Doklady Earth Sciences, 2019, V 485, N 1.


The Sr–Nd–Pb–Hf Isotopic Composition of Late 
Paleozoic Granitoids in Central Chukotka
M. V. Luchitskaya, B. V. Belyatsky, 
E. A. Belousova and L. M. Natapov 
p. 231  

Early Permian Age of Nepheline Syenites of 
the Korgere–Daba Massif (Sangilen Highlands, Tuva)
A. V. Nikiforov, E. B. Salnikova, Academician V. V. Yarmolyuk, 
A. B. Kotov, A. M. Sugorakova and I. V. Anisimova 
p. 235  

Composition and Origin of Lavas from the 
Minami-Hiyoshi Submarine Volcano (Mariana Arc)
V. V. Petrova and V. A. Rashidov 
p. 238  

The Ordovician Gabbro–Tonalite–Trondhjemite 
Complex and Associated Volcanic Rocks in the 
Paleozoic Suture between the Urals and Kazakhstan
A. V. Ryazantsev 
p. 242  

40Ar/39Ar Age of the Burinda Gold–Silver Deposit and 
Its Relationship to Magmatism (Northeastern 
Part of the Argun Superterrane)
I. V. Buchko, A. A. Sorokin, V. A. Ponomarchuk 
and A. V. Travin 
p. 247  

New Data on Volcanism of the Central Chukotka 
Segment of the Okhotsk–Chukotka Volcanogenic Belt
A. V. Ganelin, E. V. Vatrushkina and 
M. V. Luchitskaya 
p. 252  

Main Features of the Structure, Lithological Composition,
and Thickness of the Quaternary Deposits 
Cover in the Eastern Barents Sea
O. G. Epshtein, A. G. Dlugach and A. V. Starovoytov p. 257  


Statistical Allocation of the Parageneses of Minor 
Elements from the Associations in Fossil Coals
L. A. Admakin and S. G. Parada 
p. 260  

Epitaxial Growth, Morphology, and Temperature 
Stability of Quartz-Like Germanium Dioxide Crystals
V. S. Balitsky, D. V. Balitsky, 
Academician D. Yu. Pushcharovsky, L. V. Balitskaya, 
T. V. Setkova and T. N. Dokina 
p. 264  

Isotopic Composition of Nd, Pb, and Sr in Modern 
Bottom Sediments of the Barents Sea
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. B. Kuznetsov, 
N. V. Politova, N. V. Kozina, A. N. Novigatsky and 
V. P. Shevchenko 
p. 268  


A Correlation between Lightning Flash Frequencies 
and the Statistical Characteristics of 
Convective Activity in the Atmosphere
A. V. Eliseev, A. N. Ploskov, A. V. Chernokulsky
 and Academician I. I. Mokhov 
p. 273  


Soil Parameters for Quantitative Estimation of Late 
Holocene Climate Changes in the Southern East European Plain
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. O. Alekseev, 
P. I. Kalinin, T. V. Alekseeva and G. V. Mitenko 
p. 279  

Methane Concentration and Emission in Dominant 
Landscapes of Typical Tundra of Western Yamal
A. A. Vasiliev, Academician V. P. Melnikov, 
P. B. Semenov, G. E. Oblogov and I. D. Streletskaya 
p. 284  

Technogenic Radioactivity of Waters in the 
Central Arctic Basin and Adjacent Water Areas
Academician G. G. Matishov, N. E. Kasatkina 
and I. S. Usyagina 
p. 288  


Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Phytoplankton 
in the Black Sea on the Basis of Remote Sensing 
Data and In Situ Measurements of Chlorophyll-a
S. V. Vostokov, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
L. I. Lobkovskiy, A. S. Vostokova and D. M. Solov’ev 
p. 293  


Co, Hf, Ce, Cr, Th, and REE Charateristics of Modern 
Bottom Sediments of the Barents Sea
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, 
N. V. Politova, V. P. Shevchenko, N. V. Kozina, 
A. N. Novigatsky and M. D. Kravchishina 
p. 298  

Interaction of Actinide Matrices with Brine
Corresponding Member of the RAS S. V. Yudintsev, 
V. I. Malkovsky, M. S. Nikolsky and B. S. Nikonov 
p. 303  


Application of Natural Electromagnetic Fields 
in the Search for Deep Polarized Objects
K. M. Ermokhin, Yu. A. Kopytenko, M. S. Petrishchev, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. L. Sobisevich and 
P. A. Sergushin 
p. 308  


Lithology, Biostratigraphy, and Geochronology of the 
Late Pleistocene–Holocene Sediments on the 
Coast of Onega Bay of the White Sea
V. V. Kolka, O. P. Korsakova, N. B. Lavrova, 
T. S. Shelekhova and N. E. Zaretskaya 
p. 312  


Rare-Metal Granites from Various Zones of the Early 
Mesozoic Magmatic Areal (Mongolia): 
Geochemical and Petrogenetic Features
V. S. Antipin, A. B. Perepelov and D. Odgerel 
p. 317  

First Data on Yatulian (2.1 Ga) Metamorphism 
in the Belomorian Mobile Belt
V. M. Kozlovskiy, V. M. Savatenkov, 
L. B. Terentyeva and E. B. Kurdyukov 
p. 322  

Formation Parameters of High-Pressure Minerals 
in the Dhofar 717 and 864 Chondrite Meteorites
K. D. Litasov, D. D. Badyukov and Academician 
N. P. Pokhilenko 
p. 327  

Effect of Natural Organic Acids on Mobilization 
of Macro- and Microelements from Rocks
A. V. Savenko and V. S. Savenko 
p. 331  

The 238U/235U Ratio as an Indicator of Redox 
Conditions in the Ediacaran Paleobasin 
(Sequence of the Chaya River, Baikal–Patom Highland, 
Southern Part of Central Siberia)
A. V. Chugaev, Academician I. V. Chernyshev, 
B. G. Pokrovsky, G. V. Mandzhieva, B. I. Gareev, 
A. S. Sadasyuk and G. A. Batalin 
p. 336  


Geomagnetic Field Disturbances from the Fall of the 
Lipetsk (June 21, 2018) and Chelyabinsk 
(February 15, 2013) Meteorites
A. A. Spivak and S. A. Riabova 
p. 341