Doklady Earth Sciences, 2020, V 490, N. 1.


Early Quaternary Age of the Final Stage of Volcanism 
in the Central Part of the Sredinny Range of Kamchatka (K–Ar Data)
M. M. Pevzner, V. A. Lebedev, Yu. V. Kuscheva, 
A. O. Volynets, M. L. Tolstykh and A. D. Babansky 
p. 1  


The Mid-Paleozoic and Mid-Triassic Pulses of Trap 
Magmatism in the East of the Siberian Platform: 
Evidence from the First 40Ar/39Ar Isotope Dating of Dolerite Sills
A. V. Prokopiev, O. P. Polyansky, O. V. Koroleva, 
D. A. Vasiliev, M. D. Tomshin, 
Academician V. V. Reverdatto and S. A. Novikova 
p. 4  


Ferriplantites in the Bauxite-Bearing Lateritic 
Weathering Rocks (Futa Jallon-Mandingo Province, Africa): 
The Key Factors for Iron Accumulation
V. I. Mamedov, E. S. Shipilova, N. M. Boeva, 
A. D. Slukin, M. A. Makarova, D. A. Vnuchkov 
and Academician N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 8  


A Local Anomaly of the Stress State of the Earth’s Crust 
before the Strong Earthquake (M = 7.1) of July 5, 2019, 
in the Area of Ridgecrest (Southern California)
Academician V. G. Bondur, M. B. Gokhberg, 
I. A. Garagash and D. A. Alekseev 
p. 13  


Interaction of the Atmosphere and Lithosphere 
in the Minute Range of Periods
Academician G. I. Dolgikh, S. G. Dolgikh, 
L. N. Vasilevskaya and I. A. Lisina 
p. 18  


Model Estimates of Global and Regional 
Climate Changes in the Holocene
Academician I. I. Mokhov, A. V. Eliseev 
and V. V. Guryanov 
p. 23  


Atmospheric Pressure Variations 
Induced by the Tohoku Earthquake
S. L. Shalimov, A. A. Spivak and 
V. A. Kharlamov 
p. 28  


Reconstruction of Precipitation by Radial 
Growth of Scots Pine in the Southern Urals
D. Yu. Vasil’ev, S. E. Kucherov, Corresponding 
Member of the RAS V. A. Semenov and 
Academician A. A. Chibilev 
p. 31  

Factors and Trends in the Formation of 
Natural–Technogenic Associations of 
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 
in the Snow–Soil System
A. N. Gennadiev, A. P. Zhidkin 
and T. S. Koshovskii 
p. 36  


Seismic Evidences of Contourites on 
the Rio Grande Rise, Southwest Atlantic
O. V. Levchenko, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
L. I. Lobkovskii, D. G. Borisov and N. V. Libina 
p. 40  

The Biological Calcium Carbonate Pump in the 
Norwegian and Barents Seas: Regulation Mechanisms
L. A. Pautova, V. A. Silkin, M. D. Kravchishina, 
A. L. Chultsova and Academician A. P. Lisitzin 
p. 46