Doklady Earth Sciences, 2022, V 503, N 1.


Deep-Water Glacial Plow Marks in the Western 
Margin of the Barents Sea
S. Yu. Sokolov, A. O. Mazarovich, V. G. Zakharov 
and Yu. A. Zarayskaya 
p. 75  


Typomorphism of Pyrite from the Ugakhan 
Gold Deposit (Baikal–Patom Highlands)
Yu. I. Tarasova, A. E. Budyak, Corresponding 
Member of the RAS N. A. Goryachev, A. V. Ignatiev, 
T. A. Velivetskaya, A. V. Blinov and 
E. M. Goryacheva 
p. 81  


Pseudotachylites of the Main Anabar Fault (Northern Yakutia): 
Petrological and Chronological Indicators of Melting 
during High Rate Tectonic Deformations
O. P. Polyansky, A. D. Nozkin, E. V. Sokol, 
S. V. Zinoviev, A. N. Semenov and A. V. Nekipelova 
p. 86  


Taxonomic Attribution of a Juvenile Hadrosauroid 
Dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Bayinshire 
Formation of Mongolia
A. O. Averianov, Academician A. V. Lopatin and 
K. Tsogtbaatar 
p. 93  

New Data on Late Cretaceous Sauropods from the 
Bostobe Formation of the Northeastern Aral 
Sea Region (Kazakhstan)
A. O. Averianov and Academician A. V. Lopatin 
p. 97  


Influence of Layered Structures of the Seabed on 
the Formation of Gas Hydrates in the Area Surrounding 
Deep-Sea Mud Volcanoes: A Mathematical Model
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. L. Sobisevich, 
E. I. Suetnova and R. A. Zhostkov 
p. 100  


Probabilistic Assessment of Mariculture Potential 
Productivity from the Example of Voevoda Bay, 
South of Primorskii Krai
A. N. Bugaets, S. V. Katrasov, V. V. Zharikov 
and S. I. Maslennikov 
p. 104  

Model Assessments of the Environmental Risk for 
Arctic Shelf Ecosystems in the Development of Resources
N. V. Solovjova and Academician L. I. Lobkovsky 
p. 108  

Physics of the Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

Empirical Estimates of the Contribution of 
Greenhouse Gases and Natural Climatic 
Variability to Surface Air Temperature 
Trends for Various Latitudes
Academician I. I. Mokhov and D. A. Smirnov 
p. 114  


Changes in the Northern Boundary of the Eurasian 
Beaver (Castor fiber Linnaeus, 1758, Rodentia, 
Mammalia) Range on the Yamal Peninsula 
(Western Siberia) during the Holocene
P. A. Kosintsev, R. M. Hantemirov and V. V. Kukarskih 
p. 119  

A New State in the Hydrological Regime of 
the Sea of Azov in the 21th Century
S. V. Berdnikov, L. V. Dashkevich and 
V. V. Kulygin 
p. 123  


Synthesis and Study of Neodyme–Titanate 
Ceramic with Curium
Corresponding Member of the RAS S. V. Yudintsev, 
A. A. Lizin and S. V. Tomilin 
p. 129