Doklady Earth Sciences, 2018, V 480, N 1.


An Event-Based Depositional Model for the Paleocene–Eocene 
Sandy–Clayey–Siliceous Sequence of the Russian Platform
S. O. Zorina, N. I. Afanasieva and L. R. Khairtdinova 
p. 547  

The Riphean Arsha Group of the South Urals: A Problem 
of the Geodynamic Origin of Rock Associations
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, S. G. Kovalev, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Puchkov and 
N. D. Sergeeva 
p. 551  

A Neoarchean–Proterozoic Supercontinent (~2.8–0.9 Ga): 
An Alternative to the Model of Supercontinent Cycles
M. V. Mints 
p. 555  

The Early Paleozoic Active Margin of the Khangai
Segment of the Mongol–Okhotsk Ocean
Academician V. V. Yarmolyuk, I. K. Kozakov, A. M. Kozlovsky, 
E. A. Kudryashova, A. V. Travin, T. I. Kirnozova, 
M. M. Fugzan and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 559  

The First Results of U–Pb Dating of the 
Nikolka Volcano (Central Kamchatka Depression)
V. A. Ermakov and G. N. Bazhenova 
p. 564  

Nature and Age of Detrital Zircons from Rocks 
of the Shear Zone: The Problem of Occurrence 
of the Archean Basement in the Transangarian Yenisei Ridge
I. I. Likhanov, P. S. Kozlov, 
Academician V. V. Reverdatto and N. V. Popov 
p. 568  

New Ideas on the Origin of Chalk in Upper 
Cretaceous Rocks of the Voronezh Anteclise
A. V. Zhabin, E. E. Belyavtseva, 
V. I. Sirotin and Z. H. Mahfuz 
p. 573  

First Data about Mercury in Modern Hydrothermal 
Process in the Ocean, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Yu. I. Konovalov, L. N. Luchsheva and V. B. Kurnosov 
p. 575  

Neoproterozoic Rare-Metal Subalkali Leucogranite 
from the Northern Yenisei Ridge
A. D. Nozhkin and Academician V. V. Reverdatto 
p. 580  


The Nature and Age of Plagioclasites in the 
Ultrabasic Rai-Iz Massif (Polar Urals)
N. V. Vakhrusheva and K. S. Ivanov 
p. 587  

Structural Transformations and Retention of 
Radiogenic 4He in Platinum Minerals under Mechanical Deformations
A. G. Mochalov, O. V. Yakubovich and A. A. Zolotarev 
p. 591  

Ultrahigh-Pressure Liquation of an Impact Melt
T. G. Shumilova, S. I. Isaenko, B. A. Makeev, 
A. A. Zubov, S. N. Shanina, Ye. M. Tropnikov 
and Academician A. M. Askhabov 
p. 595  


The 2006 (Ìw 8.3) and 2007 (Ìw 8.1) Simushir 
Earthquakes and the 2011 Tohoku Megaearthquake 
(Ìw 9.0): Tectonic Stresses and 
Development of the Seismic Process
T. K. Zlobin 
p. 599  

Estimating the Contributions of the Atlantic 
Multidecadal Oscillation and Variations in 
the Atmospheric Concentration of Greenhouse 
Gases to Surface Air Temperature Trends from Observations
Academician I. I. Mokhov and D. A. Smirnov 
p. 602  


A Tidal Semidiurnal Harmonic in the Black 
Sea Dynamics according to Numerical Modeling Results
Academician V. A. Ivanov, V. B. Zalesny, 
A. N. Lukyanova and A. V. Bagaev p. 607  


Comparison of Organic Matter from Upper Jurassic 
Oil Shale of the East European Platform and the 
Bazhenov Formation by Molecular and Isotopic Data
D. A. Bushnev, N. S. Burdelnaya, I. V. Goncharov, 
V. V. Samoylenko and M. A. Veklich 
p. 611  

Dynamics of the Formation of Globular Silica 
Particles according to Dynamic Light Scattering
D. V. Kamashev and Academician A. M. Askhabov 
p. 615  

