Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2010, V 435, N 2, December.

Part 1. Geology   
About Kimberlite Indicator Minerals in the Triassic 
Tuffs of the Tunguska Sineclise  
V. P. Afanasiev, N.S. Tychkov, N. P. Pokhilenko, 
and Yu. I. Ovchinnikov 
p. 1555     
Age and Geodynamic Setting of the Formation
of the Dess Gold?Silver Deposit 
(North Stanovoi Metallogenic Zone, Southeastern
Fringes of the North Asian Craton)  
I. V. Buchko, A. A.Sorokin, V. A. Ponomarchuk, 
A. V. Travin, A. P. Sorokin, and Ir. V. Buchko    
p. 1560     
Extension in the Baikal Rift and the 
Depth of Basalt Magma Generation  
A. V. Ivanov and E.I. Demonterova 
p. 1564     
New Data on the Rock Composition of the Bahia Seamounts 
(Brazil Basin, South Atlantic Ocean)   
S. G. Skolotnev, A.A. Peive, A. E. Eskin, 
V. V. Petrova, and I. S. Patina 
p. 1569     
The Age of Metamorphism of Granulite Complexes
of the Voronezh Crystalline Massif: 
The Monazite U-Pb Geochronology   
K. A. Savko, A. B. Kotov, E. B. Sal'nikova, 
E. Kh. Korish, S. M. Pilyugin, 
G. V. Artemenko, and S. P. Korikovskii 
p. 1575     
New Data on the Structure of the Bahia Seamounts 
(Western Portion of the Brazil Basin, South Atlantic)  
S. G. Skolotnev, A. A. Peive, and A. E. Eskin, 
p. 1581     
Granitoid Magmatism and Hydrous Metamorphism 
in the History of the Uralian Platinum Belt: 
Sm-Nd (ID-TIMS) Isotope Constraints  
A. A. Efimov, Yu. L. Ronkin, and O. P. Lepikhina 
p. 1586     
Early Mesozoic Carbonatites in Folded 
Formations of the Taimyr Peninsula   
O. V. Petrov and V.F. Proskurin 
p. 1592     
Gold-Bearing Explosive Breccias of the 
Vanin Stock: A New Type of Mineralization 
in Northeastern Russia   
A. A. Sidorov, V.A. Sidorov, and A. V. Volkov 
p. 1596     

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography
Geochemical Specifics of Ultrabasic Lavas in the Sredinnyi Ridge, Kamchatka E. G. Konnikov, V.A. Poletaev, O. Yu. Zakrevskaya, E. G. Sidorov, and E. K. Ibragimova p. 1602 Nano-Sized Gold in Ores of the Pokrovskoe Deposit V. G. Moiseenko, N. V. Moiseenko, and P. P. Safronov p.1607 Bismuth-Rich Aurostibite: A Product of Maldonite Replacement in a Volcanogenic?Plutonogenic Darasun Deposit (Eastern Transbaikalia) E. M. Spiridonov, N. N. Krivitskaya, I. A. Bryzgalov, I. M. Kulikova, and M. D. Gorodetskaya p. 1611 Correlation between the Diurnal Periodicity of Weak Earthquakes and the Variations in Natural Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Variations V. A. Gavrilov, V. I. Zhuravlev, and Yu. V. Morozova p. 1614 On the Possibility of Geodynamic Typification of Oil Bearing Structures by the Ratio of the Density to the Sulfur Content in Oils N. E. Kozlov, N. O. Sorokhtin, E. V. Martynov, and N. E. Kozlova p. 1620 Dynamic Modeling of the Propagation of Low-Frequency Seismic Acoustic Fields in the Oceanic Medium D. G. Levchenko, V.D. Levchenko, and A. V. Zakirov p. 1623 Observations of Ultra-Low-Frequency Geomagnetic Disturbances Reflecting the Processes of the Preparation and Development of Tsunamigenic Earthquakes L. E. Sobisevich, K. Kh. Kanonidi, and A. L. Sobisevich p. 1627 Pyrite Potential of the Southern Urals: Correlation of Cu and Zn Resources with Geochemical Characteristics of Basalts of Ore Regions A. M. Kosarev, V. N. Puchkov, and I. B. Seravkin p. 1633 Tourmaline Granite of the Kumdykol Graphite-Diamond Deposit A. V. Levin and A.F. Letnikova p. 1637 Experimental Constraints on the Role of Chloride in the Origin and Evolution of Kimberlitic Magma K. D. Litasov, I. S. Sharygin, A. F. Shatskiy, E. Ohtani, and N. P. Pokhilenko p. 1641 Platinum Potential of Basic-Ultrabasic Complexes of the Dambukinskii Ore Region of the Upper Amur Area A. V. Mel'nikov, V. G. Moiseenko, and V. D. Mel'nikov p. 1647 Isotope Geochemical (Sr, Nd)-Peculiarities and Sources of Mesozoic Magmatic Associations of the Umlekano?Ogodzhinskii Belt (Amur Area) A. A. Sorokin, V. P. Kovach, A. B. Kotov, A. P. Sorokin, V. A. Ponomarchuk, and N. Yu. Zagornaya p. 1650 Thermochemical Mantle Plumes V. P. Trubitsyn and E. V. Kharybin p. 1656 New Data on the Regularities of the Earthquake Manifestation in the Baikal Seismic Zone and Their Forecast S. I. Sherman and E. A. Gorbunova p. 1659 Heterogeneity of the Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Pyrite at the Sukhoi Log Deposit and Its Controlling Factors E. O. Dubinina, T. A. Ikonnikova, and A. V. Chugaev p. 1665 Lamproite and Kimberlite of the Sayany Area: Composition, Sources, and Diamond Potential K. N. Egorov, A. I. Kiselev, Yu. V. Men'shagin, and Yu. A. Minaeva p.1670 The First Results of U/Pb Dating and Isotope Geochemical Studies of Detrital Zircons from the Neoproterozoic Sandstones of the Southern Timan (Djejim-Parma Hill) N. B. Kuznetsov, L. M. Natapov, E. A. Belousova, U. L. Griffin, S. Y. O'Relly, K. V. Kulikova, A. A. Soboleva, and O. V. Udoratina p. 1676 Hydrothermal Clays as a Highly Dynamical Colloid-Disperse Mineralogical-Geochemical System S. N. Rychagov, V.N. Sokolov, and M. S. Chernov p. 1684 Statistical Characteristics of Barotropic Atmospeheric System and Its Unstable Periodic Solutions A. S. Gritsun p. 1688 The Modern Fluid-Magmatic System of the Pyatogorsk Volcanic Center Yu. P. Masurenkov and A. L. Sobisevich p. 1692 Analytical Solution of the Problem for a Set of Shear Fractures with Coulomb Friction Yu. L. Rebetskii and A. S. Lermontova p. 1698 Author Index to Volumes 430-435, 2010 p. 1703 Contents of Volumes 430-435, 2010 p.1713