Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section , 2007, V 413, N 2, February-March.

Part 1. Geology 
Ice Cover of Lake Baikal as a Model for Studying 
Tectonic Processes in the Earth’s Crust 
N. L. Dobretsov, S. G. Psakh’e, V. V. Ruzhich, V. L. Popov,
E. V. Shil’ko, N. G. Granin, V. Yu. Timofeev, 
S. V. Astafurov, A. V. Dimaki, and Ya. Starchevich 
p. 155
U-Pb Age of Zircons from Plagiogranite Veins in 
Migmatized Amphibolites 
of the Shaman Range (Ikat-Bagdarin Zone, 
Vitim Highland, Transbaikal Region) 
G. E. Nekrasov, N. V. Rodionov, N. G. Berezhnaya, 
S. A. Sergeev, S. V. Ruzhentsev, O. R. Minina, 
and B. G. Golionko 
p. 160    

New Data on the Maximal Thickness of 
Subsidence Strata in Loess Massifs 
V. T. Trofimov and S. D. Balykova 
p. 164  
Upper Weichselian Submarine Fluvioglacial 
Deposits of Ice-Contact Fans 
in the Southeastern Barents Sea 
O. G. Epshtein and Yu. A. Lavrushin 
p. 167  

Linear Weathering Crust of the Fedorova-
Pana Layered Complex 
in the Northeastern Baltic Shield 
V. Ya. Evzerov, P. V. Pripachkin, 
and K. O. Dudkin 
p. 170  

Geological Structure, Composition, and Age 
of the Pyalochnoozero Ultramafic-Mafic Massif, 
Northeastern Baltic Shield 
V. K. Kuz’min, M. V. Naumov, 
N. G. Berezhnaya, and N. V. Rodionov 
p. 173  
Latitudinal Activation of Magmatism 
As a Response to Cyclic Tidal Evolution 
in the Earth-Moon-Sun System 
Yu. N. Avsyuk, A. Ya. Saltykovsky, 
and Yu. S. Genshaft 
p. 178  
Oil Recovery from Lenticular Reservoirs 
S. N. Zakirov and A. A. Kontarev 
p. 180  

Terranes of the Eastern Arctic Shelf of Russia 
M. K. Kos’ko 
p. 183  

A New Type of Large-Scale Manifestation 
of Within-Plate Intrusive 
Trap Magmatism (West Siberian Craton) 
Yu. R. Vasil’ev, S. N. Prusskaya, and 
M. P. Mazurov 
p. 187  

The South Tien Shan Belt of Diamondiferous
Alkaline Basic Rocks 
V. S. Lutkov and A. R. Faiziev 
p. 192  

 Minerageny of the Ufalei Block (Middle Urals)
 in Connection with Lithotectonic Complexes 
of Different Geodynamic Settings 
V. N. Ogorodnikov, V. N. Sazonov, 
and Yu. A. Polenov 
p. 195  

Isotope Sm-Nd Data on the Late Silurian-Early 
Devonian Age of Dynamometamorphism 
at the Base of Ophiolitic Allochthon in the 
Sakmara Zone of the Southern Urals 
E. V. Pushkarev, P. A. Serov, and 
A. P. Biryuzova 
p. 198  

