Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2012, V 446, N 2, October.

Part 1. Geology  
Igneous Rocks in the Collisional 
Suture of Central Sakhalin  
V. M. Grannik 
p. 1139   
High-Siderophile Elements (Platinum Group and Re), 
187Os/188Os Isotopic Data 
on Volcanic Glasses from the Elgygytgyn 
Crater (Central Chukotka, Russia), and Their Origin  
V. G. Sakhno and R. Sh. Krymskii 
p. 1143   
A Calciosolenia brasiliensis (Coccolithophorida) 
Find in Neogene Sediments 
of a Deep Black Sea Basin and Its 
Connection with the Mediterranean  
A. S. Alekseev, V. M. Sorokin, 
V. N. Sokolov, and P. N. Kuprin 
p. 1148   
Geological Position, Geochemistry, and 
Geodynamic Formation Environments 
of Late Givetian-Early Frasnian 
Basalts in the Central Gornyi Altai Region  
N. N. Kruk and N. V. Sennikov 
p. 1151   
Late Riphean Microbial Colonies Adapted
to Desiccating Environments  
D. V. Grazhdankin, Yu. Yu. Goy, 
and A. V. Maslov 
p. 1157   
The Chelkar Peridotite?Gabbronorite 
Pluton (Kokchetav Massif, Northern Kazakhstan): 
Formation Type and Geochronology  
K. E. Degtyarev, A. A. Tret'yakov, A. B. Kotov, 
E. B. Sal?nikova, K. N. Shatagin, 
S. Z. Yakovleva, I. V. Anisimova, 
and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 1162   
Oriented Goethite Inclusions in Metamorphic 
Garnet of Alumina Gneisses
of the Orekhovo-Pavlograd Zone 
(Ukrainian Shield, Vasil'kovka Village Area)  
A. V. Yurchenko, Sh. K. Baltybaev, 
M. V. Morozov, and O. L. Galankina 
p. 1167   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography The Upper and Lower Age Boundaries of the Middle Riphean (Ti-Fe-V) Intrusions of the Kusinsko-Kopanskii Complex in the South Urals: U-Pb Dating of Zircons from the Medvedevskoe Deposi V. V. Kholodnov and E. S. Shagalov p. 1171 The Van Earthquake on October 23, 2011: Natural and Technogenic Causes E. V. Arkhipova, A. D. Zhigalin, L. I. Morozova, and A. V. Nikolaev p. 1176 Stabilization of the Planetary Climate in the Twenty-First Century by Transition to a New Paradigm of Energy Consumption A. A. Akaev p. 1180 Assessment of Impact from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accidental Emission on Western Arctic Seas (Barents Sea Case Study) G. G. Matishov, G. V. Il?in, N. E. Kasatkina, I. S. Usyagina, and E. V. Pavel'skaya p. 1185 Discovery Gap: The Terminal Point of Antarctic Bottom Water Spreading E. G. Morozov and R. Yu. Tarakanov p. 1190 Micro- and Nanostructures of Carbon in Pt-Low-Sulfide Ores of the Talnakh Deposit (Siberian Platform) V. V. Ryabov, V. A. Ponomarchuk, A. T. Titov, and D. V. Semenova p. 1193 Evolution and Radiation Effects of the Extreme Smoke Pollution over the European Part of Russia in the Summer of 2010 S. A. Sitnov, G. I. Gorchakov, M. A. Sviridenkov, and A. V. Karpov p. 1197 Evolution of Tere-Khol Lake and the Holocene Dynamics of the Environment in the Southeastern Part of the Sayan-Tuva Highland A. V. Panin, M. A. Bronnikova, O. N. Uspenskaya, I. A. Arzhantseva, E. A. Konstantinov, A. V. Koshurnikov, E. V. Selezneva, Yu. N. Fuzeina, and E. D. Sheremetskaya p. 1204 Abyssal Cataracts in the Romanche and Chain Fracture Zones E. G. Morozov, R. Yu. Tarakanov, V. Yu. Lyapidevskii, and N. I. Makarenko p. 1211 Nonconventional Types of Noble-, Rare-Metal, and Rare-Earth Mineralization in Coal-Bearing Basins in the Far East A. P. Sorokin, V. A. Chanturiya, V. I. Rozhdestvina, V. M. Kuzminykh, and S. M. Zhmodik p. 1215 Propagation of Oceanic Plates through the Boundary between the Upper and Lower Mantle V. P. Trubitsyn p. 1220 Thermodynamic and Convective Properties of Baikal Waters in the Region of Maximum Depths of Lake Baikal Based on Observations from the Manned Submersible MIR-2 during the Period of the Spring Thermal Bar P. P. Sherstyankin, V. A. Fialkov, E. S. Chernyaev, A. M. Sagalevich, V. G. Ivanov, L. N. Kuimova, and A. G. Kichigin p. 1223 Subinertial Motions over the Northeastern Shelf of the Black Sea G. G. Matishov and Yu. I. Inzhebeikin p. 1229