Doklady Earth Sciences, 2020, V 492, N. 1.


The Main Processes and Stages in the Formation of 
the Unique Sangaredi Deposit of Bauxites (West Africa)
V. I. Mamedov, M. A. Makarova, N. M. Boeva, A. D. Slukin, 
E. S. Shipilova and Academician N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 291  

Tectonic Nature of the Ul’ban Terrane (Mongol–Okhotsk Fold Belt): 
Results of U–Pb and Lu–Hf Isotope Studies of Detrital Zircons
V. A. Zaika and Corresponding Member of the RAS A. A. Sorokin 
p. 297  

Assessment of the Oil and Gas Potential of the Basement of 
the Southern Part of the Siberian Platform and Deep-Seated Oil Exploration
V. A. Skvortsov 
p. 302  

Stratigraphic Correlation of Permian–Triassic Red Beds, 
Moscow Basin, East European Platform: First Detrital 
Zircon U–Pb Dating Results
A. V. Chistyakova, R. V. Veselovskiy, D. V. Semenova, 
V. P. Kovach, E. V. Adamskaya and A. M. Fetisova 
p. 306  


Minerals of the Fe–Ni–Co–Cu–S System in Picrite Intrusions
of the Southern Urals: Signatures of Liquation 
and Differentiation of the Sulfide Melt
S G. Kovalev, Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Puchkov, 
S. S. Kovalev and S. I. Vysotsky 
p. 311  

The Ni–Antimonide Mineral Assemblage: A Product of 
Recrystallization of Sn–Pb–Zn Ores of the Yuzhnoe Deposit, 
Sikhote-Alin, Russia
V. V. Ratkin, L. F. Simanenko, V. G. Gonevchuk and 
O. A. Eliseeva 
p. 317  


Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of a Peat 
Deposit in the Eutrophic Obskoye Fen under 
Anthropogenic Load (Western Siberia)
O. G. Savichev, M. A. Rudmin, A. K. Mazurov, 
N. G. Nalivaiko, Academician V. I. Sergienko 
and Corresponding Member of the RAS I. P. Semiletov 
p. 320  

Holocene Environments of Anomalous Uranium 
Concentrations in Sediments of Syrytkul Lake
(Southern Urals)
A. V. Maslennikova, V. N. Udachin and 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Anfilogov 
p. 323  

Phase Fractionation of Chemical Elements 
During the Formation of Ice in Fresh Surface Waters
A. V. Savenko, V. S. Savenko and O. S. Pokrovsky 
p. 327  

Interaction of an Fe–Ni Melt with Anthracene (C14H10) 
in the Presence of Olivine at 3 GPa: Fluid Phase Composition
A. I. Chepurov, A. A. Tomilenko, V. M. Sonin, E. I. Zhimulev, 
T. A. Bul’bak, A. A. Chepurov and Academician N. V. Sobolev 
p. 333  

The Deep Hydrocarbon Cycle: From Subduction to Mantle Upwelling
V. G. Kutcherov, Academician A. N. Dmitrievsky, 
K. S. Ivanov and A. Yu. Serovaiskii 
p. 338  

Isotope Characteristics of Carbonates from Rocks of Greenstone 
Belts as an Indicator of a Possible Source of Fluids in 
Precambrian Granulite Complexes: An Example from the 
Giyani Greenstone Belt and the Limpopo Granulite Complex, 
South Africa
A. S. Mityaev, O. G. Safonov, V. N. Reutsky, O. P. Izokh, 
D. A. Varlamov, V. M. Kozlovskii, D. D. van Reenen and
 Corresponding Member of the RAS L. Y. Aranovich 
p. 342  

Uranium-Lead and Lu–Hf Isotope Systematics of Zircon and 
Sm–Nd Isotopes in Rocks of the Dyumtaley Ore-Bearing 
Intrusion (Taimyr, Russia): New Evidence for the Role 
of the Depleted Mantle in Its Genesis
K. N. Malitch, D. K. Lokhov, V. F. Proskurnin, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Puchkov, 
I. Yu. Badanina and M. A. Chervyakovskaya 
p. 346  


The Occurrence of a Lower Viscosity Layer in 
the Crust of Old Cratons as a Cause of the Strongly 
Differentiated Character of Postglacial Uplift
Academician E. V. Artyushkov, V. V. Kol’ka and 
P. A. Chekhovich 
p. 351  

Geodynamic Causes of the Emergence and Termination of 
Cenozoic Shear Deformations in the Khatanga–Lomonosov Fault Zone (Arctic)
Academician L. I. Lobkovsky, M. V. Kononov and E. V. Shipilov 
p. 356  


Recent Tectonic Rupturing on the Mud Volcano of 
Mount Karabetova, Taman Peninsula
A. N. Ovsyuchenko, A. S. Larkov, A. I. Sysolin, E. A. Rogozhin, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. L. Sobisevich, J. Chen,
J. Liu and J. Qin 
p. 361  


Analysis of Thermal Pollution of Volga–Uralian Steppe 
Landscapes Caused by Exploitation of Oil Deposits
K. V. Myachina and Academician A. A. Chibilev 
p. 366  

Satellite Monitoring of Siberian Wildfires and Their Effects: 
Features of 2019 Anomalies and Trends of 20-Year Changes
Academician V. G. Bondur, Academician I. I. Mokhov, 
O. S. Voronova and S. A. Sitnov 
p. 370  


Dynamic Mode of the Azov Sea in Conditions of Salinization
Academician G. G. Matishov and K. S. Grigorenko 
p. 376  

Gas-Geochemical Parameters of Bottom Sediments in the Northern 
Part of the East Siberian Sea and Podvodnikov Basin of the Arctic Ocean
A. I. Gresov, Academician V. I. Sergienko, A. V. Yatsuk, 
N. V. Zarubina and V. V Kalinchuk 
p. 382  

Content and Composition of Hydrocarbons in Water and 
Sediments in the Area of Kerch Strait
I. A. Nemirovskaya, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
P. O. Zavyalov, B. V. Konovalov and A. V. Khramtsova 
p. 387