Doklady Earth Sciences, 2019, V 486, N 1.


Effect of Asphaltenes on Wettability of Gas 
and Oil Saturated Reservoir Rocks
N. N. Mikhailov, Academician O. M. Ermilov 
and L. S. Sechina 
p. 465  

Peculiarities of Supercontinent Cycles 
in Tantalum Metallogeny
A. V. Tkachev, Academician D. V. Rundqvist 
and N. A. Vishnevskaya 
p. 468  

Geodynamic Positions of Large and Superlarge 
Precious-Metal and Uranium-Ore Districts and Clusters in East Asia
V. G. Khomich and N. G. Boriskina 
p. 473  

Deep-Seated Xenolith of the Platinum-Bearing 
Websterite from the Paleoproterozoic 
Volchetundra Gabbro–Anorthosite Massif in the Kola Region
V. V. Chashchin, Ye. E. Savchenko 
and M. S. Lyulko 
p. 477  

Formation Peculiarities of the Franz Josef Land 
Volcanic Province, Arctic Ocean: The Melt 
Movement Direction Estimated from 
Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility
V. V. Abashev, Academician V. A. Vernikovsky, 
A. Yu. Kazansky, D. V. Metelkin, 
N. E. Mikhaltsov and V. Yu. Bragin 
p. 481  

Correlation of Magmatic and Tectonic Events 
in the Evolution of West Chukotka Ophiolites
A. V. Ganelin and S. D. Sokolov 
p. 485  

The Relationship among Geodynamics, Heat Flow, 
Deep Structure, and the Oil and Gas Potential of Yamal
K. S. Ivanov, N. P. Kostrov and 
Academician V. A. Koroteev 
p. 490  

Reconstruction of Holocene Environmental Changes 
in North-Western Pacific in Relation to 
Paleorecord from Shikotan Island
L. B. Nazarova, N. G. Razjigaeva, B. Diekmann, 
T. A. Grebennikova, L. A. Ganzey, N. I. Belyanina, 
K. A. Arslanov, V. M. Kaistrenko, A. O. Gorbunov, 
A. A. Kharlamov, L. V. Golovatyuk, L. S. Syrykh, 
D. A. Subetto and Academician A. P. Lisitsyn 
p. 494  

Epigenetic Graphitization in the Basement of the 
Siberian Craton as Evidence of the Migration 
of Hydrocarbon-enriched Fluids in the 
V. B. Savelyeva, Yu. V. Danilova, 
T. G. Shumilova, A. V. Ivanov, 
B. S. Danilov and E. P. Bazarova 
p. 498  

The First Results of Tephrochronological 
Study of Late Pleistocene–Holocene Volcanic 
Eruptions in the Zhom–Bolok River Valley (Eastern Sayan)
A. A. Shchetnikov, E. V. Bezrukova, E. V. Kerber,
O. Yu. Belozerova, Academician M. I. Kuzmin, 
E. V. Ivanov, M. A. Krainov, I. A. Filinov 
and I. O. Nechaev 
p. 503  


A New Ectasian Event of Basitic Magmatism 
in the Southern Siberian Craton
Corresponding Member of the RAS D. P. Gladkochub, 
T. V. Donskaya, R. E. Ernst, M. A. Hamilton,
A. M. Mazukabzov, S. A. Pisarevsky and 
S. Kamo 
p. 507  


Physicochemical Conditions of the Existence of Early 
Cambrian Chemotrophic Microbiota in the Zone of 
Influence of Sulfide Ore-Forming Hydrothermal Solutions
V. A. Simonov, A. A. Terleev, A. V. Kotlyarov, 
D. A. Tokarev and Corresponding Member of 
the RAS A. V. Kanygin 
p. 512  

New Data on Fiedlerite-1A from Ancient Slags 
of Lavrion, Greece: Crystal Structure and Hydrogen Bonding
N. V. Zubkova, N. V. Chukanov, Corresponding 
Member of the RAS I. V. Pekov, Academician D. Yu. Pushcharovsky, 
A. Katerinopoulos, P. Vuduris and A. Magganas 
p. 517  


On Time of the Triassic Rifts System Origin in Western Siberia
K. S. Ivanov and Yu. V. Erokhin 
p. 521  

Water in Parental Basaltic Magmas of Menshyi 
Brat Volcano (Iturup Island, Kurile Islands)
I. R. Nizametdinov, D. V. Kuzmin, S. Z. Smirnov, 
A. V. Rybin and Corresponding Member of the
 RAS I. Yu. Kulakov 
p. 525  

Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Plume 
Magmatism in Ahlmannryggen Massif 
(Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica)
N. M. Sushchevskaya, B. V. Belyatsky, G. L. Leitchenkov, 
V. G. Batanova and Academician A. V. Sobolev 
p. 529  


Methane Flux into the Atmosphere in the South China Sea
R. B. Shakirov, A. V. Yatsuk, G. I. Mishukova, A. I. Obzhirov, 
I. G. Yugai, Do Huy Cuong, Nguyen Hong Lan,
A. A. Legkodimov and M. V. Shakirova 
p. 533  


The Nature of Phlogopite–Ilmenite and Ilmenite Parageneses 
in Deep-Seated Xenoliths from Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe
L. V. Solov’eva, S. I. Kostrovitsky, T. V. Kalashnikova 
and A. V. Ivanov 
p. 537  

Biogenic Dissolution of Quartz during Formation of 
Laterite Bauxites (According to the Results 
of Electron Microscopic Study)
A. D. Slukin, N. M. Boeva, E. A. Zhegallo 
and Academician N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 541  

Geochemical Features of the Diamondiferous 
Suevites of the Kara Astrobleme (Pay-Khoy)
T. G. Shumilova, N. S. Kovalchuk and 
B. A. Makeev 
p. 545  


The Nature of Coseismic Ground Vibrations in the 
Epicentral Zone of the Sea of Okhotsk Earthquake, 
May 24, 2013, and Estimation of P-Wave 
Amplitudes at Teleseismic Distances
I. P. Kuzin, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
L. I. Lobkovsky and K. A. Dozorova 
p. 549  


The Role of Eddies in Global Oceanic 
Meridional Heat Transport
K. V. Ushakov and Corresponding Member 
of the RAS R. A. Ibrayev 
p. 554  


Organic Complexes in the Montmorillonite Interlayer Space: 
A Unique Feature of Sakhalin Island Bentonite
Academician N. S. Bortnikov, N. M. Boeva, 
S. V. Soboleva and Yu. I. Bocharnikova 
p. 558  

Hydrocarbons of Surface Waters in 
the Transantarctic Section
I. A. Nemirovskaya, Z. Yu. Redzhepova and 
Academician A. P. Lisitzin 
p. 562  


Mechanisms of Accumulation of Chemical Elements in a 
Peat Deposit in the Eastern Part of Vasyugan 
Swamp (West Siberia)
O. G. Savichev, A. K. Mazurov, M. A. Rudmin, 
N. E. Shakhova, Academician V. I. Sergienko and 
Corresponding Member of the RAS I. P. Semiletov 
p. 568  


The Fault System Controlling Methane Seeps on 
the Shelf of the Laptev Sea
B. V. Baranov, Corresponding Member of the RAS L. I. Lobkovsky, 
K. A. Dozorova and N. V. Tsukanov 
p. 571  

The Murman-2018 Experiment on Remote Sensing in Order 
to Study the “Impenetrability” Boundary at the 
Transition between Brittle and Plastic States of 
the Crystalline Earth’s Crust
A. A. Zhamaletdinov, Academician E. P. Velikhov, 
A. N. Shevtsov, A. A. Skorokhodov, V. V. Kolobov, 
V. V. Ivonin and V. E. Kolesnikov 
p. 575  


New Oxygen Isotope Diagrams of Late Pleistocene and 
Holocene Ice Wedges in Mamontova Gora and 
Syrdakh Lake, Central Yakutia
Yu. K. Vasil’chuk, D. G. Shmelev, M. Yu. Cherbunina, 
N. A. Budantseva, A. V. Broushkov and A. C. Vasil’chuk 
p. 580  

Morphometric Features of the Submarine Slope of the 
Southwestern Part of Valaam Island
M. A. Naumenko, V. V. Guzivaty, N. A. Nesterov 
and D. A. Sybetto 
p. 585  


Generation of the 2018 Tsunami on Sulawesi Island: 
Possible Sources
A. I. Zaytsev, E. N. Pelinovsky, A. Yalciiner, 
H. Susmoro, G. Prasetya, R. Hidayat, Academician G. I. Dolgikh, 
S. G. Dolgikh, A. A. Kurkin, G. Dogan, N. Zahibo and 
P. I. Pronin 
p. 588