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Nepheline As a Source of Amorphous Phases in Supergene Processes O. B. Dudkin and S. S. Sandimirov p. 203   Oxygen Isotopic Composition in Diatom Algae Frustules from Lake Baikal Sediments: Annual Mean Temperature Variations during the Last 40 Ka G. V. Kalmychkov, M. I. Kuz’min, B. G. Pokrovskii, and S. S. Kostrova p. 206   Oxygen Isotopic Composition and Nature of Fluid during the Formation of High-Al Corundum-Bearing Rocks of Mt. Dyadina, Northern Karelia D. P. Krylov and V. A. Glebovitsky p. 210   New Data on the Age of Lamproite- Lamprophyre Magmatism in the Urals S. V. Pribavkin, Yu. L. Ronkin, A. V. Travin, and V. A. Ponomarchuk p. 213   Sources of Ore-Forming Fluid in Fumaroles of Kudryavyi Volcano, Kuril Islands: Pb Isotopic Composition of Gas Condensates and Sublimate Minerals A. V. Chugaev, M. A. Yudovskaya, V. V. Distler, I. V. Chaplygin, and A. V. Eremina p. 216   Asthenosphere and Plates of Northeast Asia A. I. Khanchuk and A. M. Petrishchevskii p. 220   Sm-Nd and U-Pb Age of Metabasic Dikes in the Granulite-Gneiss Domain of the Aldan Shield As Evidence of Paleoproterozoic Thermotectogenesis Duration M. Z. Glukhovskii, M. I. Kuz’min, T. B. Bayanova, and P. A. Serov p. 225   Potassium Feldspar from Vein Systems and Their Aureoles at the Epithermal Asachin Gold-Silver Deposit, Southern Kamchatka A. S. Lapukhov, B. V. Guzman, V. A. Gorev, and E. P. Solotchina p. 230   Neoproterozoic Age of Collisional Metamorphism in the Transangara Region of the Yenisei Ridge (Based on 40Ar/39Ar Data) I. I. Likhanov, P. S. Kozlov, O. P. Polyansky, N. V. Popov, V. V. Reverdatto, A. V. Travin, and A. E. Vershinin p. 234   Reworking of the Lithospheric Mantle of the Siberian Craton by Reduced Fluids in the Middle Paleozoic Kimberlite Event: Geochemical Consequences L. V. Solov’eva p. 238   Interaction of Elemental Gold Surface with Fluids: A Key to Understanding Mechanisms of Recondensation and Mobilization of Gold under Endogenic and Exogenic Conditions Yu. V. Shchegol?kov, V. L. Tauson, V. Ya. Medvedev, M. V. Pochekunina, L. A. Ivanova, and S. V. Lipko p. 244   Spatiotemporal Scales of Warming Observed in Siberia I. I. Ippolitov, M. V. Kabanov, and S. V. Loginov p. 248   Asymmetry of Sediment Drift to the Central Baikal Basin B. P. Agafonov p. 252   New Data on the Late Quaternary Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Wijdefjorden Region (West Spitsbergen) V. V. Sharin, V. V. Alekseev, V. A. Dymov, I. A. Pogodina, D. Yu. Bol?shiyanov, and E. A. Gusev p. 256   Radiocarbon Dates of Evolution Cycles of Thermokarst Lakes on the Kolyma Lowland N. A. Shilo, A. V. Lozhkin, and P. M. Anderson p. 259   Behavior of Minerals of Metamorphic and Metasomatic Rocks in Supercritical Aqueous and Aqueous-Salt Solutions P. Ya. Azimov, S. A. Bushmin, S. N. L’vov, and D. V. Dolivo-Dobrovol’skii p. 262   Rhenium in Ores of Porphyry Copper Deposits in the Urals A. I. Grabezhev p. 265   Thermodynamic and Hydrogeochemical Formation Conditions of Brochantite As a Crystalline Hydrate: A Case of the Udokan Copper Deposit L. V. Zamana and M. T. Usmanov p. 269   Geochronology of Quaternary Volcanism of the Krestovyi Pass Region, Kazbek Neovolcanic Area, Greater Caucasus V. A. Lebedev, I. V. Chernyshev, A. V. Chugaev, and G. T. Vashakidze p. 272   Observations in the Arctic Ocean Do Not Confirm Weakening of Thermohaline Circulation in the North Atlantic G. V. Alekseev, I. E. Frolov, and V. T. Sokolov p. 277   Deformation and Acoustic Precursors of Earthquakes G. I. Dolgikh, A. V. Kuptsov, I. A. Larionov, Yu. V. Marapulets, V. A. Shvets, B. M. Shevtsov, O. P. Shirokov, V. A. Chupin, and S. V. Yakovenko p. 281   Geoblocks in the Basement of Ancient Continental Platforms, Their Internal Divisibility, and Metallogeny of Ore Districts Based on Geological and Geophysical Data V. N. Strakhov and A.O. Schmidt p. 286   Synchronism of Late Pleistocene Glacial Cycles with Insolation Variations on the Equator N. V. Vakulenko, V. M. Kotlyakov, A. S. Monin, and D. M. Sonechkin p. 292   Functioning of the Ecosystem in the Sea of Azov during Winter G. G. Matishov, O. V. Stepan’yan, V. V. Povazhnyi, G. V. Kovaleva, and K. V. Kreneva p. 297   New Pb-As-Bearing Eulytite from the Galechnoe Deposit, Eastern Yakutia G. N. Gamyanin, N. S. Bortnikov, Yu. Ya. Zhdanov, N. V. Zayakina, A. V. Mokhov, S. K. Popova, and V. S. Suknev p. 300   First Data on the Raman Microspectrometry of Ore-Forming Fluids of Gold and Uranium Mineralizations in Aldan (Republic of Sakha, Yakutia) A. N. Krasnov, T. Lomm, T. L. Krylova, and E. O. Groznova p. 304   The Specific Character of Evolution of Fluid-Silicate-Metallic Immiscibility of Melts A. A. Marakushev, V. S. Rimkevich, and L. P. Dem’yanova p. 308   Immiscibility of Calcium Fluoride and Aluminosilicate Melts in Ongonite from the Ary-Bulak Intrusion, Eastern Transbaikal Region I. S. Peretyazhko, V. Ye. Zagorsky, E. A. Tsareva, and A. N. Sapozhnikov p. 315   Magnitoacoustic Emission of Magnetite Ores of Complex Genesis I. I. Glukhikh, V. S. Ivanchenko, and V. I. Utkin p. 321   Distribution Functions of Probabilities of Cyclones and Anticyclones from 1952 to 2000: An Instrument for the Determination of Global Climate Variations G. S. Golitsyn, I. I. Mokhov, M. G. Akperov, and M. Yu. Bardin p. 324   Remote Measurements of Sound Velocity Variations in Bottom Sediments Based on Acoustic Profiling Data Yu. V. Gulyaev, A. I. Zakharov, and V. I. Kaevitser p. 327