Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2014, V 455, N 2, April.

Part 1. Geology 

The Discovery of Late Jurassic Dinosaurs in Russia 
V. R. Alifanov p. 365  

Prospects of Antarctica for Finding 
Economic Apatite Deposits 
E. V. Belyaev p. 368  

First U–Pb Age of Detrital Zircons from Sandstones of the 
Upper Emsian Takaty Formation of the Western Urals with 
Regard to the Problem of Primary Sources 
of the Uralian Diamond Placers 
N. B. Kuznetsov, T. V. Romanyuk, A. V. Shatsillo, 
S. Yu. Orlov, V. M. Gorozhanin, 
E. N. Gorozhanina, E. S. Seregina, N. S. Ivanova, and J. Meert 
p. 370  

Middle Pleistocene Warming Phase Based on the Deposits of
a Buried Oyster Reef, 
Southern Lesser Kuril Islands 
N. G. Razjigaeva, L. A. Ganzey, T. A. Grebennikova, 
N. I. Belyanina,A. M. Lebedev, F. E. Maksimov,
 and V. Yu. Kuznetsov 
p. 376  

The Northward Continental Drift Component in the Phanerozoic, 
Its Possible Cause, and Structural Consequences 
M. A. Goncharov, Yu. N. Raznitsyn, and Yu. V. Barkin 
p. 383  

New Evidence of the Late Palaeozoic Age of the
Quartzite–Schist Frame 
of the Ilmenogorsk Complex (Southern Urals) 
V. G. Korinevsky and E. V. Korinevsky 
p. 386  

New Data on the Tectonic Position of Mesozoic 
Rocks in Western Kamchatka Structures 
of the Middle Cretaceous Orogenic Belt in Eastern Asia 
N. I. Filatova 
p. 389  

Meimechite–Picrite Dikes of the Guli Pluton 
in the Northern Siberian Platform 
Yu. R. Vasil’ev, M. P. Gora, and 
A. V. Kulikova 
p. 395  

The Sediment Accommodation Space and 
Sedimentary Successions in Platformal Basins: 
Mechanisms of Formation 
S. O. Zorina 
p. 399  

First Estimates of Isotopic Ages for Volcanic 
Ash from Cenozoic Sequences 
of the Northern Okhotsk Region 
V. N. Smirnov, V. V. Akinin, and 
O. Yu. Glushkova 
p. 403  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography 

Mariinskite from the Bazhenovskii Ophiolite Complex: 
The Second Finds in the World 
Yu. V. Erokhin, V. V. Khiller, K. K. Zoloev,
M. P. Popov, and V. V. Grigor’ev 
p. 408  

Dal’negosrk Skarn Deposit, Sikhote–Alin: 
Stages and Sources of Matter for Borosilicate Ores 
O. A. Karas’ and V. V. Ratkin 
p. 411  

Variations of ?88Sr and 87Sr/86Sr in Neoproterozoic 
Sedimentary Carbonates 
(the Tsagaan Oloom Formation, West Mongolia) 
A. Yu. Kramchaninov and A. B. Kuznetsov 
p. 414  

Partitioning of Rare Elements Between 
Diamond-Forming Melts and Minerals 
of the Peridotite–Carbonatite System 
A. V. Kuzyura, Yu. A. Litvin, P. G. Vasil’ev, 
T. Jeffries, and F. Wall 
p. 419  

The Weekly Cycle of Diurnal Variation of 
the Carbon Monoxide Concentration 
in the Surface and Boundary Layers 
of the Urban Atmosphere 
G. I. Gorchakov, E. G. Semoutnikova, 
E. S. Baikova, and A. V. Karpov 
p. 425  

Formation of Frame Tectonogens in the 
Northeastern Part of the Baltic Shield 
V. T. Filatova 
p. 430  

Carbonatitic Melts in Olivine and Magnetite
 from Rare-Metal Carbonatite 
of the Belaya Zima Alkaline Carbonatite
Complex (East Sayan, Russia) 
I. A. Andreeva 
p. 436  

Zirconology of Ultramafic Rocks from the 
Vostochnotagilskii Massif (Middle Urals) 
A. A. Krasnobaev, A. I. Rusin, 
S. V. Busharina, and N. V. Rodionov 
p. 441  

The Role of Chloride–Carbonate Melts in
 the Formation of Sideritic Carbonatites 
of the Karasug Fe–F–REE Deposit 
(Tyva Republic, Russia) 
I. R. Prokop’ev, A. A. Borovikov, G. G. Pavlova, 
and A. S. Borisenko 
p. 446  

Micro-, Macro-, and Nanomorphology of Synthetic Diamonds 
V. I. Rakin and N. N. Piskunova 
p. 450  

The Theory of Atmospheric Disturbances 
Induced by Gravity Field Inhomogeneities 
L. Kh. Ingel and A. A. Macosco 
p. 454  

Hydrological Anomalies and Tendencies of Change 
in the Basin of the Amur River 
under Global Warming 
I. I. Mokhov 
p. 459  

Artificial Radionuclides in Edible Wild 
Mushrooms and Berries of the Murmansk Region 
G. G. Matishov, N. E. Kasatkina, 
I. S. Usyagina, and D. A. Farion 
p. 463  

Peculiarities of Distribution of Trace 
Elements in the Major Ore Types
from the Mesozoic Gold Deposits of 
East Transbaikalia 
B. N. Abramov 
p. 469  

Geochemical Features of Bedded Cherts 
in the Sikhote-Alin Tauhka Terrane 
and Facies Environments of Their Formation 
I. V. Kemkin and R. A. Kemkina 
p. 475  

Alluvial Gold Placers Directly Related 
to Primary Sources: An Important Forecast Criterion 
G. V. Nesterenko and S. M. Zhmodik 
p. 481  

Constraints on the Thermal Regime and 
Uranium Content in the Moon: 
Evidence from Seismic Data 
V. A. Kronrod, E. V. Kronrod, 
and O. L. Kuskov 
p. 485  

Manifestation of the Earth’s Free Oscillations
 in the Spectra of Seismic Acoustic Emission
in the Ural Superdeep Borehole 
A. K. Troyanov, P. S. Martyshko, B. P. Diakonov†, 
Yu. G. Astrakhantsev, 
N. I. Nachapkin, O. A. Kusonskii, and E. A. Bazhenova 
p. 490  

Volcanic Highlands in the South Atlantic Rift Zone 
A. V. Il’in 
p. 494