Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2010, V 432, N 2, June.

Part 1. Geology  

New Data on the Composition and Age of Basement Rocks
of the Tagil Paleo-Island Arc System  
G. A. Petrov, Yu. L. Ronkin, V. I. Maegov, N. I. Tristan, A. V. Maslov, 
E. V. Pushkarev, and O. P. Lepikhina 
p. 715     
Oceanic Anoxic Events and Global Rhythms of Endogenic Activity 
during the Phanerozoic History of the Earth  
V. E. Khain?    and I. D. Polyakova 
p. 722     
Fragments of the Vendian Convergent Borderland in the South Urals  
S. G. Samygin, A.    A. Belova, A. V. Ryazantsev, and A. A. Fedotova 
p. 726     
Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr Ages of Gabbroids, Granitoids, and Titanomagnetite Ores
from Layered Intrusions of the Kusa-Kopan Complex (South Urals)  
V. V. Kholodnov, G. B. Fershtater, Yu. L. Ronkin, N. S. Borodina, 
S. V. Pribavkin, and O. P. Lepikhina 
p. 732     
The First Find of Impactites of a New Astrobleme in the 
Southwest of the Siberian Platform  
K. N. Egorov, L. G.    Andryushchenko, and 
M. G. Karnaushenko 
p. 737     
Oceanic Basins in Prehistory of the Evolution of the Arctic Ocean  
V. E. Khain?    and N. I. Filatova 
p. 742     

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Geochemical Evolution of Rocks at the Base of the Lithospheric Mantle: Evidence from Study of Xenoliths of Deformed Peridotites from Kimberlite of the Udachnaya Pipe A. M. Agashev, N. P. Pokhilenko, Yu. V. Cherepanova, and A. V. Golovin p. 746 The First 40Ar/39Ar Age Data for Trap Intrusions of the Western Part of the Siberian Platform Yu. R. Vasiliev, M. P. Mazurov, S. N. Prusskaya, and A. V. Travin p. 750 Fluid Inclusions in Monomineral Glasses from Megabreccia of the Popigai Astrobleme S. A. Vishnevskii, N. A. Gibsher, and N. A. Pal'chik p. 754 Zonal Partitioning of REEs in Dark Monazites (Kularites) of the Timan Ridge (Kryazh) G. R. Kolonin, G. P. Shironosova, and I. V. Shvetsova p. 759 Formation of Curved Surfaces of Diamond Crystals upon Their Dissolution V. I. Rakin p. 763 Deepwater Helium in Lake Baikal as an Earthquake Precursor R. M. Semenov, V. S. Imaev, O. P. Smekalin, A. V. Chipizubov, and A. I. Orgil'yanov p. 767 New Synthetic High-Density Nickel Sulfide: A Plausible Component of the Earth's Core and Terrestrial Planets D. A. Chareev, A. V. Kurnosov, L. S. Dubrovinsky, O. V. Narygina, P. G. Gavrilenko, E. Yu. Zarechnaya, N. A. Dubrovinskaya, Yu. A. Litvin, and E. G. Osadchii p. 771 Application of Pseudorandom Signals for Underwater Distance Measurement on a Shelf V. A. Akulichev, V. V. Bezotvetnykh, J. N. Morgunov, and Yu. A. Polovinka p.775 Distribution of Mercury and Its Species in the Zone of Sulphide Tailing M. A. Gustaitis, E. V. Lazareva, A. A. Bogush, O. V. Shuvaeva, I. N. Shcherbakova, E. V. Polyakova, Zh. O. Badmaeva, and G. N. Anoshin p. 778 First Data on Distribution of REE, Li, Rb, Cs, Sr, and Ba in Native Gold from Deposits of the Main Gold-Bearing Provinces of Russia A. N. Nekrasova, L. A. Nikolaeva, S. A. Milyaev, and S. V. Yablokova p. 783 Pyrochlores as Indicators of the Uranium-Bearing Potential of Magmatic Melts A. F. Red'kin and G. P. Borodulin p. 787 U-Pb Age and Geochemistry of Zircons from Salma Eclogites (Kuru-Vaara Deposit, Belomorian Belt) S. G. Skublov, Yu. A. Balashov, Yu. B. Marin, A. V. Berezin, A. E. Mel'nik, and I. P. Paderin p. 791 Isotopic and Geochemical Evidence for a Subduction Setting during Formation of the Mantle Lithosphere in the Northeastern Part of the Siberian Craton L. V. Solov'eva, T. A. Yasnygina, and S. I. Kostrovitskii p. 799 The Self-Focusing Effect of Nondirected Acoustic Emission in Layered Media B. A. Kasatkin and N. V. Zlobina p. 804 Electric and Magnetic Signals Due to Constrained Movement of Blocks of the Earth's Crust T. V. Losseva, M. Yu. Kuz'micheva, and A. A. Spivak p. 808 Nonlinear Dynamics of Gravity Flows in Sloping Channels I. F. Nikolkina, E. N. Pelinovsky, and T. G. Talipova p. 812 Organic Matter in Present-Day Ecosystems of the Arctic Ocean A. I. Agatova, N. M. Lapina, and N. I. Torgunova p. 816 U-Pb Isotopic Dating of Zircons (SHRIMP-II) from Granulites of the Ol?khon Region of Western Baikal Area N. I. Volkova, A. G. Vladimirov, A. V. Travin, A. S. Mekhonoshin, S. V. Khromykh, D. S. Yudin, and S. N. Rudnev p. 821 Hydrocarbon Potential of Coal-Bearing Deposits of South Sakhalin E. V. Gretskaya and M. V. Dakhnova p. 825 Primary, Secondary, and Admixture Zonation of Copper?Nickel Ores during Fractional Crystallization of Sulfide Melts V. I. Kosyakov and E. F. Sinyakova p. 829 Majoritic Garnets in Diamonds from Placers of the Northeastern Siberian Platform V. S. Shatskii, D. A. Zedgenizov, and A. L. Ragozin p. 835 Stanniferrous Granites of Vietnam: Rb-Sr and Ar-Ar Isotope Age, Composition, Sources, and Geodynamic Formation Conditions Phan Luu Anh, A. G. Vladimirov, N. N. Kruk, G. V. Polyakov, V. A. Ponomarchuk, Tran Trong Hoa, Ngo Thi Phuong, M. L. Kuibida, I. Yu. Annikova, G. G. Pavlova, and V. Yu. Kiseleva p. 839 Description of Langmuir Circulation in Closed Basins Based on an Eddy Resolving Model V. A. Shlychkov p.846