Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2011, V 441, N 2, December.

Part 1. Geology
The Petrochemical Method for Recognizing Geodynamic Formation Settings 
of Igneous Rocks (Shmidt Terrane, Sakhalin)  
V. M. Grannik and B. V. Levin 
p. 1607   
Evolution of Manganese Ore Genesis in the 
Earth's Geological History
and the Role of the Biosphere  
V. N. Kuleshov, E. A. Zhegallo, 
and E. L. Shkol'nik 
p. 1611   
Prospects of the Apatite-Bearing Potential
of the Baltic Shield and Its Slopes  
E. V. Belyaev and V. G. Chaikin 
p. 1616   
Isotope Dating of Lherzolite-Type 
Ophiolites in the Tamvatnei Massif, 
Koryak-Kamchatka Fold Region: 
Zircon-Based SHRIMP U-Pb Data on Quartz Dolerite  
S. A. Palandzhyan 
p. 1619   
Gabbro?Picrite Massifs in the Folded System 
of the Eastern Kazakhstan Hercynides: 
An Indicator of Plume-Collisional 
Lithosphere Interaction  
S. V. Khromykh, A. G. Vladimirov, 
A. V. Travin, and S. S. Lobanov 
p. 1624   
The Mechetlino Section (South Ural): A Potential Limitotype 
of the Artinskian-Kungurian Stage Boundary  
B. I. Chuvashov and V. V. Chernykh 
p. 1629   
Evolution of Silica Accumulation in the Earth's 
History and Its Relation to Biota Development  
V. G. Kuznetsov 
p. 1633   
Impactites of the Elgygytgyn Impact Crater: 
U-Pb (SHRIMP) and Re-Os Isotope Age Dating: 
Peculiarities of Their Microelement and 
Rare Earth Element Composition
and 187Os/188Os Isotopy (Central Chukotka, Russia)  
V. G. Sakhno, R. Sh. Krymskii, 
and O. Yu. Glushkova 
p. 1637    

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Ultrahigh-Pressure (UHP) Associations in Ultramafites of the Maksutov Complex (Southern Urals) P. M. Valizer, A. A. Krasnobaev, and A. I. Rusin p. 1645 Sources of Devonian Magmatism in the Minusa Trough Based on Geochemical and Sr-Nd Isotopic Characteristics of Basites A. A. Vorontsov, G. S. Fedoseev, S. V. Andryushchenko, and Yu. A. Pakhol'chenko p. 1649 Geochronological Scale and Evolution of Late Cenozoic Magmatism within the Caucasian Segment of the Alpine Belt V. A. Lebedev, I. V. Chernyshev, and E. V. Sharkov p. 1656 The First Discovery of Uytenbogaardtite in Taimyr (Konechnoe Occurrence) V. F. Proskurnin, G. A. Palyanova, N. S. Karmanov, A. A. Bagaeva, A. V. Gavrish, and B. S. Petrushkov p. 1661 Extreme Carbon Monoxide Pollution of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Moscow Region in the Summer of 2010 G. S. Golitsyn, G. I. Gorchakov, E. I. Grechko, E. G. Semoutnikova, V. S. Rakitin, E. V. Fokeeva, A. V. Karpov, G. A. Kurbatov, E. S. Baikova, and T. P. Safrygina p. 1666 New Data on the Deep Structure of the Northern Break of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption (1975-1976) Yu. A. Kugaenko, V. A. Saltykov, A. V. Gorbatikov, M. Yu. Stepanova, and I. F. Abkadyrov p. 1673 Impact of Wildfire in Russia between 1998-2010 on Ecosystems and the Global Carbon Budget A. Z. Shvidenko, D. G. Shchepashchenko, E. A. Vaganov, A. I. Sukhinin?, Sh. Sh. Maksyutov, I. McCallum, and I. P. Lakyda p. 1678 Zirconology of Amphibolites of the Selyankinskaya Series of the Il'meny Mountains (Southern Urals) A. A. Krasnobaev, P. M. Valizer, A. I. Rusin, S. V. Busharina, E. V. Medvedeva, and N. V. Rodionov p. 1683 Prediction of Possible Climate Warming Impacts on Land Water Chemistry T. I. Moiseenko, N. A. Gashkina, and V. Yu. Horoshavin p. 1688 Native Ytterbium of Regolith AS Luna-24 A. V. Mokhov, P. M. Kartashov, T. A. Gornostaeva, and O. A. Bogatikov p. 1692 Comparison of the Compositions of Clinopyroxenes, Garnets, and Spinels from Mantle and Crustal- Peridotites of Collisional High-Pressure/Ultrahigh-Pressure Zones A. Yu. Selyatitskii and V. V. Reverdatto p. 1695 Genesis of Apatite-Fluorite Rock in the Burpala Pluton I. A. Sotnikova, V. Yu. Prokofiev, and N. V. Vladykin p. 1703 Assessment of the Response of Subaqueous Methane Hydrate Deposits to Possible Climate Change in the Twenty-First Century S. N. Denisov, M. M. Arzhanov, A. V. Eliseev, and I. I. Mokhov p. 1706 Sources, Seasonal Variability, and Trajectories of Atmospheric Aerosols over Central Siberian Forest Ecosystems A. V. Panov, J. Heintzenberg, W. Birmili, R. Otto, X. Chi, G. K. Zrazhevskaya, A. V. Timokhina, S. V. Verkhovets, M. Andrea, and A. A. Onuchin p. 1710 Nonlinear Internal Waves in a Large Lake N. N. Filatov, R. E. Zdorovennov, A. Yu. Terzhevik, and K. Hutter p. 1715 Biomineralization and Magnetic and Thermal Properties of the Iron Concretion from the Laterite Bauxite Deposit of Bao Lok, South Vietnam N. S. Bortnikov, V. M. Novikov, T. S. Gendler, G. O. Piloyan, E. A. Zhegallo, and N. M Boeva p. 1719 The First Discovery of Abnormal (Y+REE)-Enriched Zircons in Rocks of the Baltic Shield S. G. Skublov, Yu. B. Marin, O. L. Galankina, S. G. Simakin, T. M. Myskova, and B. Yu. Astaf'ev p. 1724 Indicative Properties of Lazurite as a Member of Clathrasil Mineral Family V. L. Tauson, A. N. Sapozhnikov, S. N. Shinkareva, and E. E. Lustenberg' p. 1732 On the Formation of Element Carbon during Decomposition of CaCO3 at High P-T Parameters under Reducing Conditions A. I. Chepurov, V. M. Sonin, E. I. Zhimulev, A. A. Chepurov, and A. A. Tomilenko p. 1738 Geochemical Peculiarities of Ore-forming Fluids and Conditions of Formation of Gold Mineralization of the Butarnoe Deposit (Northeast of Russia) N. V. Cherepanova, V. Yu. Prokof'ev, A. V. Volkov, N. V. Trubkin, V. I. Starostin, and A. A. Sidorov p. 1742 Submarine Underground Discharge and Possible Mechanism Responsible for Dissociation of Marine Methane Hydrates in the Arctic Region A. V. Dzyuba and I. S. Zektser p. 1748 Influence of Mesoscale Eddies on Sound Propagation in the Northwest Pacific Ocean V. A. Akulichev, L. K. Bugaeva, Yu. N. Morgunov, and A. A. Solov'ev p. 1753 Evolution of Intrathermocline Eddies Moving over a Submarine Hill B. N. Filyushkin, M. A. Sokolovskiy, N. G. Kozhelupova, and I. M. Vagina p. 1757 Author Index to Volumes 436-441, 2011 p. 1761 Contents of Volumes 436-441, 2011 p.1771