First Data on the Age and P–T Formation Conditions 
of Zones of Low-Angle Dip Schistosity of the 
Belomorian Mobile Belt
V. M. Kozlovskiy, V. V. Travin, A. V. Travin and 
V. M. Savatenkov p. 618  

Surface Typochemistry of Native Gold
V. L. Tauson, R. G. Kravtsova, S. V. Lipko, 
A. S. Makshakov and K. Yu. Arsentev 
p. 624  

Matrices for Isolation of Actinide Wastes
 in a Deep Well Repository
Corresponding Member of the RAS S. V. Yudintsev, 
M. S. Nikolskii, B. S. Nikonov and V. I. Malkovskii 
p. 631  


Anomalies in the Atmospheric Methane Content 
over Northern Eurasia in the Summer of 2016
S. A. Sitnov and Academician I. I. Mokhov 
p. 637  

Model of the Deep Structure of the Elbrus 
Volcano in the Light of New Geophysical Data
A. V. Gorbatikov, E. A. Rogoghin, M. Yu. Stepanova, 
Yu. V. Kharazova, A. I. Sysolin, A. A. Rybin and 
N. V. Andreeva 
p. 642  


Isotopic Indications of Meromixis in Separated 
Lakes on the White Sea Coast
Yu. K. Vasil’chuk, Academician A. P. Lisitzin, 
E. D. Krasnova, N. A. Budantseva, D. A. Voronov, 
A. N. Pantyulin, Ju. N. Chizhova and V. P. Shevchenko 
p. 646  


Hafnium–Neodymium Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites
from the Guli Massif (Maimecha–Kotui Province, Russia)
K. N. Malitch, Academician L. N. Kogarko, 
I. Yu. Badanina and E. A. Belousova 
p. 652  

Polyphase Inclusions in Chromium Spinels from Upper 
Triassic Gravelites from the Northeastern Part 
of the Siberian Platform
E. I. Nikolenko, A. M. Logvinova, A. E. Izokh, 
V. P. Afanasiev, O. B. Oleynikov and A. Ya. Biller 
p. 656  

The Magmatic–Hydrothermal Transition and Origin of 
Brine in the Oceanic Core Complex of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 13° N
A. N. Pertsev, Academician N. S. Bortnikov, 
V. Yu. Prokofiev, Corresponding Member of the RAS L. Ya. Aranovich, 
O. A. Ageeva, V. E. Beltenev, O. M. Zhilicheva and E. V. Kovalchuk 
p. 661  

Peculiarities of Diamonds in Eclogitic Xenoliths from the 
Komsomolskaya Kimberlite Pipe, Yakutia
Z. V. Spetsius and I. N. Bogush 
p. 666  


Structural Evidence of Recent Activity of the 
Khatanga–Lomonosov Fault Zone in the Laptev Sea
B. V. Baranov, Corresponding Member of the RAS
 M. V. Flint, N. A. Rimskiy-Korsakov, S. G. Poyarkov 
and K. A. Dozorova 
p. 671  

Formation of Oscillations with an 11-Hour 
Period after the Tohoku Earthquake
Corresponding Member of the RAS G. A. Sobolev 
p. 674  


Results of Marine Radioecological Study of 
Fjords of Western Spitsbergen
Academician G. G. Matishov, G. V. Ilyin, 
I. S. Usyagina, D. A. Valuyskaya and 
A. A. Deryabin 
p. 679  

Climatic Changes in the Dynamic Topography and 
Geostrophic Circulation of the Arctic Ocean
L. A. Timokhov, V. V. Ivanov, H. Kassens, 
N. V. Lebedev, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
I. Ye. Frolov and J. Holemann 
p. 685  


First Data on the Geochemical Speciation of 
Trace Metals in the Vertical Fluxes of 
Dispersed Sedimentary Matter in the White Sea
L. L. Demina, D. F. Budko, Academician 
A. P. Lisitzin and A. N. Novigatsky 
p. 689