Doklady Earth Sciences, 2019, V 489, N 1.


New Data on the Sezym Formation 
(Lower Permian, Polar Urals)
N. S. Inkina 
p. 1269  

First Results of Dating Detrital Zircons from
the Late Precambrian Quartzite–Schist Sequences
of the Chu Block (Southern Kazakhstan)
N. A. Kanygina, A. A. Tretyakov, Corresponding 
member of the RAS K. E. Degtyarev, K.-N. Pang, 
K. L. Wahg, H.-Y. Lee and J. V. Plotkina 
p. 1273  

New Data on the Age of Magmatic Events in Oloy 
Tectonic Zone, West Chukotka Area (Evidences 
from Zircon U–Pb Dating)
T. V. Kara, P. L. Tikhomirov and A. D. Demin 
p. 1277  

The Final Stage of Silicic Island Arc 
Magmatism in the Northern Urals
G. A. Petrov, N. I. Tristan, G. N. Borozdina 
and Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov 
p. 1281  

Dike Magmatism in the Evolution of the Transform
Active Continental Margin of the Siberian
Craton in the Ediacaran
A. E. Vernikovskaya, Academician V. A. Vernikovsky, 
N. Yu. Matushkin, P. I. Kadilnikov, D. V. Metelkin, 
Z.-X. Li, S. A. Wilde, I. V. Romanova and 
E. A. Bogdanov 
p. 1285  

Geological Structure and Petroleum Potential
of the Kara Sea Shelf
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. A. Kontorovich 
and Academician A. E. Kontorovich 
p. 1289  

Geochemistry Isotope Fractionation in TiO2 Polymorphs (Rutile, Anatase, Brookite) Estimated from “First Principles” D. P. Krylov and Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Kuznetsov p. 1294 The Unique Role of Pore Water in Lateritic Bauxite Formation, Republic of Guinea M. A. Makarova, V. I. Mamedov, Yu. V. Alekhin and E. S. Shipilova p. 1297 Formation of Drop-Shaped Inclusions Based on Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, Bi, Sb, Te, and As under Crystallization of an Intermediate Solid Solution in the Cu–Fe–Ni–S System E. F. Sinyakova, V. I. Kosyakov and Corresponding Member of the RAS N. A. Goryachev p. 1301
Geophysics Mathematical Model for the Motion of Solutions Taking into Account the Osmotic Effect M. M. Ramazanov, A. V. Karakin and Corresponding Member of the RAS L. I. Lobkovskiy p. 1306 The Possibility of Increasing the Efficiency of Powerful Vibroseismic Sources Corresponding Member of the RAS A. L. Sobisevich and R. A. Zhostkov p. 1310 Occurrence of Precursors of PKP Waves in the Layered Radial-Symmetric Earth A. G. Fatyanov and V. Yu. Burmin p. 1313
Geography The First AMS Dating of Organic Microinclusions in an Ice Wedge of the Upper Part of the Batagay Yedoma Megaslump (Yakutia) Yu. K. Vasil’chuk and J. Yu. Vasil’chuk p. 1318
Geochemistry Oxygen Isotope Composition of Zircons from the Talnakh Economic Intrusion of the Noril’sk Province: First Data I. Yu. Badanina, E. A. Belousova, K. N. Malitch and S. F. Sluzhenikin p. 1322 Sulfide Mineralization Hosted by Spurrite-Mervinite Marbles (Kochumdek River, East Siberia) E. V. Sokol, A. S. Deviatiiarova, S. N. Kokh, Academician V. V. Reverdatto, D. A. Artemyev and V. Yu. Kolobov p. 1326
Geophysics Manifestation of Lunar and Solar Tides in the Spectra of GPS Coordinate Data A. A. Spivak and V. A. Kharlamov p. 1330 The Asymmetric Distribution of Heat Flow along Mid-Oceanic Ridges M. D. Khutorskoi and E. A. Teveleva p. 1333
Geography New Results on the History of the Sea of Azov in the Holocene Academician G. G. Matishov and V. V. Polshin p. 1339 Indicators in Estimation of Land Degradation Neutrality for Russian Boreal Forests A. V. Ptichnikov, D. V. Karelin, Academician V. M. Kotlyakov, Y. A. Pautov, A. Y. Borovlev, D. A. Kuznetsova, D. G. Zamolodchikov and V. I. Grabovsky p. 1345
Geochemistry Pyrogenic Reservoir Rocks as a Factor of Geofluidodynamic Inhomogeneity L. A. Abukova and I. F. Yusupova p. 1348 U?Pb Age of Sphene and the Petrochemical, Mineralogical, and Geochemical Features of Alkaline Rocks of the Bogdo Complex (Arctic Siberia) Academician N. L. Dobretsov, S. M. Zhmodik, E. V. Lazareva, A. V. Tolstov, D. K. Belyanin, O. N. Surkov, N. N. Dobretsov, N. V. Rodionov and S. A. Sergeev p. 1352 Olivine in a Coesite-bearing Eclogite from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe D. S. Mikhailenko, D. I. Rezvukhin, A. V. Korsakov and Academician N. V. Sobolev p. 1358 Relationship between Magmatic, Metamorphic, and Hydrothermal Processes within the Baikal–Muya Terrane (Eastern Siberia): Constraints from High-Precision Geochronological Study of the Kedrovskii Granitoid Massif A. V. Chugaev, Academician I. V. Chernyshev, E. Y. Rytsk, E. B. Salnikova, A. A. Nosova, A. V. Travin, A. B. Kotov, A. M. Fedoseenko and I. V. Anisimova p. 1363
Geophysics Geography Dynamics of Surging Glaciers in the Sugran River Basin (Pamirs) Academician V. M. Kotlyakov, L. P. Chernova, A. Y. Muraviev and T. Y. Khromova p. 1376