Doklady Earth Sciences, 2021, V 501, N 1.


Crustal Sinking and Formation of the Main Tectonic 
Structures and Igneous Provinces in the Arctic in 
the Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic: A View from the 
Subduction–Convective Model
Academician L. I. Lobkovsky, E. V. Shipilov 
and N. O. Sorokhtin 
p. 901  

The Rock Magnetic Portrait of the Devonian 
Section of Stolb Island (Lena River Delta)
D. V. Metelkin, A. I. Chernova, Academician V. A. Vernikovsky, 
N. E. Mikhaltsov and V. V. Abashev 
p. 906  


Rare Arsenates of REEs and Y in Ores of the Verkhnee 
Greisen Deposit within the Khingan–Olonoiskii 
District (Primorye, Russia)
N. V. Gorelikova, P. G. Korostelev, B. I. Semenyak, 
V. G. Gonevchuk, V. I. Taskaev, V. A. Rassulov 
and Academician N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 912  

Compositional Variations and Rare Parageneses 
of Multiple Magnesiochromite Inclusions in 
Yakutian Diamonds
A. M. Logvinova, A. O. Serebryannikov 
and Academician N. V. Sobolev 
p. 919  


Valanginian Subalkaline Magmatism of the Rassokha 
and Argatass Terranes (Northeastern Russia)
S. N. Sychev, O. Yu. Lebedeva, A. K. Khudoley, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS S. D. Sokolov, 
A. V. Rogov, V. S. Maklashin and P. A. Lvov 
p. 925  


The Structure of the Upper Crust beneath the 
Kambalny Volcano (South Kamchatka) Revealed 
from Ambient Noise Tomography
N. N. Belovezhets, Y. M. Berezhnev, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS I. Yu. Koulakov, 
N. M. Shapiro, I. F. Abkadyrov, S. N. Rychagov 
and Academician E. I. Gordeev 
p. 933  


New Data on Late Quaternary Sedimentation in 
High-Mountain Khikushka Lake (Eastern Sayan): 
The Role of Climatic and Volcanic Factors
P. A. Solotchin, Academician M. I. Kuzmin, 
E. P. Solotchina, E.V. Bezrukova, V. D. Strakhovenko, 
A. A. Shchetnikov and A. N. Zhdanova 
p. 938  


First Findings of Algae Macrofossils in the Vendian 
Reference Section in the Southern Part of the 
Siberian Platform
S. V. Rud’ko, A. V. Kolesnikov and 
Academician M. A. Fedonkin 
p. 945  


Influence of Nonlinear Processes on the Time Lag between 
Changes in the Global Temperature and the 
Carbon Dioxide Content in the Atmosphere
K. E. Muryshev, A. V. Eliseev, Academician I. I. Mokhov, 
A. V. Timazhev, M. M. Arzhanov and S. N. Denisov 
p. 949  

Clusterization of Aftershock Activity of 
Underground Explosions in North Korea
Academician V. V. Adushkin, I. O. Kitov 
and I. A. Sanina 
p. 955  

Features of the Phase Structure of Internal 
Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Source
V. V. Bulatov, Yu. V. Vladimirov, I. Yu. Vladimirov 
and E. G. Morozov 
p. 959  

Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Physics

Changes in the Snow Cover Extent in Eurasia from 
Satellite Data in Relation to Hemispheric 
and Regional Temperature Changes
Academician I. I. Mokhov and M. R. Parfenova 
p. 963  


Influence of an Ultradisperse Humic Sapropel 
Suspension on Growth, Photosynthetic Activity, 
and Copper Accumulation in Peas (Pisum sativum L.)
Academician V. A. Rumyantsev, Ya. V. Puhalsky, 
S. I. Loskutov, A. S. Mityukov, Yu. V. Khomyakov 
and G. G. Panova 
p. 969  

Climatic Fields of Sea Currents and Wind Waves in the Sea of Azov
B. V. Divinsky, R. D. Kosyan and V. V. Fomin 
p. 976  

Large-Scale Features of Synchronous Variability of the 
Winter Surface Temperature in the Barents and Black Seas
A. A. Sizov, T. M. Bayankina, V. L. Pososhkov 
and A. E. Anisimov 
p. 989  


Study of the Effects of an Accidental Diesel
Fuel Spill in Norilsk
Yu. S. Glyaznetsova, I. A. Nemirovskaya 
and Academician M. V. Flint 
p. 994