Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2016, N 466, N 2, February.

Part 1. Geology 
Geological Structure and Genesis of Quartz Veins in the Ufalei Complex 
Exemplified by the Vein 2136  
V. N. Anfilogov, L. Ya. Kabanova, M. A. Igumentceva, 
and N. K. Nikandrova 
p. 109   
Platinum Potential of Mafic?Ultramafic Massifs in the Western Part 
of the Dambuka Ore District (Upper Amur Region, Russia)  
A. V. Melnikov, V. A. Stepanov, and V. G. Moiseenko 
p. 113   
Changes in Environmental Conditions as the Cause 
of the Marine Biota Great Mass Extinction
at the Triassic?Jurassic Boundary  
M. S. Barash 
p. 119   
Granitoid Magmatism in the Arminskii Block of Central Sikhote Alin 
(Primorye, Far Eastern Russia): U?Pb Geochronology, 
3He/4He Isotopy, Petrochemistry, 
and Ore Mineralization  
V. G. Sakhno, S. V. Kovalenko, and A. V. Lyzganov 
p. 123   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Phase States of Hydrous?Hydrocarbon Fluids at Elevated and High Temperatures and Pressures: Study of the Forms and Maximal Depths of Oil Occurrence in the Earth?s Interior V. S. Balitsky, S. V. Penteley, J. Pironon, O. Barres, L. V. Balitskaya, and T. V. Setkova p. 130 The Fluid Phase Evolution during the Formation of Carbonatite of the Guli Massif: Evidence from the Isotope (C, N, Ar) Data A. I. Buikin, A. B. Verchovsky, L. N. Kogarko, V. A. Grinenko, and O. V. Kuznetsova p. 135 Geochemical and Sr?Nd Isotope Evidences of the Suprasubduction Nature of Mesozoic Magmatism in the Mongol?Okhotsk Sector of the Pacific Fold Belt I. M. Derbeko, A. V. Chugaev, T. I. Oleinikova, and N. S. Bortnikov p. 138 The Formation of Cobalt-Bearing Ferromanganese Crusts under Fluid Destruction of Silicate Matter S. O. Maksimov and P. P. Safronov p. 142 Emission of Carbon-Bearing Gases and Aerosols from Natural Fires on the Territory of Russia Based on Space Monitoring V. G. Bondur and A. S. Ginzburg p. 148 A Mathematical Model of the Global Processes of Plastic Degradation in the World Ocean with Account for the Surface Temperature Distribution S. I. Bartsev and J. I. Gitelson p. 153 The First Find of Biogenic Nanosiderite in Oxidized Ferrous Quartzite of the Lebedinsk Deposit, Kursk Magnetic Anomaly N. S. Bortnikov, V. M. Novikov, N. M. Boeva, A. P. Zhukhlistov, T. S. Gendler, E. A. Zhegallo, and S. V. Soboleva p. 157 Geochemical Peculiarities of Ores from the Largest Natalka Gold Deposit in Northeastern Russia A. V. Volkov, K. Yu. Murashov, and A. A. Sidorov p. 161 Distribution of REE, LILE, and HFSE between Biotite, Feldspar, and the Melt in the Granulite Facies Migmatite, Nimnyr Block, Aldan Shield V. A. Glebovitskii and I. S. Sedova p. 165 The Effect of Long-Range Atmospheric Transport of Organochlorine Compounds by Soil Studies from Mongolia to the Arctic E. A. Mamontova, E. N. Tarasova, A. A. Mamontov, and M. I. Kuzmin p. 169 Inclusions of Cr- and Cr?Nb-Rutile in Pyropes from the Internatsionalnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Yakutia D. I. Rezvukhin, V. G. Malkovets, I. S. Sharygin, D. V. Kuzmin, K. D. Litasov, A. A. Gibsher, N. P. Pokhilenko, and N. V. Sobolev p. 173 Properties and Origin of Small Particles in the Atmosphere of Central Asia V. V. Adushkin, B. B. Chen, S. I. Popel, P. G. Weidler, F. Friedrich, and Yu. N. Izvekova p. 177 Large Scale Interaction of Seismically Active Tectonic Provinces: The Example of Southern California V. G. Bondur, I. A. Garagash, and M. B. Gokhberg p. 183 The Possibility of Passive Acoustic Monitoring of a Scuba Diver V. I. Korenbaum, S. V. Gorovoy, A. A. Tagiltsev, A. E. Kostiv, A. E. Borodin,I. A. Pochekutova, A. M. Vasilistov, A. C. Krupenkov, A. D. Shiryaev, and D. I. Vlasov p. 187 Age of Zircons from the Xenolith of Metapelite in Granitoids of the Verkhisetsk Massif (Middle Urals): Evidence for Granite-Related Stages of Metamorphism E. A. Zinkova and S. V. Pribavkin p. 191 Experimental Modeling of Native Carbon Formation in a C?O?H Fluid System L. A. Ivanova, T. G. Shumilova, V. Ya. Medvedev, M. V. Marchuk, S. I. Isaenko, and S. S. Shevchuk p. 196 Paleoproterozoic Gabbro?Diorite?Granite Magmatism of the Batomga Rise (NE Aldan Shield): Sm?Nd Isotope Geochemical Evidence V. K. Kuzmin, E. S. Bogomolov, and V. A. Glebovitskii p. 199 Inclusions of Crichtonite Group Minerals in Pyropes from the Internatsionalnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Yakutia D. I. Rezvukhin, V. G. Malkovets, I. S. Sharygin, D. V. Kuzmin, A. A. Gibsher, K. D. Litasov, N. P. Pokhilenko, and N. V. Sobolev p. 206 Acoustic Method for Defining the Stress State of a Rock Massif Based on Solution of the Seismic Inverse Problem L. A. Nazarov, L. A. Nazarova, E. I. Romenskii, V. A. Tcheverda, and M. I. Epov p. 210 Wave Responses from Oil Reservoirs in the Arctic Shelf Zone A. V. Favorskaya and I. B. Petrov p. 214