. N. Baturin 
p. 226  

A Likely Reason for the Appearance of the Daly 
Gap in Magmatic Series of Large Igneous Provinces: 
Geological and Petrological Evidence
E. V. Sharkov and Academician O. A. Bogatikov 
p. 231  


Ferromanganese Nodules from the Kara Sea: 
Interrelation between Organic Matter and Ore Elements
N. A. Shulga, A. N. Drozdova and V. I. Peresypkin 
p. 237  


A Ring of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances
around Moscow Megapolis
V. I. Zakharov, G. I. Gorchakov and 
V. E. Kunitsyn 
p. 241  


Chronostratigraphy of the Cheremoshnik Key Section 
(Yaroslavl Volga Region) Based on New Geochronological, 
Palynological, and Paleosol Data
A. V. Rusakov, A. A. Nikonov, L. A. Savelieva, 
A. N. Simakova, F. E. Maksimov, V. Yu. Kuznetsov, 
M. A. Korkka, V. B. Savenko and A. A. Starikova 
p. 244  


Current Trends of Ice Coverage Changes in the
Franz Josef Land Archipelago Area
Academician G. G. Matishov and A. P. Zhichkin 
p. 248  

Dynamics of the Main Components of Fluxes of 
Sedimentary Matter in the White Sea
Academician A. P. Lisitzin, A. N. Novigatsky, 
V. P. Shevchenko, A. A. Klyuvitkin, 
M. D. Kravchishina and N. V. Politova 
p. 252  

Manifestations of Motions of the Earth’s 
Pole in the El Nino–Southern Oscillation Rhythms
I. V. Serykh and D. M. Sonechkin 
p. 256