Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2013, V 448, N 2, February.

Part 1. Geology 

The Ordovician Urvantsev Evaporite Basin in 
the Northern Part of the Kara Sea 
N. A. Malyshev, V. A. Nikishin, A. M. Nikishin, 
V. V. Obmetko, and L. N. Kleshchina 
p. 157   

Magmatism Evolution and Carbonatite-Granite 
Association in the Neoproterozoic 
Active Continental Margin of the Siberian Craton: 
Thermochronological Reconstructions 
A. E. Vernikovskaya, V. M. Datsenko, 
V. A. Vernikovsky, N. Yu. Matushkin, 
Yu. M. Laevsky, I. V. Romanova, 
A. V. Travin, K. V. Voronin, and E. N. Lepekhina 
p. 161   

Structural Evolution of the Gonzha Block 
(Argun–Idermeg Superterrane
of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt) 
A. B. Kotov, A. M. Mazukabzov, T. M. Skovitina, A. P. Sorokin, 
S. D. Velikoslavinskii, and A. A. Sorokin 
p. 168   

A Catastrophic Tectonic Event in 
Summer 2011 in the Taman Peninsula 
V. I. Popkov, V. A. Fomenko, 
E. A. Glazyrin, and I. V. Popkov 
p. 172   

40Ar/39Ar Age of the Polyfacies Metamorphism 
of Sedimentary–Volcanogenic Sequences 
of Tunka Goltsy, Eastern Sayan 
L. Z. Reznitsky, A. V. Travin, V. G. Belichenko, 
S. I. Shkol’nik,I. G. Barash, and E. F. Letnikova 
p. 175   

Recent Hydrodynamic Activity of Submeridional 
Deep-Seated Fault Zones As an Indicator 
of the Petroleum Resource Potential of 
Sedimentary Basins (Northeastern Russia) 
A. A. Sidorov, V. E. Glotov, and A. V. Volkov 
p. 180   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Zirconology of Navysh Volcanic Rocks of the Ai Suit e and the Problem of the Age of the Lower Riphean Boundary in the Southern Urals A. A. Krasnobaev, V. N. Puchkov, V. I. Kozlov, N. D. Sergeeva, S. V. Busharina, and E. N. Lepekhina p. 185 Model of Garnet Oxygen Barometer for Mantle Peridotites and Potential Diamodiferous Ability Estimation on Its Basis S. K. Simakov p. 191 Compositional Variations of Spreading Basalts of the King’s Trough (Central Atlantic) and Possible Reasons for Them E. A. Chernysheva, M. V. Kuz’min, G. S. Kharin, and A. Ya. Medvedev p. 194 Melting of Kimberlite of the Udachnaya-East Pipe: Experimental Study at 3–6.5 GPa and 900–1500C I. S. Sharygin, K. D. Litasov, A. F. Shatskiy, A. V. Golovin, E. Ohtani, and N. P. Pokhilenko p. 200 Probability of Occurrence of a Very Strong Earthquake in the Central Kuril Region B. V. Baranov, L. I. Lobkovskii, and K. A. Dozorova p. 206 Winter Studies of Variations in Acoustic Noise in Boreholes A. S. Belyakov, V. S. Lavrov, and A. V. Nikolaev p. 209 A Fractal Earthquake Source with a Slip Zone Generates Acceleration Time Histories with Flat Spectra A. A. Gusev p. 211 Concept of Residence Time in Ecological Problems G. G. Matishov and V. G. Il’ichev p. 214 Gasobiogeochemical Studies of Chemobiosphere Objects V. I. Avilov and S. D. Avilova p. 217 Comparison of Mobility of Uranium and Technogenic Radionuclides in Bottom Sediments of the Yenisei River A. Ya. Bolsunovskii and A. G. Degermendzhi p. 221 Spatial Migration of Magmatic Activity within the Caucasian Segment of the Alpine Belt in the Early Neogene under the Conditions of Geotectonic Setting Change: Isotope–Geochronological Data V. A. Lebedev, V. N. Volkov, A. K. Sagatelyan, and I. V. Chernyshev p. 225 Relationship between Seismicity and the Filtering Field I. G. Kissin p. 232 Comparative Assessment of the Metal Load in the Bays and Inlets of Murmansk Coast by the Metal Pollution Index E. D. Obluchinskaya, E. G. Aleshina, and D. G. Matishov p. 236 Simulation of Spatiotemporal Spread of Rogue Waves R. V. Shamin and A. V. Yudin p. 240 EPR Spectroscopy of Cubic Diamonds from Placers in the North-East of the Siberian Platform: New Type of Nitrogen Centers R. M. Mineeva, N. N. Zudina, S. V. Titkov, I. D. Ryabchikov, A. V. Speransky, and N. G. Zudin p. 243 Geochemical Types of Granitization I. S. Sedova, V. A. Glebovitskii, and L. M. Samorukova p. 248 Application of the Pseudorelief Method for the Territory of the Bishkek Geodynamic Polygon V. Yu. Batalev p. 254 Simulation of the Global Biogeochemical Carbon Cycle with Account for Its Seasonal Dynamics and Analysis of Variations in Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations A. M. Tarko and V. V. Usatyuk p. 258 Self-Consistent Thermal Model of the Subcontinental Mantle A. P. Trubitsyn p. 262