Doklady Earth Sciences, 2021, V 496, N 1.


Nature And Age of Granites in the Central Part of the 
Western Siberian Platform (Case Study of the 
Krivolutskii Batholith)
Yu. V. Erokhin, K. S. Ivanov, Academician V. A. Koroteev, 
M. V. Shaldybin and V. V. Khiller 
p. 1  

U–Th–Pb (SIMS) Dating and Formation Conditions of 
Volcanic Rocks in the Uyandina–Yasachnaya Volcanic 
Belt (Northeast Asia, Indigirka Section)
A. V. Ganelin, M. V. Luchitskaya and M. V. Maskaev 
p. 7  

Early Neoproterozoic (~920 Ma) Granite–Gneiss of 
the Junggar Alataw, South Kazakhstan: Age 
Substantiation Based on the Results of 
U–Th–Pb (SIMS) Dating
D. V. Alexeiev, Academician K. E. Degtyarev, 
A. A. Tretyakov and N. A. Kanygina 
p. 13  

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